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Updates: Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004 (RA9258)

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1 Updates: Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004 (RA9258)
Dr. Carmelita P. Pabiton, RGC Member, PRBGC October 6, 2011

2 Registered Guidance Counselors
Registration Without Taking Licensure Examination (Grandfather Clause): 1,686 Licensure Exam Takers: , 424 Licensure Exam Passers: Total: 2,435 HEIs offering graduate programs in GC as of April 2012: 128

3 Recent Activities of PRBGC Related to RA 9258
Table Of Specification The PRBGC reviewed and revised the TOS of the 6 courses covered in the Licensure Exam and developed new items for each subject area Consultative Meetings with: Counselor Educators Heads/Directors of GC Offices Practicing Registered Guidance Counselors CPD Providers DepEd Officials

4 Recent PRBGC Activities...
2013 1. Involvement with the DOLE Career Advocacy Program; PRBGC is the lead PRB in the two-day Capacity Building Seminar –Workshop of the RGCs and Career Advocates from the different regions conducted on September 12-13, 2013 2. Review of the PRBGC Roadmap 3. Work on possible items for the amendments of RA9258 2010: September 21: FEU

5 Recent PRBGC Activities...
4. Ocular inspection of school counseling office (Davao and Dumaguete) 5. PRBGC members were actively involved in the crafting of the IRR of the “Enhanced Basic Education” 6. PRBGC member (Dr. Pabiton) represents the Board to the CHED Technical Committee for Guidance and Counseling (TCGC) Finalization of the PSG for the Counseling Programs (Undergrad to the doctoral programs)

6 Recent PRBGC Activities...
Joint CHED-PRC monitoring of HEIs offering master’s program in guidance and counseling Public hearings of the proposed PSG for Counseling Programs (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao) 7. March 21: Consulatative meeting with Heads of GC office and Practicing Guidance Counselors, “Best Practices in GC” based on RA 9258 and PQF (DLSU-Manila, Letran High School, Muntinlupa High School)

7 Recent PRBGC Activities...
8. March 22: Consultative meeting with Counselor Educators, “PQF and Outcomes- Based Education: Implications to the TOS” . Resource Speakers: Commissioner Jennifer-Manalili and Dr. Barbara Wong- Fernandez 8. April 4-5: Consultative meeting and workshop with the CPD Providers, PGCA (APO) and other Professional Organizations, “Designing and Implementing Psychosocial Intervention for Victims of Calamities”.

8 Recent PRBGC Activities...
The PGCA, the PRC APO is now conducting the training of RGCs and LGU staff on “Psychosocial Intervention” across regions in coordination with the PGCA Regional Chapters Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Revised Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all Registered and Licensed Professionals (Resolution # , July 25, 2013)

9 Rationale: The State recognizes the role of professionals in nation-building and provides for the sustained development of a reservoir of professionals under Section 14, Article V11 of the Constitution. Towards this end, the Commission promotes a program for continuing professional development Objectives: Overall: Promotion of the general welfare and interest of the public in the course of delivering professional services

10 CPD Specific Objectives:
1. Continuously improve the quality of the country’s reservoir of registered professionals by updating themselves on the latest scientific/technological/ethical and other applicable trends in the local and global practice of the professions, 2. Provide support to lifelong learning in the enhancement of competencies of Filipino professionals towards delivery of quality and ethical services both locally and globally,

11 3. Deliver quality continuing professional development (CPD) activities aligned with the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) for national relevance and global comparability and competitiveness Definitions: CPD- the inculcation of advanced knowledge, skills and ethical values in a post- licensure specialized or in an inter-or multi-disciplinary field of study for assimilation into professional practice , self-directed research and/or lifelong learning

12 CPD Program- a set of learning activities accredited by the CPD Council such as seminars, workshops, technical lectures or subject matter meetings, non-degree training lectures and scientific meetings, modules, tours and visits which equip the professionals with advanced knowledge, skills, and values in specialized or in an inter- or multi-disciplinary fields of study, self-directed research and/or lifelong learning CPD Provider- a natural and juridical person that conducts CPD programs accredited by the CPD Council to conduct CPD programs

13 Self-Directed Learning- learning activities such as on-line trainings, local/international seminars/non-degree courses, institution/company sponsored training programs, and the like which did not undergo CPD accreditation but may be applied for and awarded CPD units by the respective CPD Councils Lifelong Learning- all learning activities undertaken throughout life for the development of competencies and qualifications

14 CPD Credit Units Registered and licensed professionals shall complete the required credit units every three (3) years ( credit units required per profession; RGCs, 45 CPD Credit Units) Any excess CUs earned shall not be carried over to the next three-year period except credit units earned for doctoral and master’s degrees or specialty trainings which shall only be credited during the compliance period Earning Credit Units for Self-directed learning and/or lifelong learning Secure CPD Form No. 3 from PRC Website or SID and submit duly accomplished form to SID

15 Matrix: CPD Activities
Activities Credit Units Documents Seminars/Convention Participant CU per hour Certificate of Attendance, # of hrs, seminar list of program participants Resource CU per hr Photocopy of Speaker certificate, copy of papers, and program invitation

16 Panelist/ 3 CU per hr Certificate
Reactor from org, copy of the program Facilitator/ 2 CU per hr Certificate from Moderator org, copy of the program Master’s 1 CU per academic U certificate Degree unit 20 CUadditional upon U certificate completion of degree)

17 Doctoral 2CU per academic unit U certificate,
Degree 30CU additional upon Diploma, TOR completion of degree Residency/ CU per year Certification of Externship/ completion, Specialty/Sub hospital Specialty prog certificate Fellowship CU per year Certificate from granting institution, certificate of fellowship

18 Self-directed and/or lifelong learning Training 10CU per complete Copy of module set of module module and evaluation Technical paper/ 5CU per prof./ Copy of prof. journal technical published article article and evaluation Research/ 10 CU Published Innovative technical programs/creative report/paper projects

19 Book/ 25-50pp pp 101 or Published Monograph more book with proof of copyright Single author 20CU 30CU 40CU 2 authors 10CU 20CU 30CU 3 or more 5CU 10CU 20CU Editor ½ of the CU of authors Published book with authorship

20 Article 1-3p 4-6p 7 or more Proof of publication of article single author 4CU 6CU 8CU 2 authors 3CU 4CU 6CU 3 or more 2CU 3CU 4CU Professional 5CU per issue Copy of published Journal editor journal Peer 2CU/article Copy of published Reviewer article/book

21 Inventions Full CU for Certified copy of compliance patent certificate period Short-term 0.25 CU per hr Certificate of Post Graduate/ (maximum of training and In-Service 30CU/ training training Training descriptions Study Tour/ 2CU/Day Certification from Visits (maximum sponsoring of 20CU/ institution tour)

22 Professorial Full CU for Certification of Chair compliance grant or period appointment paper Such other activities to be recommended by the Council and approved by the Commission


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