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Goal 2 Part 3 Nullification Crisis and Jacksonian Democracy.

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1 Goal 2 Part 3 Nullification Crisis and Jacksonian Democracy

2 Daniel Webster (____________________________) Favored _________________________ ____________________________ speech Main focus: How much power should the federal govt have???? (STATES LOVE THIS) *_________________of 1816 was Increased in 24 and 28…. (Which group hates this??? Why?)

3 _______________________________________ (protest document by ____________________) Jacksons Vice President, JOHN C. CALHOUN (War Hawk) of South Carolina, called the increased tariff the _____________________________ (North is getting rich of the expense of the South) WHY????? -Threatens with _______________________ Pres. Jackson You WILL stay! Inside the South Carolina Exposition: _________________________________________________ Jackson (P) VS Calhoun (VP) / Calhoun resign in 1832 in protest of Jacksons support of the Tariff


5 TARIFF OF ABOMINATIONS SOUTH CAROLINA EXPOSITION South depended on the ________________ Tariff _______________________ British exports to this country (expensive) so…. South couldnt depend on the British….had to ___________________________________. ***The North was getting __________ at the expense of the _____________***

6 Calhouns Nullification Theory (as exposed in the S.C. Exposition) Backed up ___________________________ (VIRGINIA AND KENTUCKY RESOLUTIONS = States Rights!) - If the federal government denied a state the right to nullify, that state has the right to withdraw from the Union…. Congress raises the tariff again and South Carolina threatens secession! ****** Jackson reacts to South Carolinas threat and proposes a lowered tariff – still too high (South = angry!)

7 Andrew Jacksons response to the South helped pass the ______________ – could use (FORCE) AGAINST the South in order to collect _________________________ (any force necessary to enforce tariffs) South – resents the federal government SOLUTION: ____________steps in and claims the tariff will eventually decrease over 10 years

8 Jacksons views on the ___________ - Vetoed a bill to re-charter the B.O.U.S. _______– Jackson vs. ___________(2 nd B.O.U.S. Pres) Why does Jackson hate the B.O.U.S???? (1) _______________________________ (2) B.O.U.S. = unfair to _______________ (3) Stockholders earned interest, not average taxpayer ______________________________________ - Andrew Jackson *** Initial steps to destroy the Bank of U.S. = ________________________ and put them into pet banks (done while Congress was in recess) (Unconstitutional) ****_______________________________**** Jacksons personal state banks…hated the National Bank!!! *****RESULT: Second Bank of the U.S. went out of business****** T.Q. – What did we develop through the Second Bank of the U.S.?

9 Critics view: King Andrew the First Andrew Jackson Scepter = monarchy Veto = presidential power *standing on the Constitution

10 *Formation of the WHIG Party * the discontented, frustrated Americans____________________ Andrew Jackson Supported the American System, but not tariffs/ claims ________________ should pay for internal improvements and transportation – not tariffs LOVED federal control or national banking.

11 Andrew Jackson Battle of New Orleans Corrupt Bargain Spoils System Indian Removal Act Worcester V Georgia Force Bill Bank War


13 Jackson Newspaper w/ editorial Newspaper title Visual Representation / Political Cartoon (Connected to Jacksonian Democracy or to a specific topic below) Topics: (*YOU MUST CHOOSE 4 of the 6) (1) Tension between John Quincy Adams and Jackson (2) Spoils System (effects) (3) Indian Removal Act 1830 (4) Relationship between Marshall and Jackson (Worcester V. Georgia) (5) Relationship between Calhoun and Jackson / Tariff War / Force Bill (6) Bank War and destruction of 2 nd National Bank of the United States Essential Issue Question (For each topic): Analyze how each issue / topic shaped American culture in the 1820s and 1830s? Editorial: (* YOU MUST CHOOSE 1 of the 2) (CHOICE 1) You are a Cherokee being forced away from your family and home. Write a letter to President Jackson convincing him to rethink assimilation and the Indian Removal Act (CHOICE 2) As either Andrew Jackson (NATIONALIST) or John C. Calhoun (SECTIONALIST), persuade your opposition to rethink his stance. Argue your purpose and how it relates to the unity of the country. (USE NOTES (Goal 2:2-3) and p. 224-234 in your textbook)

14 Compromise vs. Confrontation Create a continuum like the one on the board. Rank the following historical leaders by placing their names on your continuum. (1) John Quincy Adams (2) Andrew Jackson (3) Henry Clay (4) John C. Calhoun (5) John Marshall **** Support your ranking based on historical events in which these men played critical roles. (DETAIL)

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