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2 The journey Best Performer– Why ? PsyClone RBPRF© The Science ?
PsyClone RBPRF© The Impact. Value Proposition Execution Process?? Timelines & Next Steps

3 ALCOR HRAM – The Company
It is a portfolio company of ALCOR Fund. ALCOR has global equity partnerships with Resource Associates – US HR Firm Wingspread – US HR Firm ALCOR has a strong R&D team with industry experience more than 100 man years. ALCOR HRAM has an international and reputable and strong Board of Advisors. Dr. Lucy has her PhD in Industrial – Organizational Psychology from University of Tennessee-Knoxville with more than 25 years' experience. Dr. Wayne Reagan has PhD in Organization Psychology from Princeton and has more than 38 years' experience. Dr. Lucy Gibson Dr. Wayne Reagan ALCOR has operations in US and India and is in the process of launching operations in South Africa, Nigeria, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait and Thailand.

4 Executive Management George Molakal MBA, PLDA, PEVC – CEO
Graduated with honors at Cardiff Universty, Oxford University and Harvard Business School. 30+ cross border Mergers & Acquisitions transactions from US to India, MENSEA & China : , Wide global experience working in multi continents – Europe, Middle-east, India, China, Canada and United States, and was CEO of ICAN a managed care company, Fellow of Ashoka Innovators for the Public – Arlington, Virginia. Mike Katz MBA - Board Graduate of Harvard Business School, Successful track record of turning around companies into highly profitable units. Built growth and leadership in corporations. Has worked with GE and Cummins in various senior positions across the world. Art Holbrook MBA - Board Mr. Holbrook has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple businesses serving in various capacities as President, Principal, General Manager, and/or a member of the Board of Directors of several private equity owned venture, After graduating from Harvard Business School he founded multiple private equity start ups and/or acquisitions of privately held investments in the Cable TV and Satellite Communications industries (successfully operating, organically growing, horizontally expanding, and ultimately selling the businesses) Jim Ward – Board. 25 years experience in the manufacturing space from Aerospace to Automotive, and has led teams for dynamic growth of companies in North America. Jim also has varied expertise in cross border dealings set up multiple Joint Venture operations and focuses on bringing in outstanding results Pradip Shah MBA – Board CA First Rank holder and Graduate of Harvard Business School. Founder Managing Director of The Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL), India’s first and largest credit rating agency, Prior to founding CRISIL, Mr. Shah assisted in founding Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), India’s first retail housing finance company, in 1977, Holds Directorship positions across several listed companies, charities and government boards. Floated the first PE fund for India and has wide track experience in funding PE projects. 4 4

5 Products of HRAM RBP PsyClone© WingSpread Recruitment
Corporate Training (5 stage process®) Performance Management Systems Workplace Solutions – ALCOR GANART Corporate Alignment Permanent Recruitment Temporary Recruitment Self Managing others Managing the Business Optimizer

6 Why would a company want to identify high performers ?
High performers – Why !! Why would a company want to identify high performers ? Study the performers, understand what makes them perform in the company’s environment and replicate the top performers !! Which will be a better performing company ?

7 Does more top performers lead to …
Moral Boost of Employees Increase Revenues Increase Productivity & Profitability Low Attrition Rate Decrease in Hiring Costs Increase Quality o/p From Employees

8 How can we replicate top performers ?

9 ALCOR RBPRF PsyClone© – The Science - 1
Current Employees of your organization

10 ALCOR RBPRF PsyClone© – The Science - 2
Current Employees of your organization These are performers who work best in your company’s environment

11 ALCOR RBPRF PsyClone© – The Science - 3
Job Applicants

12 ALCOR RBPRF PsyClone© – The Science - 4
Job Applicants

13 PAP : CAP variance result through Algorithm
Variance with Industry standard/Best Performer

14 PsyClone – Report Recap

15 ALCOR PsyClone RBPRF© – The Science – 5 HIRE

16 ALCOR PsyClone RBPRF© – The Science – 6 T&D

17 ALCOR Assessment Tool – The Impact Review
Moral Boost of Employees Increase Revenues Increase Productivity & Profitability Low Attrition Rate Decrease in Hiring Costs Increase Quality o/p From Employees

18 Activities Aligning to Corporate Goals
Hiring the Right Fit Cost Optimisation Decrease in hiring and rehiring cost Aid in employee retention strategy Technology SaaS based solution – no additional infrastructure required Simplicity Easy-to-understand reports Validation Recommendation based on scientific methodology Activities Aligning to Corporate Goals Increase in productivity, performance and profitability

19 Design Specific Training Modules
PsyClone - Scientific way of Employee Development Team Performance Feedback & Monitoring Corporate Goal Measuring Outcome Design Specific Training Modules Effective T&D Analysis Deploying T&D Program

20 PsyClone – Link to Corporate Goals
Growth (Increased Productivity, Increased Performance, Increased Profitability) Sales and Marketing Finance Operation & Mfg IT & Admin Foundation of Organization : HR – Right fit and Employee Development

21 Outcome

22 Replicating Best Performers (Recruitment and T&D)
Highly Charged Self Driven Motivated People Return on Efforts : Increased by %

23 Productivity Improvement : 20 – 30%
Improved Quality Output : 15 – 20% Reduction in Attrition : 15 – 20% Return on Efforts : Increased by %

24 Why Should I implement PsyClone ?

25 Because . . . Simple : Process is simple, report is simple to interpret Instantaneous : Web enabled, instant report Infrastructure : Requires No IT Support, Web embedded link Customised Solution : Replicates Top Performers Specific Recommendation : Fact based decision Scientific Algorithmic tool increases accuracy Increase in RoE lead to Increase in Productivity Aligning with Corporate Goals & Strategies

26 Contact Us ALCOR HRAM U.S. Office
8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 1300 Chicago, IL Tel : Fax No India Office Commerzone, Building 2 3 rd Floor # 305 Samrat Ashok Path, Yerwada, Pune Maharashtra State, Tel : Fax :

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