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Transfer Credit AAA Brown Bag. Which Form? will become this spring.

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1 Transfer Credit AAA Brown Bag

2 Which Form? will become this spring

3 To create an Equivalent O Regionally accredited institution in the US or limited international institutions O Use TES or contact JoAnn O Most domestic courses are in TES and we can use this digital version to create an equivalent for most courses O Limited number of people have rights in TES to create equivalents. Contact JoAnn.

4 International Credit O International Credit & Education Abroad Credit forms have merged O Check if Education Abroad Experience O Affects only the student named O We create equivalents only at international institutions where we have partner relationships

5 Credit from US Institutions O Use for Institutions that lack regional accreditation (art school, bible college) O Use for education abroad courses transcribed through a US institution (even if accredited) O Use for military training courses (other than CCAF) O Affects only the student named

6 Education Abroad O Pre-Departure Education Abroad worksheet O Once students return if further review is needed use O International Transfer Credit form O US Institution Transfer Credit form if credit is on a US transcript O Check Education Abroad Experience Box O Questions about forms?

7 Military Credit What is it and can we do with it?

8 My experience O Military Spouse 20 years O CCAF Adviser O DANTES/CLEP Test Examiner O Adjunct Faculty on Air Force/Army bases O Representative for a 2-year and a 4-year college at Altus Air Force Base O Family Support Center, RAF Alconbury, UK O Transition to UK and to civilian life

9 Change the Culture O Instead of O Its military credit. We only use that for free electives. or We exclude that. O Lets move to O What makes sense to apply to this students degree?

10 Credit for Military Experience O 1 credit for every 3 months of active duty up to a total of 4 credits O Requires DD214 or Military Orders O NOT for Basic Training NOR PE credit O MAY be used to satisfy ACE 8 or ACE 9ACE 8 or ACE 9

11 ACE Credit for Military Experience O Transfer Coordinator O Verifies military experience O Adviser O Helps determine which outcome (8 or 9) O Student O Writes essay, How I met the outcome. O Students college O Has final approval

12 Types of Military Credit O Air UniversitySACS Accredited O Air War College -Graduate courses (officers) O Community College of the Air Force (enlisted) O Defense Language InstituteWACS Accredited O ROTC Courses –accredited through institution awarding credit O US Service Academies –regionally accredited

13 CCAF O Issues transcripts O Students can earn AAS degrees O Courses appear individually on CHP O Departments may be designated VCRD O College may apply courses even if VCRD O Student may be able to provide more details O Use your college substitution form

14 Defense Language Institute O May have a direct equivalent if UNL teaches the language O May be assigned MODL credit if we do not offer the language O Includes proficiency level

15 Joint Services Transcript O Credit appears as a block on the CHP O GNCR for now. Watch for change. O Transcript is available in ImageNow O Info and samples availableavailable

16 JST O Seal identifies branch of service O Chronological list of all training with objectives & occupations held O Lists each course and ACE credit recommendation, if any, including semester hours, level, vocational, etc. O Includes CLEP scores and transfer credit O Multipage document. Print Summary.

17 What do I look for? O Management /Leadership/Military Studies O Communication O Courses you would consider from a local community college that might fit the degree or fill an elective O Computer, Personal Finance, … O Listen to student O Use U.S. Institutions Transfer Credit form

18 Questions Resources O (forms) O O American Council on Education O Personnel.aspx Personnel.aspx JoAnn MosemanMarilyn Lieibsch 402.472.9455402.472.1720325 Seaton Hall

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