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Informational Meeting Copper River School District FEA.

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1 Informational Meeting Copper River School District FEA

2 What is FEA? O Future Educators of Alaska (affiliated with national Future Educators Association) O Career & Technical Student Organization (CTSO) O Focuses on helping students prepare for possible careers in education O Related to everything and anything having to do with education / schools / teaching O Membership open to grades middle school and high school students

3 What does FEA do? O Education-related projects and activities O Read Across America day O Recess and reading buddies O Teacher Appreciation Week O Bulletin boards and displays O Regional, statewide, and national events O Fall gathering for middle school students O Leadership training O State & National student conferences

4 What does membership require? O An interest in working with students at any level, in any role, in any capacity O Attendance at monthly meetings O Active participation in club activities O Commitment to developing your skills as a young LEADER! O Optional participation in district and state activities

5 Whats in it for me? O A free t-shirt! O Helps you prepare for the future! O Résumé builder O Dual-credit HS/College Exploring Ed Careers O Cool trips O CTSO Competition participation O Leadership opportunities O Scholarship opportunities

6 To learn more... O Copper River FEA website O Students & Parents FEA O Or (no www) O FEA Statewide website O FEA National website O Be sure to check out the VIDEO on the FEA Statewide website to see the faces of CRSD students and teachers you know!

7 To join...and take the lead: O Attend your clubs FIRST meeting! O See your club advisor for a date and time O GET INVOLVED! O Run for an office (must be in grades 9-12) O President / Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer O Help to plan and run events O VOLUNTEER your time in teachers classrooms to learn more about the profession O Research the field to learn more about how to prepare for a career in education

8 Questions? O Mrs. Van Wyhe O Copper River School District FEA Coordinator O / 822-8533 O Mr. Proch O Kenny Lake School Club Advisor O / 822-3870 O Mrs. Lorence O Glennallen School Club Advisor O / 822-5286

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