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Report on WISE Art.8 and GIS issues

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1 Report on WISE Art.8 and GIS issues
WFD WG D Stefan Jensen

2 Art.8 - status

3 Objective Data available for 23 countries (140/186 RBDs).
Missing: GR, MT, BG, RO (and: CH, NO) Objective Value

4 EIOlNET stations until 2006 Objective Value

5 WFD stations from 2007 Objective Value

6 Stations reported Surface water Stations
Total 52179 + ca PL 583 AT     760 BE      50 CY     961 CZ    8538 DE    1079 DK     377 EE    5879 ES     259 FI    2321 FR     HU 3077 IE    8611 IT    1461 LT      17 LU     558 LV     523 NL     747 PT    2209 SE     248 SI     738 SK   UK

7 Stations reported Ground water Stations Total 50648 + ca. 1500 PL AT
5371 BE 692 CY 237 CZ 699 DE 13270 DK 993 EE 427 ES 5891 FI 275 FR 3436 HU 3197 IE 300 IT 5284 LT 250 LU 31 LV 88 NL 2084 PT 807 SE 424 SI 227 SK 1728 UK 4937 Ground water Stations Total 50648 + ca PL

8 Quality issues of Art.8 reporting
Absence of proper coding integrity Between Article 8 files: link is missing between “monitoring programmes” and “monitoring stations” files In principle all monitoring stations should belong to at least one sub-programme in the monitoring programmes file and this should be linked through the sub-programme code. If the link does not work then it is not possible to know the water category of the monitoring station (except by linking to Art 5) and all the associated information on what the monitoring objectives are, quality elements, frequencies, etc. Between Article 8 and Article 5 submission: water bodies codes do not match for ~50% of the stations Wrong coordinates Schema/XML not used in some cases

9 GIS issues GIS guidance document
Chapter drafting has started and first results will be presented / discussed at WISE GIS workshop with member states WISE technical group – Main topics for meeting 11/07 GIS guidance Reference datasets Test of of first WMS provided by MS WISE GIS workshop January 15th and 16th 2008, Dublin Ireland Invitation draft agenda will go out mid November

10 Objective Value

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