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4 AP PHYSICS Credit Mechanics (linear and angular), Gravitation, Waves and Sound, Introduction to Circuit Analysis (Algebra and Trig based…emphasis placed on inquiry learning) AP PHYSICS 1 & Credits Mechanics (linear and angular), Gravitation, Waves and Sound, Electrostatics, Electrodynamics (Circuit Analysis with Resistors and Capacitors), Light and Optics, Thermodynamics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics (Algebra and Trig based) – similar to AP Physics B SONG WRITING Credit GAME DEVELOPMENT -.5 Credit PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS – 1 Credit 4

5 Business Courses Principles of Accounting 1 & 2 Honors Advanced Accounting 1 & 2 Carlow University: Students must sign up for Accounting 1 & 2 OR Honors Accounting 1 &2 in the same school year. Principles of Accounting 1 and 2 = 3 credits ($180), Honors Adv Accounting 1 & 2 = 3 credits ($180) Math Courses Probability & Statistics & Honors Calculus Pitt: Honors Calc - $225 - C or better = 4 credits, Probability and Stats - $225 - D = 4 credits World Language Courses Honors Senior Spanish Honors Senior French, Honors French 3, AP French LaRoche College, $200 fee = 3 credits 5

6 March 3 rd : Student Portal opens March 13 th : Student Portal closes March 17 th -20 th : Counselor / student meetings (English Class) March 27 th : Students receive Reverse Verifications Forms April 1 st : ALL Reverse Verifications due to Counseling Office with parent signature. April 3 rd : Waivers due to Counseling Office (Waivers currently available on the district webpage) 6

7 ON-LINE VIA STUDENT PORTAL NOT PARENT PORTAL Account information available in the Counseling Office VIEW YOUR TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS You cannot change or edit teacher recommendations through the student portal. SELECT ELECTIVES Review Program of Studies, watch podcast on AP and honors level courses, talk to teachers, or talk to counselor SCHEDULE MINIMUM OF 7 CREDITS, MAXIMUM OF 8 CREDITS March 17 th -21 st COUNSELOR / STUDENT MEETINGS Review recommendations and elective choices 7

8 If you are choosing an elective that requires a teacher recommendation in the Program of Studies (ex. Honors Anatomy), you MUST obtain a signed recommendation slip. You will need to bring this note to your individual scheduling meeting the week of March 17-21,

9 When making your online course requests, you must choose three alternate electives in the event you do not get your first choice electives. 9

10 NEW POLICIES Course requests will determine teacher staffing. No teacher changes or requests will be honored. Schedules will not be changed to accommodate early release requests. Lunch changes will only be honored for documented medical reasons. Doctor note due by the end of this school year. 10

11 NEW Schedule Change Policy All students have an opportunity in the spring of each year to select courses appropriate to their needs. Students are also permitted to adjust their course selections prior to April 3rd. Following this date, all course selections will be considered final, and schedule change requests will only be considered for the following reasons: 1. Mechanical error. Example: Course left off schedule. 2. Level changes. Level changes can only occur within the first 40 days of school and if the student has a 79% or lower in their current class. After day 40, level changes will not be permitted. 3. Needed for Graduation Requirement. Example: Failed required course and must drop elective or study hall to schedule a make-up course. 4. Fill study hall. Example: Replace study hall with an elective course without adjusting any other parts of schedule and if seats are available in the class. 11 Page 8... Program of Studies

12 Student Scheduling Podcast Student Scheduling Podcast 12


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