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’ ’ 3SKey.

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1 3SKey

2 Digital identity Increasingly restrictive legal environment
Demand for more dematerialization identity Major responsibility for the bank Banks checking corporate representatives’ entitlements Authenticate financial data at the level of an individual

3 Tomorrow Today Bank A Bank A Bank B Bank B Bank C Bank C
Multiple devices and technologies for each bank, channel and country Tomorrow SWIFTNet Bank A Bank A 3SKey Proprietary Password 1 Bank B Bank B Online Password 2 Today 1 token, 1 password and 1 process Bank C Bank C

4 4 4 easy steps Obtain token Activate token on 3SKey Portal
1 Obtain token Check certificate status (Revoked ?) Check certificate status (Revoked ?) Activate token on 3SKey Portal 2 Register token with one or multiple banks 3 John = corp John = corp John = corp Authenticate or sign messages on multiple channels 4 John corp 4

5 3SKey A multi-bank and multi-channel solution for personal signatures
One token, one process to reach multiple banks, over different channels A multi-bank and multi-channel solution for personal signatures Built on latest security standards Simple and straight-forward to manage and use tokens 3SKey Interoperable credential whilst each bank registers the users' identity Cost-effective by using shared SWIFT credential management infrastructure Easy and fast solution integration Neutral & trusted provider of credentials

6 +17.000 35 18 +5.000 Roll-out status Banking groups subscribed
Tokens distributed 35 18 Activated users Roll-out status +5.000 Application vendors using 3SKey toolkits 329 days live since the launch at Sibos, Amsterdam

7 “3SKey allows for the single authentication system to apply to all banks – no matter where they are based. Any corporate using a worldwide and multi-bank e-banking platform should be interested in using a personal digital identity solution with same qualities. Thanks to 3SKey only individuals with the required privileges within corporations are able to sign payments” Raffi Basmadjian, Head of Group Cash Management and Treasury, France Telecom “Having to maintain different digital identity solutions for each banking relationship is a big impediment to efficient treasury management. We know that with 3SKey, we will in the future be able to have one global mechanism for digital identity verification rather than one for each bank. We’ll be able to rationalise with 3SKey” Chérifa Hemadou, corporate treasurer, Virbac “We use the 3SKey solution on a daily basis to secure credit transfers in ISO format. We would now like to extend this process with all of our banks and from any of our subsidiaries worldwide” John Colleemallay, Director Group Treasury & Financing – Dassault Systèmes

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