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International Payments. Transfers to any part of the world FAST AND RELIABLE! Rietumu execute all standard payments on the same day. Twenty years of experience.

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1 International Payments

2 Transfers to any part of the world FAST AND RELIABLE! Rietumu execute all standard payments on the same day. Twenty years of experience in the field of international payment operations. We work with almost all the currencies of the world.

3 International Payments To provide the best service, Rietumu cooperates with a wide range of correspondent banks in the CIS, Europe, Northern America and Asia. We are members of the European e-payment systems TARGET and SEPA. The banks payment system conforms to the latest technical standards and is constantly developing Transfers to any part of the world FAST AND RELIABLE!

4 International Payments COMMISIONS TYPES OUR The sender pays commissions of Rietumu and the correspondent bank. If in the process of a payment transfer, intermediary banks or the beneficiary bank charge commissions, this amount is debited from the senders account. IN SOME CASES (OFTEN WHEN PAYMENTS ARE MADE IN USD), INTERMEDIARY BANKS AND/OR THE BENEFICIARY BANK MAY DEDUCT THEIR COMMISSION FROM THE PAYMENT AMOUNT. THIS MEANS THAT DUE TO THE REASONS BEYOND THE CONTROL OF RIETUMU, THE BENEFICIARY WILL RECEIVE AN INCOMPLETE PAYMENT AMOUNT.

5 International Payments The sender pays Rietumus commission. The commissions of intermediary banks are deducted from the payment amount. COMMISION TYPES SHA (from the «share») WHEN PAYING IN EUR OR OTHER CURRENCIES OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ZONE (GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, CZK, LTL, LVL, CHF – LUXEMBOURG) AND WHEN THE SENDERS BANK IS LOCATED WITHIN THIS ZONE, THE BENEFICIARY PAYS THE COMMISSION ONLY ACCORDING TO THE RATES OF ITS BANK. IN OTHER CASES, THE BENEFICIARY MAY FIND THEMSELVES WITH AN INCOMPLETE PAYMENT AMOUNT. For the payments within the European economic zone and in the currencies of these countries, the SHA commission is used by default. If the sender indicates another type of commission, it will be changed to the SHA.

6 International Payments COMMISSIONS TYPES BEN (from the «beneficiary») Commissions of Rietumu and other banks engaged in the process of the payment transmission are deducted from the payment amount. The minimum amount for thw BEN payments is EUR 200 or its equivalent in other currency.

7 International Payments PAYMENT ROUTE As an international payment usually passes through several banks, its total cost consists of commissions of sending, beneficiary and other banks. In every specific case Rietumu chooses the optimal route for the payment, taking into consideration its faster processing and the clients expenses.

8 International Payments Payment route depends on the beneficiary bank, time of the payment, beneficiarys residence country, and other variable factors. USD PAYMENTS

9 International Payments EUR PAYMENTS When a beneficiary bank is a member of the electronic payment systems TARGET or SEPA, one of the systems may be used. When the receiving bank is not a member of the e- payment systems, a payment is made via one of the Rietumus correspondent banks.

10 International Payments PAYMENTS IN OTHER CURRENCIES When making payments in other currencies, Rietumu uses the network of associated banks in the CIS, Europe, Northern America and Asia. Rietumu offers the Cross-Currency EUR Payment service IN MORE THAN 90 EXOTIC CURRENCIES – from Kuwaiti dinars to Mexican pesos – at the most competitive exchange rates. The banks fees for such payments correspond to the standard fees for the EUR payments.


12 International Payments PAYMENT TERMS SAME DAY PAYMENTS cut-off-time: USD – 18:30 EUR – 15:00 GBP – 13:30 CHF – 13:30 RUB – 13:00

13 International Payments PAYMENT TERMS If the bank processes the payment after the cut-off-time, it will remitted with the next value date. There is the Express option available for EUR and USD payments to extend the cut-off-time by one hour for EUR payments and by 30 minutes for USD payments.

14 International Payments More... ECONOMY PAYMENT cut-off-time: The commissions for such type of payments are lower and the payment is remitted with the next value date.

15 International Payments INCOMING PAYMENTS Incoming payments are credited to client accounts on the same day, if Bank receive funds: for RUB payments – by 16:00 for payments in EUR, USD and other currencies – by 17:00 for LVL payments – by 15:30 or 16:00 (Express)

16 International Payments to the clients account WITHOUT COMMISSION INCOMING PAYMENTS ARE CREDITED

17 International Payments PAYMENT EXECUTION in Rietumu Banks office in Riga via Rietumu BankWorld internet bank via Home Banking system by phone

18 International Payments For fast and correct payment, it is important to complete a payment order properly. Indicate: correct bank account details, beneficiary name and address name, address and SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank correspondent bank purpose of the payment additional details PAYMENT EXECUTION

19 International Payments BEST EXCHANGE RATES Cooperation with the major banks in Europe, the USA, CIS and other regions ensures the most favourable terms and guarantees accuracy of transactions to our customers. Rietumu dealing: Best exchange rates in Baltics Instant exchange Hedging (Fwd/Swap/Order) Low rates for loyal clients

20 International Payments IMPORTANT: There is always an individual exchange rate for payments exceeding EUR 5,000 If you make more than ten transactions a month which exceed an amount of EUR 10,000 each, you may qualify for a beneficial fixed rate. CALL: Your personal manager Your dealer + 371 67025289 Skype: rietumu.dealing EXCHANGE RATES

21 International Payments OVERDRAFT Conditions: Credit limit: 25% from the incoming turnover Amount: from EUR 40,000 to two million (or its equivalent in USD) Rate: from 14% per annum for the used part of limit, 2% per annum for reserved part Term: from three months to a year Six moths cooperation with the Bank Clear business structure Incoming turnover not less than EUR 500,000 per month

22 International Payments Headquarter Rietumu Capital Centre Vesetas 7, Riga, LV-1013, LATVIA Tel: +371 6702 5555 (24h) Fax: +371 6702 5588 Skype: Representative office in Russsia 2 Barykovsky Lane, 3rd Floor Moscow, 119034 Tel.: +7 495 725 2590 Partner In Russia JSC «RB Investments» Mayakovskogo 3B, lit A B/C Alia-Tempora St. Petersburg, 191025, Tel.: + 7 812 718 8162 Representative office in Belarus 40 Nemiga Str, Off. 901 Minsk, 220004 phone: +375-17-200-78-07 fax: +375-17-200-78-04 156 Boulevard Haussmann 75008, Paris, France (4th floor) Tel: +33 (0) 145 634 238 Representative office in Ukraine 38-B Saksaganskogo Str., 2nd Floor, office 4 Kiev, 01033 Tel: +380 44 490 2058 CIA RB Investments" 2 Glinki Str., office 608 B/C Most: Dnepropetrovsk Tel. +38 056 732 0251 Representative office in Romania 15-17 Povernei Street, 4th Floor, Ap.7 District 1, Bucharest, 010642, Tel.: +40 21 320 6533 Representative office in Kazahstan 1/1 Zhandosov Str. Almaty, 050008 Tel.: +7 727 266 2754 FINANCIAL WORLD OF

23 Thank you for your attention!

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