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Spanish 1001 Online Orientation You will hear words during the presentation that you will be required to write and e-mail to me as proof that you did.

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2 Spanish 1001 Online Orientation You will hear words during the presentation that you will be required to write and e-mail to me as proof that you did the orientation. Failure to e-mail the correct words to me means you DID NOT DO orientation, & you will be dropped from the class.

3 Do not click during the presentation. Timing is set up to make the slides advance.

4 Instructor: Dr. Karen Guffey Office: Academic 103D Phone 678-359-5232 e-mail:; Office hours: TR 10:30-11:00; 1:45-5:15 Technical Requirements: computer, ADSL connection, Power Point reader, Windows Media Player (or similar) No textbook required REQUIRED Meeting Dates: January 11 (orientation; DO NOT ASK TO BE EXCUSED), February 3, February 22, March 24, April 21, and May 4 (final exam) from 5:00-6:30 PM in Academic Building, room 114.

5 Course website: E/1001_online_main_page.mht E/1001_online_main_page.mht Objectives: By the end of the course, the student will be able to greet someone in Spanish and convey basic concrete information about topics such as studies, hobbies, and food. He will be able to participate in simple exchanges with educated native speakers of Spanish. The methods include formal study of vocabulary and grammar with application to all four areas of language use: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

6 Course expectations and warnings: Taking an online course means that you must be self-motivated. Students in a regular Spanish 1001 course have a quiz or test almost every day; students in the online course have tests/quizzes/presentations only five days during the semester, but they are responsible for and tested over the same material that students in a regular 1001 class are. For that reason, they must study and learn without the motivation of frequent tests/quizzes. On a typical on-campus meeting day, students will take a vocabulary test and grammar test and do an oral presentation. If they wait until the previous night to prepare, they will certainly fail the course.

7 NEVER, under any circumstances, use an online translator. You learn nothing, and they usually put out garbage, so I can tell if youve used one. (For the penalty for translator usage, see below). The best online dictionary, which you are free to use, is You will find EVERYTHING you need for this class on my website (link above). There is no Georgia View, Web CT, Vista, etc. You have homework exercises, reading (Lecturas) exercises, listening (Escuchemos) exercises, and compositions to turn in. Below you will find the instructions for turning in these assignments.

8 Vocabulary: There are 13 vocabulary lists. In a regular 1001 course, theres a quiz over every one of them. In the online course, there are four vocabulary tests; the first covers lists months/days,1,2,3, the second covers lists 4,5,6, the third covers lists 7,8,9, and the fourth covers lists 10 &11 and gallina blanca. If you try to learn all the lists at once, your success is highly doubtful. You will find that vocabulary homework is assigned for each of the lists. The homework is interactive fill-in-the-blank. If you memorize the words and then do the homework as if it were a quiz rather than looking up the words and typing them in the blanks, you will be learning a list at a time, like classroom students do. Then you will just need to review before the test.

9 Pronunciation: There are four pronunciation assignments. There is no check-up for those, but if you fail to do them, your pronunciation will be negatively affected. If you would like for me to evaluate your pronunciation at any time, you may record a dialogue or anything you like and e-mail it to me. The program I use for recording is called Audacity, which is a free download at Students are encouraged to practice speaking with others taking a Spanish course or with native speakers. They should take advantage of on-campus meeting times to spend as much time as possible practicing with classmates before the meeting in order to be better prepared for the oral assignments.

10 Lessons: You will find all your lessons, since you dont have a textbook, under Grammar Lessons on Power Point on my website. When you get a homework assignment called, for example, Stem-changing Verbs, you find the lesson for that under Grammar Lessons on Power Point. The link to the homework is at the end. There are other exercises scattered through the presentation, but it is only the homework at the end that you are required to turn in.

11 Assignments: I will NOT accept late assignments for credit. Assignments are due by midnight on the day for which they are assigned. Credit is given for your having the homework done; you get the same amount of credit regardless of how many you miss, so ignore the score that you get at the top of your interactive homework when you click check. Send each assignment to at Copy your completed exercise, paste it into the body of an e-mail, and send it. DO NOT SEND IT AS AN ATTACHMENT. Follow directions exactly. Put the number in yellow (it doesnt have to be in yellow in the e-mail) beside each homework assignment on the subject line. Failure to follow directions, including failure to put the number of the assignment in the subject line, will result in a loss of credit for the exercise. As stated above, you receive no credit for any homework submitted Whatever follows due must be submitted. You can find the grammar that corresponds to the homework at age.mht If any of the links in your list of assignments doesnt work, you need go to that site and click on homework (or cuentos for stories, or lecturas for readings, etc.) age.mht The link to a grammar assignment (e.g., Articles and Plurals) takes you to the presentation of the grammar. The homework assignment is linked at the end. If the link fails to work, go to the homework page and click on the name of the grammar assignment there.

12 Blog: You will be required to keep a blog in this class. In that blog you will explain, briefly and in your own words, each grammar concept you study. For example, if you were studying pronouns in English, you would write something like this: Pronouns stand in place of nouns. They change depending on whether they're the subject or the object. The subjects are I, you, he/she/it, we, y'all, they. Objects are me, you, him/her/it, us, y'all, them. Some explanations will be longer than that. You aren't teaching the material, but you must explain it well enough for me to see that you understand. Go to Create a blog and send me the URL. I will go to your blog to check your post every time one is scheduled. If it isn't there on time, you will lose credit. I will frequently make comments in the response section, so be sure to look for

13 Cheating: You are expected to do your own assignments. Failure to do so will result in your being unprepared for tests. During tests, if you copy an answer onto your test from another student, a cheat sheet, a book, a cell phone, the palm of your hand, or anywhere else, you will receive a 0 on that quiz or test. If there is any object with any material on the test or quiz within your reach during the test, you will receive a 0 on that test or quiz. For example, if you are sitting on a paper with test material on it, you will receive a 0 even if you protest that you did not know that it was there and certainly were not using it. If you commit any other action that constitutes cheating, you will receive a 0. You may also be expelled from the course or receive an F in the course, actions that are at the discretion of the instructor and the division head. If you cheat on a mid- term or final exam, you will receive an F in the course.

14 Dropping the class: Anyone wishing to drop any class must do so by March 3. Failure to do so will result in a grade of WF if the student ceases to turn in assignments and/or attend the required on-campus meetings. Communication: Its much easier to reach me by e-mail than by phone. Send messages to and leave the subject heading blank. If you havent received a response within 24 hours, send a message to

15 IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When viewing a Power Point slide show, click on the third icon on the bottom right after opening the show. This will allow you to view the show with all its little tricks. Things appear in a different order that way, the order in which you need to view them to really understand whats going on.

16 Grading: Assignments:13% Blog 7% Vocabulary tests15% Oral:10% Tests 1,2,315 % Mid-term exam20% Final exam20%

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