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Teaching and Learning Reforms By Prof. Ikoja Odongo October, 2010.

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1 Teaching and Learning Reforms By Prof. Ikoja Odongo October, 2010

2 1. Prof. Ikoja Odongo 2. Prof. James Kigongo 3. Mr. James Okello 4. Dr. S.C. Kijjambu 5. Mr. Mainaina Mwangi 6. Mr. Tito Okumu 7. Mr. Alfred Masikye Namoah 8.Mr. Aloysius Ssennyonjo 9.Mr. S.N. Siminyu

3 Examined AS-IS and DESIRED END in draft report Identified gaps and filled them

4 The draft report focuses on undergraduate L&T resources and disregards graduate programme processes. The report does not address distance education distinctive processes. The report requires extensive editing.

5 Objectives: to reduce time spent from three years to 16 months to cut down on bureaucratic red-tape that adds zero value to the process to leverage new synergies created by the College structures and processes

6 ProcessResponsible OfficerDuration Inception of programme idea & conducting a training needs assessment School Dean2 months Designing programmeSchool Dean3 months Presenting to School Board School Dean2 months Presenting to College Board School Dean2 months Presenting to UQA UnitCollege Principal1 month Presenting to SenateCollege Principal3 months Presenting to University Council DVC (AA)3 months Presenting the NCHEAcademic Registrar3 moths

7 Note: New programme that require approval so as to invest in infrastructure or course materials should be accorded more time after the approval of the University Council and before presentation to NCHE. This recommendation is particularly crucial for distance education programmes.

8 Policy dictates that : Minimal review of COURSE content (up to 15%) be done annually by course facilitators Mandatory PROGRAMME reviews be carried out at the end of the first full cycle of a new programme Mandatory review of all on-going programmes be done once every three years UQA Unit undertakes to keep a tab on all programmes and send advance reminders to all concerned

9 Minimal annual reviews to be carried out following end-of-course evaluations and before next offering; to be monitored by College QA Unit and reported to the School Board. Mandatory first cycle reviews follow same process as new programmes, stopping at reporting to Senate. Should therefore take one year to complete. Mandatory three-year reviews follw same process as new programmes, ending with reporting to Senate. Take one year.

10 PRO/Marketing Officer to play leading role Maintain on-going marketing drive locally, regionally, internationally with varying peaks PRO should employ varied media to reach identified target populations Need to enact University Communication and Marketing Policy to enhance marketing process College Principals to spearhead marketing of College programmes Engage current and former students in marketing university programmes Conduct marketing seminars Use education attaches at Ugandan Embassies abroad

11 AR and College Principles to provide pre- joining counseling for prospective students Set up a Student Career Development Centre to offer career guidance and skills development Involve student leaders as peer counselors, after training Use graduate students as mentors for undergraduates and academic staff as mentors for graduate students

12 Provide the processes for Masters and PhDs Lessen application documentation requirements since there is opportunity to access authentic records from examining authorities Ensure that undergraduate admissions are concluded and letters issued by 31 st May Application should be received any time of the year to relieve periodic tension Online application and electronic transfer of application fee, foreign bank accounts be initiated

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