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Transcript Credit Evaluation at Lightning Speed!

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1 Transcript Credit Evaluation at Lightning Speed!
Portland Community College Kristin Benson, Mark Goldhammer and Rebecca Mathern

2 Details about PCC Banner school
Communication policy requires use of PCC by students About 100 programs (3 transfer degrees) Students take many pre-requisite courses at PCC Graduate approximately 4000 students a year

3 Details about Student records
9 evaluation staff who process: Graduation application evaluations Transfer credit evaluations (upon student request) Other duties such as duplicate elimination, veterans evaluations, 2nd year financial aid evaluations, etc.

4 Pre-2008 Transfer credit Standards
Evaluation performed for pre-req courses only and upon the request of an advisor Evaluation performed at graduation application Only articulation of courses necessary for graduation

5 Post-2008 Transfer Credit standards
Evaluate upon request Evaluate all LDC coursework CTE coursework evaluated upon request of the department/student at graduation time

6 Managerial Perspective of Paper process
Difficulty tracking volume and age of the requests Self-selected production Evaluators determined how many and which evaluations to conduct Pressure of from other areas of the institution to speed up process, provide info about status, turnaround time, etc. Added workload on advising (overrides, preparing students to apply for graduation, etc).

7 Staff perspective of Paper process
Overflowing basket of upfront requests Multiple requests for same student/transfer school Multiple inquiries/questions about status of evaluation 8-12 weeks average response time on requests

8 “Process” Perspective of paper standard
Evaluation requests w/ no transcripts on file Time-consuming process Each request had to be checked weekly to see if transcript had arrived Physically match up incoming transcripts with an unmanageable stack of paper Ongoing question- Do we evaluate half-complete requests (e.g. one transcript on file but not all)? Near impossible, to track who has incomplete evaluations on their desk


10 Online process- Management perspective
Need for a streamlined process to make staff time more efficient Need to make request process more student friendly Need for use of data in productivity reports and annual reporting for staffing/planning needs Need to be able to better inform college of status

11 New Process

12 Online process- staff perspective
Requests can be made only after transcript(s) received Only allows one request per transcript (request is available if updated transcript is received) Work assigned rather than self-selected Greatly reduced stress w/ smoother process, timely turnaround.

13 Online process perspective
Run daily report which displays requests in receipt order Requests are distributed daily (and as equitable as possible) by coordinator Evaluations are often performed same day as requested by student Generally, 1-2 week delay during quarterly degree/cert awarding Technical Notes

14 Where we were and where we’re going
It’s History- thank goodness! All done at the time of degree/certificate conferral Current Practice Upfront option (in addition to transferring credit at conferral) at request/approval of student Weekly to students with recently received transcripts encouraging them to make evaluation request/approval Evaluations of the Future Institutional awarding: need transfer credit data to make reports accurate Goal: Evaluations done automatically upon receipt of transcript for enrolled students

15 Questions and Comments
Contact us for further information: Rebecca Mathern Kristin Benson Mark Goldhammer

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