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February 2013 Consider Canadas large cities for global trade and investment.

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1 February 2013 Consider Canadas large cities for global trade and investment

2 Consider Canada City Alliance mission: a unified voice for Canadas large cities 11 cities working together to promote Canada as an ideal destination for global trade and investment Building city-to-city linkages around the globe Providing rapid access to trade and investment opportunities across Canada Guiding companies to the Canadian city or cities best aligned to business objectives Our job is to make your job easier Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 2

3 Canada offers many advantages to global companies Stable financial system for new investment Global trade and investment agreements Strong focus on innovation and creativity Entrepreneurs encouraged and welcome Highly educated talent base Commitment to leveraging natural resources Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 3

4 Consider Canadas status as an aggressive trading nation Canada is undertaking the most ambitious trade expansion plan in its national history Global inflows of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Canada rose by 17% to $1,509 billion in 2011 NAFTA in place, offers access to a North American market of nearly 460 million consumers with a combined GDP of $17 trillion Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 4

5 Canada making good progress on CETA, TPP, CITA, and China CETA to boost bilateral trade between EU and Canada by 20% TPP represents 76% of Canadas global exports and Canada wants to enhance Asian investment and trade CITA offers core economic opportunities in India in the energy, agriculture, infrastructure and education sectors As of this year, China became Canadas second-largest trading partner country in the world Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 5

6 Consider Canadas stellar economic fundamentals – a leader in the G7 Rated worlds soundest banking system five years in a row by the World Economic Forum Fastest economic growth among G7 countries expected for 2013 according to IMF and OECD Lowest net debt-to-GDP ratio in G7 according to IMF Lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in the G7 Soundness of banks world rank Standing among 142 countries. Ranking based on the degree of soundness of financial institutions. Source: Global Competitiveness Report, 2011-12 Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 6

7 Consider Canadas R&D advantages Lowest R&D costs in the G7, up to 10.7% lower than U.S. World-class universities, colleges, research institutions doing cutting-edge research in sectors including: Advanced manufacturing Machinery and equipment Agri-food production and processing Chemicals and plastics Information and communications technology Life sciences Oceans technology Aerospace Business services Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 7

8 Consider Canadas zero-tariff approach to manufacturing inputs Canada is first in G20 to make itself a tariff-free zone for manufacturers by eliminating tariffs on manufacturing inputs, machinery and equipment 50% per year straight-line depreciation for manufacturing and processing equipment Rapid profitability for Canadian operations Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 8

9 Consider Canadas strong entrepreneurial culture It takes one procedure and five days to register a company In 2013 Canadas combined federal-provincial statutory general corporate income tax rate averages 26%, which is 13% less than average U.S. rate Employers enjoy the lowest payroll taxes in the G7 Number of entrepreneurs as a percentage of the working population Source: Statistics Netherlands 2011 Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 9

10 Consider Canadas excellent location and attitude for doing global business Most of Canadas population of 35 million people live within 200 km of the U.S. border Recent multi-billion investments in port, rail, road and air transportation improve supply chain efficiencies Asian and European languages spoken extensively One in five Canadians has a mother tongue other than English or French Canadians have a global mind-set Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 10

11 Canadas large cities Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 11

12 Invest Toronto: Invest to Succeed A city of unparalleled diversity and talent with 50% of its almost 3 million residents born outside of Canada KPMG ranks Toronto 2 nd for cost competitiveness in North America with an overall cost of doing business lower than Paris, London, Frankfurt and Tokyo Toronto ranks in the top 5 global cities for liveability according to The EIUs Global Liveability Report 2011 Financial capital of the country with thriving businesses in green energy, food processing, information communications technology, life sciences and financial services Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 12

13 Greater Montréal: A brain powered economy A highly diversified economy built on high technology clusters such as aerospace, ICT, life sciences and cleantech An innovation ecosystem: Greater Montréal offers a unique blend of creativity and diversity with a large pool of highly qualified talents A compelling mix of the most competitive operating costs and low tax burden – better than any large urban centre in Canada or the U.S. A cosmopolitan, bilingual and international city, offering a vibrant cultural and sports scene Credit: Staphan Poulin Credit: Johanne Palasse Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 13

14 Vancouver: Green Capital and Gateway Hub Gateway Hub: Canadas largest port and North Americas closest to Asia Asia connection: nearly 50% of the population is of Asian descent, including Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean Green Economy: leaders in Fuel Cell technology, Waste Water technology + Sustainable Mining Creative economy: global cluster of creative and digital industries and talent Innovation: city of entrepreneurs and rapidly growing companies – magnet for top talent Competitive City: lowest corporate tax in G7 Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 14

15 Ottawa: Canadas #1 Creative Economy Global technology center with 1,800 companies concentrated in high-tech sector Global R&D center with the 2 nd largest concentration of science and engineering employment in North America Forbes labels Ottawa as one of the least congested, fastest growing and affordable cities in North America Richard Florida rates Ottawa first in Canada, 3 rd in North America for proportion of Creative Class workers Commitment and programs to facilitate your investment decisions and successes Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 15

16 Calgary. Be Part of the Energy Credit: Fosters and Partners Has the 2 nd highest number of head offices and the largest concentration in the country Is forecasted to lead the nation in real GDP growth until 2016 Has one of the fastest job creation rates in Canada Has the youngest population in Canada Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 16

17 Edmonton: smart people, smart city, smart investment Canadas top performing economy in 2012 Internationally recognized as a centre for energy and environmental research and innovation Canadas largest hydrocarbon processing centre $220 billion in projected oil sands investment in the city service area The University of Alberta, in Edmonton, is Canadas 3 rd largest research university Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 17

18 Québec City: a rising star The second highest GDP increase among the top 8 Canadian CMAs over the past five years (10.3% between 2007-2012) One of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada (5.1% in 2012) Robust high performance economy, based on high-growth sectors: life sciences, ICT, optics, photonics and others Ideal innovation and R&D platform with one of the highest concentrations of research facilities Outstanding quality of life f: forecast Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 18

19 Winnipeg: creative, intelligent and culturally diverse Stable and diverse growing economy Mid-west North Americas lowest overall business costs (KPMG 2012) Centrally located: home to Canadas first inland port and foreign trade zone Largest aerospace centre in Western Canada Advanced manufacturing employs over 110,000 people in Winnipeg Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 19

20 Waterloo Region: Canadas leader in innovation Innovative, collaborative, diverse, entrepreneurial spirit High standard of living at affordable costs Access to a highly skilled, stable workforce Centrally-located access to the North American Market Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 20

21 Halifax: A Canadian gateway to the world Primary economic engine for Atlantic Canada Strategic location on North Americas east coast $31 billion in major projects – including $25 billion contract to build Canadian Navys next fleet of combat vessels Diverse economy powered by thriving industry sectors – finance and insurance, aerospace and defence, ICT and digital industries, ocean tech Ranks 4 th of 113 cities for international business cost competitiveness (KPMG 2012) Smart City – large, highly-educated workforce Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 21

22 Saskatoon: Canadas fastest-growing city Forecasted to lead Canadas Cities in GDP growth 2013-2017 (Conference Board of Canada) Lowest cost and most tax competitive city in Canada (KPMG) Canadas most diverse city economy (Conference Board of Canada) The hub for Canadas number one Mining Province $2.7 billion in R&D Assets at the University of Saskatchewan and Innovation Place Research Park Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 22

23 Consider Canadas excellent quality of life Reputation Institute ranks Canada as the highest among 50 countries for second year in a row on indicators including: quality of life, safe place to live, advanced economy, effective government Canada has cultural diversity within a tolerant society, strong rule of law, and offers public healthcare Source: Reputation Institute, London, September, 2012 Global reputation: ranking of top 10 countries Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 23

24 Consider Canadas highly educated people Percentage of population age 25-64 with post-secondary education Source: OECD, Education at a Glance 2011 Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 24

25 Consider Canadas large cities today! Welcome to Consider Canada City Alliance 25

26 February 2013 Consider Canadas large cities for global trade and investment

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