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Dual Credit! Accelerated Learning Opportunities Through IDLA Tech Prep! AP! Oh My!

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1 Dual Credit! Accelerated Learning Opportunities Through IDLA Tech Prep! AP! Oh My!

2 IDLA Accelerated Learning Options

3 Dual Credit -Vs- Tech Prep Dual Credit Courses are owned by the college. Feature college assessments and grading schemes. Apply and Register at College before taking course. Tech Prep Courses are owned by the high school (or IDLA). Only courses that fulfill requirements of a Professional- Technical Education (PTE) program of study. Feature high school assessments and grading schemes. Register with Tech Prep at college – apply for credit after course is complete.

4 What is Dual Credit? College Coursework taken in High School – Student earns both college and high school credit – May be offered on the high school campus taught by a high school or college instructor – May be offered online taught by a high school or college instructor – May be offered on the college campus taught by a college instructor.

5 Be Prepared! Work Hard! DC students held to same standards as college students – by SBOE rule DC courses follow colleges academic calendar and rules – Grading policies and final exams – academic honesty and rigor – Registration dates and deadlines DC courses on college transcript - luxury or Inconvenience? – Grades recorded on college transcript – Affecting college GPAs and opportunity to apply for scholarship assistance.

6 How do DC credits transfer? Will a DC course allow a student to bypass a college course? For information about transfer policies and limitations contact the registrar directly of the college or university in question. Private and out-of state institutions especially may have differing transfer criteria. Dual credit coursework will almost always transfer as elective credits at least Almost Always for core courses. Some non-core credits may or may not fulfill prerequisite requirements for a program of study Will the credits always transfer?

7 Dual Credit Registration IDLA registration DOES NOT serve to register a student for dual credit Always contact the dual credit post-secondary institution for registration information. CSI - NIC - BSU - NNU -

8 Prerequisite Requirements Class NameCSI CourseACT ScoreCompassClass Prerequisite College AlgebraMath 143 23 Algebra Area 62-99 or College Algebra Area 31-51 TrigonometryMath 144 27 College Algebra Area 52-99 or Trigonometry Area 31-51 Take and pass Math 143 with a C or better CalculusMath 170 29 Trigonometry Area 52- 99 Take and pass Math 143 and Math 144 or Math 147 with a C or better StatisticsMath 253 26 College Algebra Area 52-99 Take and pass Math 143 with a C or better Be sure to pay close attention to the college prerequisite requirements. Below is an example of prerequisite requirements for CSI math courses.

9 Keys to Dual Credit Success Proper placement (ACT/SAT/COMPASS/Prerequi sites) Motivation and engagement Awareness of your progress and course requirements Call on support – Open Communication with instructor and site coordinator Communicate with the college or university

10 What is Advanced Placement (AP)? AP courses must be approved by CollegeBoard – AP exam – each course designed to prepare students for the AP exam – AP courses look good on a transcript regardless of whether you take the AP exam – College credit for AP course only eligible with AP Exam scores

11 How does a student get college credit for AP? Apply for credit at participating University – Most have an AP credit application and acceptance policies AP Credit awarded based on AP exam results – AP college course credit only considered if student has AP exam results AP Credits are usually transferrable AP Credits may allow student to bypass first-year college course – but same scenario applies as with DC courses

12 IDLA Honors Center Honors Center is always available on the Accelerated Learning page of!!Accelerated Learning To ensure greatest success - we highly recommend reviewing all the Tools for Success of the Honors Center These tools will help you prepare for the rigor of your honors courses Provides information on ordering textbooks And provides information on registering for DC credit course and AP exam

13 Tips for Success! Communication is key!! – Communication lines between all parties and in all directions should be developed and maintained. – Students, instructor, parents, college/university contact, etc. – When in doubt, ask.

14 Tips for Success! Remember you are taking a college-level course. – Academic ability meets demands of college-level course content and rigor – Commit ted to time necessary for success. – Willing to meet college level expectations – Willing to encounter sensitive topics and concepts not typical for high-school environment

15 Tips for Success! Register with the College Early! – Be aware now of the institutions registration guidelines and add/drop dates Order Books and Materials Early! – Visit the Honors Center for a full list of textbooks you need to order.

16 Questions about IDLA Accelerated Learning? Contact IDLA 800-927-8158 es/AcceleratedLearningCourses.aspx

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