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“The Effective, Ethical & Professional Approach”

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1 “The Effective, Ethical & Professional Approach”

2 Management Senior management, Advocate A. Gissing, proudly retained a B-Iuris AND a LLB degree from the University of South Africa (Unisa). With his extensive litigation experience, Gissing & Manamela debt collections CAN AND WILL only be an advantage to you. Managing member Mrs. T. Gissing, has completed amongst other, credit management, commercial law and various added courses at the university of South Africa. She has extensive Knowledge & expertise, to offer with specializing in credit & multi-skilled management. Our staff, all registered debt collectors consists of wide-ranging experience in: Credit Control, Credit Management and Debt Collecting.

3 Our Staff Committed Qualified Loyal Enthusiastic Professional Skilled
Result-Orientated Target Driven Dedicated Experienced Accredited

4 Services & Features By G & M Debt Collections
Debt Collections Of Any Nature. Hand Over's To Attorneys. Liaison Between Debtors, Clients & Attorneys Online Query Submission Tracing Of Absconded Debtors Credit Bureau Listings, In Accordance With Legislation Dedicated Collectors Per Debtor Informed Decisions, Advice & Solutions Pre-court Services (Court Preparation, Grooming, etc.) Contract Drafting Credit Checks Online Progress Track Weekly Progress Reports Via , On Request Drafting of Suretyship Drafting Of Acknowledgement Of Debt

5 Collection Procedures & Tools
Telecommunication – Contacting the debtor, comprehensive explanation of future and possible litigation procedures. Determining the reason and/disputes resulting into non-payment(S). Creating a relationship to ensure settlement and/or prompt future payments. SMS payment reminders – If a promise to pay was received, e.g., debtor promised to make a payment on 28/02/2012. A SMS reminder will be sent on 27/02/2012, reminding the debtor of his promise to pay.

6 Collection Procedures & Tools (Continued)
Letters – Serving letters of demand, debt settlement letters, debt verification & validation letters, friendly reminder letters, acknowledgments of debt, 72hr letters & final notices. Tracing – We do tracing through the National Credit Bureau. In a scenario where the debtor absconded, changed his/her address, or openly supplied incorrect details. Our tracing are also outsourced to professional tracers, should the Credit Bureau information be insufficient.

7 Collection Procedures & Tools (Continued)
Reaching agreements – We constantly strive to keep our clients satisfied. We accommodate debtors, within the framework of our mandate. We liaise with debtors and clients daily to achieve the necessary results. Follow-ups on payment, or agreement dates, are just another part of our daily routine. Our prompt & professional approach, is evidently a successful collection tool. Debtor Default – Should a debtor fail to fulfill his/her promise to pay, legal action will be instituted, subject to instructions from our client.

8 Collection Procedures & Tools (Continued)
National Credit Bureau Listings - State of affairs might differ from debtor to debtor e.g., the nature of the debt, circumstances, etc. In this situation, the client may decide to list the debtor. This will encourage the debtor to pay, or even settle the o/s debt, as a negative credit rating will have a vast impact on the debtor’s credit worthiness. Attorneys – Should our collection processes & procedures be unsuccessful, we rely on our team of well established law firms. With the “go-ahead” of our clients, the relevant summons, steps & procedures are followed by our associates, amongst others, Victor Nkhwashu attorneys, to ensure that the debt are collected.

9 References Konica Minolta Execuflora The Plant Hire Boys
Visser Tool & Plant Hire Weed-Eaters Garden Management Academy of Computer & Business Studies Breylec Contractors Bruben Timbers Furnance Insulations & Seals Jenri Investments Bensch Group Of Companies Timlyn Trust Worx Team H.L Venter & Associates

10 Offices

11 Senior Manager Advocate A. Gissing

12 Our Associate, Mr Victor Nkhwashu

13 Managing Member, Mrs T. Gissing

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