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Protein Structure.

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1 Protein Structure

2 Biology/Chemistry of Protein Structure
Primary Secondary Tertiary Quaternary Assembly Folding Packing Interaction S T R U C T U R E P R O C E S S

3 Primary Structure - Sequence


5 Basic Secondary structure
α-helix β-sheet Secondary structures, α-helix and β-sheet, have regular hydrogen-bonding patterns.

6 1’ > 2’ > 3’ > 4’ > …
Tertiary structure Quaternary structure

7 X - Ray X-ray Diffraction Pattern for a Protein

8 X-Ray

9 NMR – there is no right answer

10 THE database of experimentally-derived structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and complexes
Access to structural information Visualization Analysis

11 PDB Growth and Content Experimental Methods: Macromolecules:
X-Ray Crystallography NMR more… Macromolecules: Proteins Nucleic acids Carbohydrates Protein-nucleic acid complexes Protein-carbohydrate complexes

12 PDB Homepage

13 An Example – 2ARA

14 Search Methods

15 Advanced Search

16 Sequence Search

17 Example Results

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