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Welcome! Dial In Number: 435.871.6000 PIN: 419042# Video Technical Support: 866.779.3239 Audio Technical Support: *0.

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1 Welcome! Dial In Number: PIN: # Video Technical Support: Audio Technical Support: *0

2 Introductions Gerri Detweiler Gerri Detweiler - Consumer credit expert Dedicated consumer advocate ensuring that credit practices better serve, inform and protect consumers 1,500 interviews including CNN, The New York Times, Dateline, Readers Digest and the Today Show Testified before Congress Daniel Massey Daniel Massey – Director, Product Management Extensive knowledge of credit and banking industries Developed and managed cutting edge web-based financial products Managed enterprise support centers for top-tier financial institutions

3 Session 3 Around the Clock Identity Theft Detection & Protection Standard Precautions Uncommon Knowledge Early Detection Checklist Fraudulent Detection & Resolution

4 Standard Precautions What You Already Know Shred all documents you intend to discard Check your mailbox regularly; add a lock Never give out your entire social security # Change passwords often Use passwords that are not easy to guess Provide personal/financial information sparingly

5 Uncommon Knowledge Online vs. Offline Online is safer than paper transactions Online fraud is less severe, less costly Fraud detected earlier online than on paper Online victims experienced 1/8 financial loss Majority of identity fraud crimes are self-detected

6 Identity Theft Incidents

7 24 x 7 Protection Move Online Develop an understanding of financial activity Pay your bills online Set up online alerts Monitor your credit report monthly Keep anti-virus, spyware & backup systems current

8 Fraudulent Activity Detection Review changes in your credit report each month Watch new inquiries, accounts, address changes Watch financial accounts for unusual activities, set up alerts for early notification Research suspicious activity quickly Monitor accounts for over a year after breech Watch for latest scams

9 Fraudulent Activity Resolution Contact id theft insurance company Get a police report Fill out ID theft affidavit ( Order free credit reports Dispute fraudulent accounts and inquiries Keep excellent records! Place a fraud alert on your credit report Contact attorney if needed

10 24/hour Watchdog! Affordable / Comprehensive Coverage Monthly credit report from CSC/Equifax Online account monitoring with alerts ID theft insurance through AIG

11 Integrated Dispute Letters Professional templates authored by credit expert Easily personalized Detailed instructions Ensures results.




15 Insurance Benefit ID Theft and Credit Fraud Insurance $25,000 coverage, no deductible Provided by AIG (the leading international insurance organization) Insurance coverage includes: Legal Defense Fees And Expenses Lost wages, including self employed Out of pocket expenses (ex: Notary costs)

16 Stay Informed

17 CardRatings Members Get Started Sign up on or before July 23 rd and receive this black and dark gray striped short-sleeve Izod golf shirt with the EverydayWealth logo stitched in white. (sizes M - XXL). Visit

18 EverydayWealthSystem EverydayWealth System Its Easy Create the system to work for you Closely monitor activity for a few weeks Monitor at a glance moving forward

19 EverydayWealth Thank You!

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