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Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) Why is it? What does it look like for Colorado? How do we best utilize it?

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2 Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) Why is it? What does it look like for Colorado? How do we best utilize it?

3 The SHIFT is HAPPENING! Did you Know? Click

4 The What & The Why ICAP

5 Colorados Current Pipeline Source: NCES 2006

6 Recent & Relevant Education Reform Initiatives… Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids(CAP4K) Concurrent Enrollment School Counselor Corps Grant Program Accountability Alignment Dropout Prevention and Student Reengagement Individual Career and Academic Plans

7 Real Partnerships: Common purpose united and expanded our partnerships!

8 1.00 Statement of Basis and Purpose Pursuant to SB 09-256, the State Board of Education is required to promulgate rules to establish standards for Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) for students enrolled in public schools in the state. The intent of this provision in the legislation is to ultimately decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates by assisting students in developing and maintaining a personalized postsecondary plan that ensures readiness for postsecondary and workforce success. An ICAP shall be designed to assist a student and his or her parent or legal guardian in exploring the postsecondary career and educational opportunities available to the student, aligning course work and curriculum, applying to postsecondary education institutions, securing financial aid and ultimately entering the workforce.

9 Individual Career and Academic Plans Rules Review Individual Career and Academic Plans Legislative review Documentation of the students efforts in exploring careers, including: A written postsecondary and workforce goal for the student; yearly benchmarks for reaching that goal; interest surveys that the student completes; and anticipated postsecondary studies; The students academic progress including the courses taken, any remediation or credit recovery and any concurrent enrollment credits earned; An intentional sequence of courses reflecting progress toward accomplishment of the students postsecondary and workforce objectives; Relevant assessment scores;

10 Individual Career and Academic Plans Rules Review The students plans for and experiences in Contextual and Service Learning, if applicable; A record of the students college applications or alternative applications as they are prepared and submitted; The students postsecondary studies as the student progresses through high school; The students progress toward securing scholarships, work-study, student loans and grants; Other data reflecting student progress toward postsecondary and workforce readiness, including the students understanding of the financial impact of postsecondary education. Each ICAP is accessible to educators, students, parents legal guardians, and Approved Postsecondary Service Providers; and Each ICAP portfolio shall be transferable in print or electronic form for internal and external district use so that when a student transfers from one school or district to another, his/ her career and academic plans follow him/her; Each public school, in assisting students and parents in creating and maintaining ICAPs shall comply with the requirements of the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 20 U.S.C. 1232g.

11 The ICAP journey… Awareness & Dissemination Building Bridges & Building Readiness Transition Beginning to move to new understanding, mindset and practices Implementation Making meaning of ICAP Engaging in activities and the process Transformation Shift Happens Logo vernacular borrowed from CDE: Academic Standards

12 School Culture is shifting… So much Vocabulary! Post Secondary Plan MyCAP (My Career and Academic Plan) ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) Personal Education Plan Transition Plan Five year (six year, seven year) Plan Cluster, Pathway, Plan of Study, PWR, IEP, CiC And more…

13 12 Our world of Work 20 th Century21 st Century 1 – 2 Jobs10 – 15 Jobs Flexibility And Adaptability Integration of 21 st Century Skills into Subject Matter Mastery Mastery of One Field Subject Matter Mastery # of Jobs Job Skill Learning Model

14 Career Development Journey Seamless Transitions: Elementary: Career Awarenes s Middle: Career Exploration High: Career Concentration Post Secondary: Career Preparation Lifelong: Career Advancement and Management Learning Earning Living

15 Creates Relevant Middle & High School Experience Builds Personal, Social & Academic momentum Allow for Learn & Earn opportunities within Career Pathways Increases Intentional Concurrent Enrollment & Process. Enhances the Career Development Journey and is Connected! The Potential of Individual Career & Academic Plans (ICAP)

16 Who else is doing this?

17 How about us? Denver Public Schools Jefferson County Adams County Boulder Harrison Eagle County Western Slope San Luis Valley Gunnison Estes Park Douglas County Trinidad Montezuma-Cortez Arkansas Valley Falcon Colorado Springs D11 Northeastern BOCES Eastern BOCES The Village


19 Blue Whales take 3-5 minutes to turn 180 degrees!

20 If 15-20% of Sardines commit to a direction, all others will turn and go with them almost instantaneously. Find your Sardines… because its best for students! - Doug Manning

21 Your Free ICAP One-Stop-Shop Interactive, lifelong, electronic portfolio Professional oversight, reporting, communication features Parental read-only access Comprehensive ICAP customization and implementation tools Aligned, sequenced curriculum and lesson plans Batch account creation School/district support

22 Colorado Career Clusters Six Assessments Micro-sites Compare/contrast Tools Work Preparation Tools


24 Plan of Study for 81 career clusters/pathways On track for graduation Checkup on Colorado colleges admissions requirements 6 – 8 th grade planner Add/customize for concurrent enrollment

25 ICAP Goal Setting Milestones Communications Calendar Journal Document Storage


27 How to reach us: Scott Stump, Dean of CTE: Charles Dukes, Senior Consultant CDE: Julia Pirnack, Web & Curriculum Developer, CiC: Lauren Jones, CTE-Career Guidance Trainer:

28 Q & A

29 For a laugh! Breathe Click Breathe

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