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Getting Started… Know Your Counselor Mrs. Peterson (A-D)Ms. Kenady (E-K) Mrs. ODonnell (L-R)Mrs. Legate (S-Z) ACT/SAT Test Plan to Take in April Guidance.

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Presentation on theme: "Getting Started… Know Your Counselor Mrs. Peterson (A-D)Ms. Kenady (E-K) Mrs. ODonnell (L-R)Mrs. Legate (S-Z) ACT/SAT Test Plan to Take in April Guidance."— Presentation transcript:

1 Getting Started… Know Your Counselor Mrs. Peterson (A-D)Ms. Kenady (E-K) Mrs. ODonnell (L-R)Mrs. Legate (S-Z) ACT/SAT Test Plan to Take in April Guidance Announcements College Planning Guide Page 16 in Coursebook

2 Class of 2012

3 Requirements for Graduation 17 credits are required to be classified as a senior. Fill in required classes on the enrollment form. Communications and Personal Finance may be taken in summer school. Applications for summer school should be available in March.

4 College Prep Requirements 4 Year Public Colleges4 Year University Communication Arts 4 Credits Social Studies3 Credits Math(Alg. I & Higher)3 Credits Science3 Credits Foreign Language2 Credits (Not Required) Fine Art1 Credit Communication Arts4 Credits Social Studies3 Credits Math (Alg. 1 and Higher)4 Credits Science3 Credits Foreign Language2 Credits (Required) Fine Art1 Credit

5 NCAA Division I & II or NAIA Student athletes need to establish eligibility for college athletics by meeting grade point and coursework requirements. Juniors should register now @ for NCAA or for NAIA to sign up. Check with coaches or the Activities Office for additional information.

6 What Vocational Programs are Available for Seniors? Work Release Marketing II and Marketing Internship Business Technology and Business Technology Supervised Experience CTC Entrepreneurial Studies (Transportation is NOT Provided) Health Sciences Emergency Medical Technician Any 2 nd Year Program Summit Technology Academy Construction Technology Nail Technology (Transportation is NOT Provided)

7 Options for College Credit Dual Credit High School and College Credit Reduced Fee Credit Earned w/ a C or Better in the Class Eligibility Requirements -Core Classes 3.0 GPA Vocational Classes 2.5 GPA EOC or Other Test Requirements AP Coursework Most Rigorous Coursework Pay Only for the AP Test Typically Credit is Earned for Scores of 3 or Higher Test Given @ End of the Year to Determine Credit *Students should check with the college/university they plan to attend to determine what college credit will be accepted. This will vary from school to school for both dual credit and AP coursework.

8 Courses With Specific Requirements for Enrollment College/Dual Credit 3.0 GPA for Core Classes 2.5 GPA for Vocational Classes Specific Test Scores May Be Required AP Courses Teacher Recommendation Math Courses Teacher Recommendation

9 8 th Semester Release All graduation requirements must be completed by the end of the first semester of the senior year. Apply in the fall of the senior year, applications are due Nov. 1, 2011. Work Release students are NOT eligible for this program. A required meeting between parent, student, principal, and counselor must occur prior to approval. The principal grants final approval in early December 2011. The intent MUST be marked on the enrollment form.

10 8 th Semester Release Options Partial Day Release Student must work 15 hours per week OR take 1 (3 hours) college class. Release students must keep a minimum of 2 credit earning classes for the spring semester. Full Day Release Student must work 30 hours per week OR take 3 (8 hours) college classes. Release students are out an entire day second semester.


12 Fine Arts & Practical Arts Fine Arts Music Band Choir Orchestra Music Appreciation Music Theory Speech & Drama Intro to Theatre Forensics Theatre Study Advanced Theatre Study Art Design Fundamentals Art History All Art Classes Practical Arts Business & Technology Classes Examples Include: Marketing Accounting Computer Classes Family & Consumer Sciences Examples Include: Intro to Culinary Arts Clothing I & II Child Development Family Relations Industrial/Technical Education Examples Include: Woodworking I/II General Metals Small Engine Repair Construction Technology

13 Speech & Technology Speech Courses Communications I Debate Forensics Intro. to Theatre Technology Beg. C++ Prog. Bus. Technology Computer Applications Adv. Computer Apps. Computer Compos. Desktop Pub. Human Body Sys. Intro. to Engineering Marketing I Principles of Engineering Video Tech/Video Prod.



16 Completion of the Course Request Planning Form CIRCLE required courses first (refer to your completed worksheet) Make sure that you have 7 credits (7 yearlong classes or other classes to total 7 credits) unless you are taking AM CTC or Summit Technology or Work Release STAR * both year long and semester alternates (CHANGES WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE LATER IN THE SPRING) Do not enroll in study halls or aides or Leadership class Parent signature is required NOW YOU ARE READY FOR ON-LINE REGISTRATION!

17 Steps 1, 2 & 3 1. Go to 2. Your User Name will be your student number + BSS (not case sensitive). So, if your student # is 100, you would type 100BSS. 3. Your Password will be your birth date separated by slashes. Ex: 8/1/1994

18 Step 4 Once logged in, you will click on the Class Registration icon.

19 Step 5 Verify that your request screen is for the grade you should be in next year. (Reminder: this is based on the number of credits you have earned.)

20 6. Quick screen explanations The pencil edits your course requests. Before selecting classes, the red exclamation point tells you that you must take a required class. If a red exclamation point appears after you have selected courses, it is because there is a problem with the request. Before selecting classes, the green check mark represents classes you can take that are not required. After you have selected classes, it shows a green checkmark if everything is alright with the class selection.

21 Step 7 The screen below is what you see when you click on the pencil. The Prerequisite Note is to help you determine whether or not you are eligible to take a class.

22 Step 8 Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen, because there could be more choices. The screenshot below shows that this section has two pages of choices.

23 Steps 9, 10 & 11 9. You will need to select 7 credits and 5 alternative classes. 10. Once you have all hours and alternative classes selected (must be green checkmarks all the way down the right side), you can press submit at the bottom of the screen. 11. If you do not choose 7 credits and 5 alternates, a Request Submission Failed box will appear. Click on the red dot in the top left corner of the box to return to the original screen.

24 Step 12 & 13 12. When you choose 7 credits and 5 alternates and click submit, it pulls up a 2011-2012 Course Requests screen with your classes noted. These are the actual courses that you will be enrolled in. 13. Select Print. Parent and Student signatures are required before returning to school.

25 Things to Consider…… Use the completed worksheet and Career Path plan to help you make decisions Use the course book to make sure that you have met pre-requisites Use the course book to make sure that you are meeting college admission requirements if you are college-bound Challenge yourself with AP courses or advanced courses Learn a skill…..take vocational courses

26 Final Notes…. On-line course registration must be completed by: Friday, Feb. 4 th Completed course request planning forms are due to your US History teacher on: Monday, Feb. 7 th

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