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2 2 Growth of MSEs in Uttar Pradesh Year / Stat.2004-052005-062006-07Growth rate (%) No. Of units19385242027020211679128.98 Employment12190591267525131939526.67 Investment (Rs. Cr.) 21858234072485247.34 Production ( Rs. Cr.) 405134692755153117.26

3 3 IMPORTANT SCHEMES Credit Guarantee Scheme Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme ISO-9000/14001 /HACCP Assistance Integrated Infrastructural Development Micro and Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme Technology Development Centres

4 4 Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises Launched on 30 August 2000 and became operational with effect from 1 January, 2001 Operated by the CGTMSE Provides guarantees to MLIs for loans sanctioned without collateral and/or third party guarantee up to Rs. 50 lakh Guarantee cover upto 80%

5 5 Proposals approved for U. P. under CGS 2005-062006-072007-08 Proposals Approved 1055 11091539 Loan Amount ( In lakh) 2672.303636.915166.15

6 6 Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) T echnology upgradation of MSEs Nodal Agencies & PLIs--- SIDBI, NABARD, SBI, Canara Bank, BOB, PNB, BOI, Andhra Bank, SBBJ,, etc. Provide 15% capital subsidy for improved technology --- loan up to Rs.100 lakh Coverage :- 48 products/sub-sectors

7 7 Units Assisted (as on 31 March 2008) Units assisted Amount reimbursed (Rs. Cr.) 6600229 1804.11 All India UP

8 8 ISO-9000/14001 /HACCP Scheme Reimbursement to the extent of 75% of the expenditure (max. Rs.75000) All MSEs that have filed EM eligible All India : Units Assisted : 17067 Amount Disbursed : Rs. 84.99 Cr.. No. Of beneficiaries in U P 1318

9 9 Integrated Infrastructural Development (IID) Scheme Provide developed sites with basic infrastructural facilities like power, water, drainage, roads, common facilities, etc Project cost --Rs. 5 crore Central Government provides 40 percent grant up to a maximum of Rs. 2 Cr.

10 10 Integrated Infrastructural Development (IID) Scheme (Contd.) 106 projects sanctioned Scheme also provides for upgradation of infrastructure in old industrial estates Subsumed in MSE-CDP

11 11 IID Centres in Uttar Pradesh S No. IID CentreImplementing Agency Project Cost (in Cr.) GOI Grant (in Cr.) Status 1 BhadohiBIDA5.942.00Completed 2 Banther (Unnao) UPSIDC5.501.83Completed 3. Kosi-Kalan (Mathura) UPSIDC7.001.62Completed 4. EtahUPSIDC5.151.79Completed 5 Kursi Rd. (Barabanki) UPSIDC5.061.22Completed 6 BaghpatUPSIDC5.481.30Completed 7 Masoori (Ghaziabad) UPSIDC5.091.25Completed 8 Ram Nagar (Chandouli) UPSIDC5.671.17Under progress

12 12 Micro and Small enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) Includes diagnostic study, trust building, development of skills, marketing & export, technology upgradation of enterprises, formation of consortia, setting up CFCs, etc. 386 clusters taken up for development Guidelines revised in March 2006 to i) Raise the project cost to Rs 10 Cr. and GOI assistance up to 80% ii) Introduce PPP mode iii) Enable State Governments/Agencies/SPVs to implement projects iv) Enable assistance for infrastructure upgradation Special measures for women-owned enterprises

13 13 Clusters Assisted Uttar Pradesh in the Last 2 Years Implementing Agency Clusters taken for soft interventions Amount Sanctioned (2007-08) Clusters taken for diagnostic studies Amount sanctioned (2007-08) Government of U.P 0919.35 (Amount sanctioned in 2006-07) 47 (2007-08)Under Process MSME-DI Kanpur 069.40052.50 MSME-DI Allahabad 026.280- MSME-DI Agra --031.50 MSME TDC Firizabad --012.25 NIESBUD -0715.75 NIMSME 2237.12 CIPET Lucknow 035.06

14 14 MSME Technology Developmentt Centres in U P - Assistance to MSEs in product and process development -Testing, calibration and common facility services -Skill development training programmes -Consultancy services Name of Research Institute Number of persons trained in 2007-08 Number of units benefited PPDC, Agra 9131274 CDGI, Ferozabad 146542 FFDC, Kannauj 22251015 PPDC, Meerut 665506 CFTI Agra 3079462

15 15 Formulation of NMCP announced in 2005-06 Budget, to support MSMEs Its Role is to : Ensure MSME Sector Grows at a Healthy Rate Draft National Strategy for Manufacturing Ten Schemes drawn up under NMCP at Rs. 956 crore Implementation of Schemes to be in PPP Mode Programme deals with Firm-Level Competitiveness, addressing issues of Competitiveness against Global Challenges NATIONAL MANUFACTURING COMPETITIVENESS PROGRAMME (NMCP)

16 16 Marketing Support/Assistance to MSMEs BAR CODE Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEsINCUBATORS Enabling manufacturing sector to be competitive through quality management standard and quality technology tools QMS/QTT National Campaign for Investment in Intellectual PropertyIPR National Programme on Application on Lean Manufacturing LEAN Mini Tool Rooms proposed to be set up by Ministry of MSME MTR Promotion of ICT in Indian Manufacturing Sector ICT Technology and Quality Upgradation support for MSMEs TECH UP Design Clinic Scheme to bring design expertise to the Manufacturing sector DESIGN Marketing Assistance/SMEs and technology upgradation activities - Ministry of SSI in co-operation with TIFAC/CSIR C WATCH NATIONAL MANUFACTURING COMPETITIVENESS PROGRAMME - COMPONENTS Full Name of the Scheme Short Name

17 17 NMCP – New Activities (Over next 4 years) NoName of the Component 4 years2008-09 GOI Share (RE) Total Project CostGOI Share 1BAR CODE1.50 0.20 2INCUBATORS79.4566.508.00 3QMS / QTT50.0040.007.00 4IPR55.0050.008.00 5LEAN280.80246.0020.00 6MTR210.00135.0020.00 7ICTOpt. I * Opt. II 207.00104.006.00 100.0060.006.00 8TECH UP93.5078.6010.00 9DESIGN50.0041.005.00 10C WATCH53.0026.504.00 TOTAL973.25745.1088.20 * Option I is kept on hold with TPC Rs. 1080.25 cr, GOI Share Rs. 789.10 cr and RE Rs. 88.20 cr. Rs. Crore

18 18 STATUS OF NMCP SCHEMES S. No. Name of Scheme (Cost of Scheme) EFC Clearance RE 2007- 08 BE 2008 - 09 iBar Coding (1. 5) Operational from 01/6/07 0.10.20 iiIncubators (79.45) 0.18.00 iiiQMS / QTT (50) 0.17.00 ivIPR (55) 0.18.00 vLean (280.80) 0.120.00 viMTR (210) 0.120.00 viiICT (100)0.16.00 vi iiTECH UP (93.50) 0.110.00 ixDesign (50)0.15.00 xC Watch (53)0.14.00 Total 01.088.20 Rs. in Crore

19 19 Existing MDA Scheme modified to popularize Bar Coding Bar Coding an effective Tool to improve marketability Reimbursement allowed : One Time Registration Fee 75% of Annual Fee for 1 st 3 years (Bar Code Certificate) 1400 SMEs to be Benefitted during 11th FY Plan BAR CODE TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY: Upcoming

20 20 Object : Assist Incubation of Innovative Ideas Encourage Ideas to Become SMEs Total Project cost – Rs. 79.45 cr GOI Share – Rs. 66.50 cr 2008-09 BE – Rs. 8.00 cr INCUBATORS 1 / 2 TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY: Upcoming

21 21 100 BIs to be Located in R&D Institutes @ 25 p.a Govt. Grant (Max. 85%) = Rs. 4 to 8 lakhs per Idea Each BI to Assist 10 Ideas / Units R&D Institutions and BIs to Suggest & Nurture Can also be Dovetailed with other Schemes Tie Up Successes with VC / Angel Funds Publicity & Proposals Essential for Success INCUBATORS 2 / 2 TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY: Upcoming

22 22 Mini Tool Rooms Establishment of MTRs inPPP mode Model 1: pvt enterprise led-viability gap funding – 40% Model 2: pvt enterprise +State Govt-viability gap funding-40% Model 3: state govt. entity(land+bldg~6 cr) +Centre9 cr T.A.s----RFPs to issue GoI allocation-Rs 135---establish min. 15 MTRs

23 23 MSME s ISO Reimbursement Scheme Successful QMS: ISO-22000 (Food), ISO-18000 (Health) etc. QTT: Introduce proven Tools like 6-Sigma, 5-S, Kaizen, TPM, TQM etc. Total Project cost – Rs. 50.00 cr (GoI = 80%) 2008-09 BE – Rs. 7.00 cr EFC has Cleared. Guidelines being Finalized QUALITY MGT. SYSTEMS / TOOLS ( QMS / QTT ) 1 / 3 TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY: Upcoming

24 24 Schemes of NSIC Marketing Support NSICs Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) Technology Support Training Programmes

25 25 MARKETING SUPPORT 1. Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) under Govt. Stores Purchase Programme 2. Consortia & Tender Marketing 3. Raw material Distribution 4. Exhibitions & Buyer Seller Meets

26 26 Consortia and Tender Marketing 1.NSIC submits bids on behalf of MSEs against the tenders of Government Deptts/PSUs. 2.Orders are farmed out to MSEs for execution. 3.Raw material assistance is granted to such units. 4.Bills are realized by NSIC for payment to supplier MSEs. 5.Part payment upto 70% is made to supplier MSEs before realization of bills

27 27 Raw Material Distribution 1. NSIC distributes basic raw materials like Aluminum, Copper and Iron & Steel to MSEs in relatively smaller quantities and at competitive rates 2.Tie ups with bulk Raw material manufactures e.g NALCO, BALCO, IOC, SAIL, RINL, Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Hindustan Copper Ltd etc.

28 28 Exhibitions & Buyer Seller Meets 1.To help MSEs to exhibit their products in national and International exhibitions About 60 exhibitions organised/participated in a year. Assiatance granted as per Government rules i) Upto 60% concession on stall rental. ii) Upto 75% reimbursement in fare upto Rs.40,000/-. iii) Freight reimbursement upto Rs.15,000/- (Total Assistance not to exceed Rs.1.25 lac)

29 29 4. Buyer Seller Meets organized between Govt. Deptts./ PSUs and MSEs. 5. Vendor development of Micro and Small Enterprises for Govt. Deptts. / PSUs.

30 30 TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT NSIC offers small units the following technology support services through its Technical Services Centres and Extension Centres: Material equipment testing facilities through accredited laboratories Training on Product design through CAD Common facility support in machining through CNC. Energy and environment services at selected centres Testing facility for electrical equipments Classroom and practical training for skill upgradation

31 31 TRAINING PROGRAMMES - Training Courses conducted by NSIC Technical Services Centres Chennai Footwear Manufacturing, Electrical Gadgets Maintenance, Motor Rewinding etc. Howrah Refrigeration & AC repair, Welding, Fitter, Automobile repairing, Material Testing etc. Hyderabad Electronic assembly line, PC Hardware Maintenance, High end software development courses, New Delhi CAD/CAM, CNC operations, Material testing, Draftsman, Machinist, Turner, S/W courses etc. Rajkot Energy Audit, Diesel Engine Testing, CNC milling, Office Automation etc.

32 32 Credit Support 1. Tie-ups with various banks for sanction of loans (United Bank of India, UCO Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bank of Maharashtra, Central Bank of India, HSBC, AXIS Bank and YES Bank) 2. Help provided in preparation of credit proposals of MSEs for onward submission to banks for sanction of loan 3. Raw Material provided on easy credit terms against Bank Guarantee and advance against bills under tender marketing

33 33 Coverage under KVI sector ---UP X Plan 50 regd instns of KVIC/B 15.06 lakh jobs (3.43 lakh in Khadi & 11.03 lakh in VI) Production :Rs 7572.87 cr 9062 projects assisted & 2.62 lakh jobs created under REGP

34 34 KVI sector in UP REGP: 1243 projects+ 31,000 jobs (07-Feb 08) ISEC –Subsidy –Rs 4.74 crore (06-07) Marketing Rebate –Rs 31.10 crore (06-07) PRODIP-57 projects (since 02) SFURTI-13 clusters (4 Khadi+ 9 VI)

35 35 PMRY (introduced in 1993) extended to cover rural areas in 1994-95. No more exclusivity of PMRY. There is overlap with REGP. Subsidy levels too low in PMRY – illustrated in separate slide/s. Higher unit cost of projects permissible under REGP (Rs.25 lakh as against Rs.5 lakh under PMRY, that too from 2007-08) Many States have schemes with more attractive benefits/assistance/interventions –Some examples Bangla Swanirbhar Karma Sansthan Prakalpa (West Bengal) Sri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana (Gujarat) Chief Ministers Rozgar Yojana (Uttar Pradesh) Recovery rates of Bank loans are much lower in PMRY (32-38%) as compared to REGP (68 to 88%) Merger of PMRY and REGP to form PMEGP

36 36 Scheme Design –apriori allocation of targets of margin money subsidy amongst marginalised sections of beneficiaries. –Higher subsidy to lowest cost range of projects/units to marginalised sections. –Earmarking higher proportion of projects for marginalised sections of beneficiaries. –Projects costing above Rs.5 lakh can be set up in urban areas. Salient Modifications Merger of PMRY and REGP to form PMEGP

37 37 Category of Beneficiary ExistingPMEGP PMRY* (max. amount) REGPProject cost ranges Upto Rs.2 lakh Above Rs.2 lakh and upto Rs.5 lakh Above Rs.5 lakh and upto Rs.25 lakh General1250025% 20%10% SC/ST1250030%40%30%15% OBC1250025%30%25%10% Merger of PMRY and REGP to form PMEGP Salient Modifications (…contd.) Scheme Design (…contd.) Subsidy as per cent of project cost to various categories of beneficiaries in manufacturing sector. *Rs.15000/- per entrepreneurs for NER, HP, UA and J&K.

38 38 Implementation & Monitoring –Involvement of Gram Panchayats in publicity and identification of beneficiaries at the grass root level. –Provision for availing the services of NGOs/Voluntary Organisations for improved targetting and selection of beneficiaries. –Updating of Project Profiles in consultation with senior officers of participating Banks. –Enlarging the scope of Entrepreneurship Development Programme. –Making the District Level Selection Committee collectively responsible for ensuring proper selection of beneficiaries. Salient Modifications (…contd.) Merger of PMRY and REGP to form PMEGP

39 39 Implementation & Monitoring –Putting in place a uniform verification and reporting process of units set up. –Aggressive publicity of CGTMSME amongst Banks, beneficiaries and State Government agencies. –Providing more attractive marketing linkages by tying up the units with exhibitions/fairs at District/Zonal/State/National level. –Working out MIS and tracking system of monitoring the application of beneficiaries, employment actually generated and performance of the units. –Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly Reviews of performance at operational/Ministry level, with participation by Planning Commission in the monitoring at Ministry level. –Targets to be allotted to States/DICs (like in PMRY) - 40%, and KVIC (as in REGP) – 60%. Salient Modifications (…contd.) Merger of PMRY and REGP to form PMEGP

40 40 KVIC - XI Plan New Schemes Objectives: To provide Worksheds to Khadi artisans for better work environment 38,000 khadi artisans proposed to be covered during the XI Plan. A maximum assistance of Rs. 25,000 (per unit) is proposed Total Plan Outlay - Rs. 127 crore Government Grant - Rs. 95 crore Rs. 25 crore earmarked in BE 2008-09 Approval of Finance Ministry being obtained. Guidelines are under preparation Workshed Scheme for Khadi Artisans

41 41 KVIC - XI Plan New Schemes Objectives: To assist 200 weak khadi institutions and 30 marketing outlets for renovation and creating other marketing infrastructure To provide higher levels of wages to artisans and upliftment of the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in backward districts through Khadi activities Total Plan Outlay - Rs. 27.50 crore Government Grant – Rs.26.025 crore Token provision of Rs. 1.00 crore earmarked in BE 2008-09. SFC Note circulated. Strengthening of infrastructure of existing weak Khadi Institutions and assistance for marketing infrastructure

42 42 Objective: To assist 200 khadi institutions (including 50 new institutions managed by SC/ST) towards enhancing their productivity and competitiveness. To improve the productivity of the sector through replacement of charkhas / looms, to add value to khadi products by encouraging conversion from fabric to readymade garments and to make the khadi industry competitive with more market driven, profitable production and higher wages to artisans Total Plan Outlay - Rs. 90 crore Government Grant – Rs. 83.25 crore Rs. 10 crore earmarked in BE 2008-09. EFC has approved and recommended the scheme. KVIC - XI Plan New Schemes Scheme for Enhancing Productivity & Competitiveness of Khadi Industries and Artisans



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