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Welina Mai and Welcome Back!. Who are we? Why are we here? The KCC Mission Kauai Community College provides open access education and training in an ethical.

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1 Welina Mai and Welcome Back!

2 Who are we? Why are we here? The KCC Mission Kauai Community College provides open access education and training in an ethical and innovative student-centered and community-focused environment, nurturing life-long learners who appreciate diversity and lead responsible and fulfilling lives.

3 Mission Review Schedule Every two years College Council reviews the mission statement. Fall 2013 Every five years the college does a thorough review of the mission. Fall 2016 To determine the effectiveness of the mission we look at internal and external data.

4 UH System Strategic Goals, 2008- 2015 Increase Native Hawaiian Education Attainment Strengthen Hawaiis Educational Capital Contribute to the State Economy Be Globally Competitive Protect Resources and Show Good Stewardship

5 KCC Goals Access: To provide open access for a diverse student population and support services processes to better meet student needs. Learning & Teaching: To promote excellence in learning/teaching for transfer, career/technical, remedial/developmental education and life-long learning. Workforce Development: To provide a trained workforce by offering programs that prepare students for both employment and future career development. Personal Development: To provide life-long learning opportunities in the areas of personal and professional development. Community Development: To contribute to community development and enrichment through campus leadership and collaboration. Diversity : To foster global understanding and appreciation for diversity.

6 2011-13 Strategic Priorities Increase success of remedial/developmental students Increase and improve design and delivery of distance education offerings Improve partnerships with k-12 to improve college preparation and to ensure that students are aware of specific opportunities that KCC provides Increase transfer rates by strengthening four-year pathways, particularly in STEM fields.

7 How are we organized? Chancellor Hoouluwehi, Institutional Research Director of University Center and Academic Support Computer Services, Media Services, Library Services, Tutoring, College Success Center, Testing Center, Instructional Technology Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Language Arts and Humanities; Science and Math; Trade and Technology; Health Education; Business Education Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Counseling; Financial Aid; Admissions; Student Activities; Career Counseling and Job Placement; Marketing Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Operations and Maintenance, Business Office, Human Resources, Health and Safety Director of Continuing Education Non-credit and contract training, PAC, International Education, Grants

8 College Council is our central governance and recommending body. Anyone can attend Council meetings. To bring forward an issue, work through your representative.

9 Other Standing Committees Campus Operations and Safety Committee – Administrative Affairs Faculty SenateAcademic Affairs Health and Wellness Committee - Chancellor Information Technology/Website Committee - Academic Support International Education Committee – Continuing Education Makaloa Council - Chancellor Marketing and Enrollment Management/Outreach Committee – Student Affairs New Student Orientation –Student Affairs Sustainability Committee – Academic Affairs

10 How are we doing?

11 Gender Age Fall 2012 FT/PT Status Ethnicity


13 High School StudentsKauCCEnrollment Recent high school graduates entering fall semester following their spring graduation from high school 13

14 Outcome Based Funding Outcome MeasureWeight Degrees and Certificates35% Native Hawaiian Degrees and Certificates 10% STEM Degrees and Certificates5% Pell Grant Recipients10% Transfers to UH Baccalaureate40% 14

15 All Students Degrees & Certificates Achievement KauCCPerformance 15

16 Native Hawaiians Degrees & Certificates Achievement KauCCPerformance 16

17 STEM Degrees & Certificates Achievement KauCCPerformance 17

18 Degrees Awarded in STEM at UHM, UHH, UHWO, & UHMC to Former CC Students KauCCPerformance 18

19 Pell Recipients $ values increased from $ 423,565 in 2006 to $ 1,965,463 in 2011 KauCCPerformance 19

20 All Students Transfers to UHM, UHH, UHWO, & UHMC KauCCPerformance 20

21 All Students Transfers to Non-UH KauCCPerformance 21

22 Measure Weigh t HawHonKapKauLeeMauWin Degrees & Certificates 35 1535 Native Hawaiian Degrees & Certificates 10 STEM Degrees & Certificates 50054555 Pell Grant Recipients 10 Transfers to UH 4 Year 40 Total $ Allocation % 100%95%75%100%99%100% UHCCOutcome Performance Initiatives FY 2013 Allocation 22

23 Congratulations!

24 Other Performance Measures

25 Success: AtD Fall 2011 Cohort Math %Writing %Reading % AllNHAllNHAllNH HawCC 726857565752 HonCC 544172656654 KapCC 706872657876 KauCC 675664626145 LeeCC 7268706974 MauC 363067587463 WinCC 626659607569UHCCRemedial/Developmental 25

26 Fall to Spring %Fall to Fall % AllNHAllNH HawCC73714644 HonCC74694943 KapCC74685647 KauCC80 5355 LeeCC76725548 MauC76724843 WinCC74735049 Fall AtD 2011 Cohort UHCCPersistence 26

27 Full-Time %Part-Time % AllNHAllNH HawCC48443228 HonCC47383428 KapCC52443227 KauCC51493627 LeeCC44363233 MauC43342619 WinCC41372725 Full-time and Part-time Success UHCC 1 st Year Success 27

28 Measuring Progress on KCC Goals We have re-evaluated the performance measures for three of KCCs goals: Community Development Diversity Personal Development We will be reporting on these measures at the September College Conversation on Friday April 20 at 12:15 to 1:30.

29 Other Great Stuff AS in Natural Sciences Kipaipai program Satellite tracking station Electric vehicles Hawaiian Studies enrollment Grants, grants, grants Prior Learning Assessment Topic Care Sustainability Certificate International Education Plan

30 How the Budget Works

31 Biennial Budget Cycle-Request to the Legislature The new request reconfirms our commitment to our 2008- 2015 strategic outcomes, specifically focusing on: The Hawaii Graduation Initiative proposes to increase the number of college graduates by focusing on access, affordability, and workforce development. Innovation, Technology Transfer and Commercialization supports development of a billion dollar-plus industry of research spin off. Stewardship of Facilities remains a constant priority to renew our education infrastructure and encompasses projects to further advance the growth of Hawaiis research industry. Allocation comes to the UHCC and then is dispersed to individual colleges and is part of our overall funding.

32 Budgeting within KCC Allocation comes to the UHCC and then is dispersed to individual colleges and is part of our overall funding. Through the Annual Program Review Process, KCC identifies what resources are needed Resource needs are met through reallocation, legislative funding, tuition and special funds, grant funding or donations Revival of KCC Innovation Funding

33 Cycle of Planning and Assessment Leading to Institutional Effectiveness Design assessment of outcomes Implement Collect and Analyze Data Determine how to improve Request /Receive necessary resources Identify desired outcomes Courses Programs/Units Institutional Learning Outcomes Goals/Priorities

34 Planning Timeline for Institutional Effectiveness Early FallReview/Set priorities/objectives for the yearCollege Council and Sept College Conversation Fall– Comprehensive and Annual Program Reviews due by Oct 31 WinterPresent data, action plans and resource requests Early SpringResource requests prioritized and decisions made We also regularly assess the effectiveness of our processes

35 Strategic Planning Process Annually in September we revisit and revise, if necessary, our priorities within the current goals. Every five to seven years, we undergo a thorough strategic planning process that includes both internal and external perspectives. Our process is in step with UHCC and UH. Our process will begin Spring 2014.

36 Goal A Educational Effectiveness & Student Success Part-Time Students Part-time students make up 62% of our enrollment. Who are they? Do they want a degree? How do we improve graduation/transfer success for those that do? Adult Learners Adult learners have diverse needs. How do we attract adults? How do we serve adults? How do we count adults? Native Hawaiians What more should we do to be a model indigenous serving institution? Other Underserved Populations Who else is underserved – Filipino, Pacific Islander, Others? Can we learn from Achieving the Dream to reach these populations?UHCCStrategic Plan Plan FS = Faculty Senate S = Student Senate 36

37 Goal B: Functioning as a Seamless State System Transfer/Articulation How do we eliminate articulation problems as an issue? How do reduce time to degree? How do we become the highest performing system of higher education in the U.S.?UHCCStrategic Plan Plan FS = Faculty Senate SS = Student Senate 37

38 Goal C: Promote Workforce and Economic Development Workforce -- Energizing Areas What is the economy of the future? How do we know? What is the CC role in that economy? Science Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) How do CCs fit into the research innovation initiative? How we move students into and through the STEM fields? Reviving the Global Curriculum Is there an international dimension to the economy of the future? What is our role in that international dimension?UHCCStrategic Plan Plan FS = Faculty Senate SS = Student 38

39 Goal D: Hawai'i's Educational Capital/Resources & Stewardship Government/Non-Profit Partnerships What value do we bring to partners? What needs to change to make us valuable to our partners and to make partnerships valuable to us? Entrepreneurship, Commercialization, Resource Base Where will our money come from? What does it mean for a college to be entrepreneurial?UHCCStrategic Plan Plan FS = Faculty Senate SS = Student Senate 39

40 Goal E: Develop Sustainable Infrastructure for Student Learning Clean Energy/Sustainability How do we become models of sustainable practice? How do we become resources for sustainable communities? How will we know if we are sustainable? Focus Area: Distance Education Infrastructure/Success How do we make Distance Education strategic? Where is technology taking us? How do we build the infrastructure to make technology useful to the students and to the institution?UHCCStrategic Plan Plan FS = Faculty Senate SS = Student Senate 40

41 What I want for you and for our students That you joyfully come to work That you feel supported and empowered to move the college forward That you support and help each other, even when it isnt in your job description That you treat all with respect, civility, and fairness, even on tough issues That you recognize the importance of your role in changing lives That they feel supported from the day they come on campus That they feel safe and energized by our environment That they gain the skills they need That they achieve the competence and confidence to move their lives forward

42 Be bold, be brave, be compassionate, be creative. Thrive and help others to thrive! Have a great year!

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