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Trimesters Assistant Principal - Brennon Sapp Dixie Heights High School – Kenton County.

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1 Trimesters Assistant Principal - Brennon Sapp Dixie Heights High School – Kenton County

2 Trimester-Basics Three-12 week grading periods each year Each class is worth ½ credit Traditional 1 credit classes are split into A/B Most AP/Dual credit classes are A/B/C Five Classes each day Each class will be 70 minutes long Each 12 week term is a ½ credit Students will take a total of fifteen-½ credit classes each school year

3 Mock Schedule 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester 1st PeriodEnglish 1AHealthAlgebra 1C 2nd Period Business Tech & Career Applications CSI Business Tech. W/ Marketing Skills 3rd PeriodAlgebra 1AEnglish 1BSocial Studies B 4th PeriodSocial Studies AGerman 1AGeneral Art 5th PeriodP.E.Algebra 1BGerman 1B

4 Day Pattern 1 st Period 7:50-9:00 2 nd Period 9:05-10:15 3 rd Period (Lunch)10:20-11:53 4 th Period11:58-1:08 5 th Period1:13-2:30 Lunch #110:15-10:38(23 minutes) Lunch #210:40-11:03(23 minutes) Lunch #311:05-11:28(23 minutes) Lunch #411:30-11:53(23 minutes)

5 Why Switch? Shorter class periods than block More options for creativity in classes A and B classes ½ credit electives ½ credit requirements More Fresh Starts Students may retake part of a class

6 Why Switch? More chances for immediate remediation More flexibility in student schedules More flexibility in graduation requirements Room for study skills

7 Why Not Switch? Same reasons a switch Smaller class size (not enough to notice and imbalance in classes does way with the benefit More scheduling (3 trimesters) Number of Preps for teachers (this will increase no matter what)

8 Lessons Learned A and B Course solve/cause problems A before B? Is part B necessary? Same teacher? Number of Preps, its a problem Within the trimester Within the year Pre-requisites everywhere... Or not?

9 Lessons Learned Lunch Schedule--Early or Late? Singletons – Innovative electives create more singletons Placement of special courses V-school Dual credit (colleges are on semesters) Remediation opportunities

10 Graduation Requirements: English- 4 units: English I, II, III, & IV Mathematics - 4 units: Must include Algebra I-A & I-B and Geometry * Science- 3.5 units: CSI, Core Life, Physical & Earth/Space Science required, plus 1.5 credits other Science credits. Social Studies- 3 units: Intro. to Social Studies and World Civilization recommended, U.S. History required Health-1/2 unit Physical Education-1/2 unit Arts & Humanities- 1 unit Business Principles- 1 unit (formerly Keyboarding) & Tech. Applications Electives- 10.5 units _______________________________ Total- 28 units *Beginning with the class of 2007, prep algebra will be considered only as an elective credit, not a math credit towards graduation.

11 Credits Needed for Promotion (Beginning with Class of 2011) Sophomore -- 6 credits (including English I) Junior -- 13 credits (including English I, II) Senior -- 20 ½ credits (including English I, II, III)

12 Questions?

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