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Kristeen Nance MVT Rep ID 186352 Mobile UAE +971-55-1095808 Mobile Phils +63-926-6195012

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1 Kristeen Nance MVT Rep ID 186352 Mobile UAE +971-55-1095808 Mobile Phils +63-926-6195012

2 GROUND RULES Open your mind to the possibilities of achieving your dreams and goals!






8 Revolutionizes The Way You Communicate, Give The ULTIMATE Personal Touch Simple, Fast, Very USER-FRIENDLY Send Full Colorful Videomails With Your Own Branding Your Videomails Look Great, It Gets Opened, Clicked At And Drives Traffic To Your Website! No 3 rd Party Advertisement Or Watermarks Real-Time Viewer Tracking Fully Customized! As easy as RECORD, SAVE & SEND!

9 Upload any image + link to any website of your choice Please check out my website are Add text – variety of fonts, colors and formatting options Sizable Banner Banner linkable to any website Customize colors of frames, borders background to your own liking!


11 MyVideoChannel Branded About You Or Your Own Business No Need To Pay Web Designers Very USER-FRIENDLY and FULLY- CUSTOMIZABLE No Need To Use Public Services Anymore – You Can Advertise Your Products For FREE! No 3 rd Party Advertisements Popping Up Power To Post Blogs, Products, Videos, To Share With Customers, Peers, And Family Without Monthly Fees! And friends can post their videos too, just like YouTube.



14 The Most Powerful LIVE Video Broadcasting & Webcasting Product Ever Released! Experience Interactive, Eye-To-Eye Contact WITHOUT Expensive And Time-Consuming Travel. Simple, Easy, USER-FRIENDLY Its Cost-Effective, Increases Productivity And Allows For Live Global Interaction. Works in MAC & PC Guest Broadcasting Ability Fully-Customizable To Your Own Branding This Will Revolutionize Your Business. Host Meetings, Demo A Product, Train Individuals Or A Group – All Live And Interactive! Now Affordable And Available To Anyone!

15 Upload Your Custom Logo and Banner, Background, Color & Link It To Any Website Of Your Choice High- Definition Video Live, Interactive Text Chat With Viewers Share Images, Slides, Videos, & Even Your Desktop!

16 Conduct presentations to prospects, train organization, conduct live video conference calls. Bring in multi speakers for testimonies. No Downloading Required By Other Parties Truly Interactive Global Communication Multiple participants in one room on Video. Real-Time Collaboration Reduce Travel Expenses Conduct Presentations On The Spot Build Relationships Increase Productivity And Return On Investment (ROI) By bringing workers on collaborative, online meetings, web conferencing will become an ESSENTIAL communication TOOL just like email or the telephone. ~Forrester Research~



19 Start using these amazing suite of products…subscribe it in different package!

20 All Compensation & Bonuses Discussed Moving Forward Is Based On This Package!


22 3 Facts To Think About Time - Build LIABILITIES (takes money from your pocket) Building ASSETS (puts money in your pocket) Mentality - REJECT Opportunities Even Before They See It GRAB Opportunities To Build More Assets Money - ACTIVE IncomePASSIVE Income You Have A Job You Own A Job You Own A System & People Work For You Money Works For You

23 Fast Start Bonuses Team Builder Bonuses Executive Bonus Weekly Team Cycle Bonuses Check Matching Bonuses Monthly Binary Matrix Leadership Bonuses Sales Office Bonuses Presidential Weekly Bonuses

24 $50 You Get Paid $50 For Each Personal Sales Volume (PSV) Or Directly Sponsored By You!

25 MARY-2 $25 PETER-2 $25 MARY-1 $25 PETER-1 $25 You Get Paid $25 For Each Team Sales Volume Or Indirect To You! MARY PETER YOU

26 Continue…. MARY-1 MARY-2PETER-1 PETER-2 MARY PETER YOU This is A One-Time Bonus Only

27 5 2 x x LR 1 4 3 6 x xx x Weekly Binary Ratio 4:2, 2:4 = 1 Cycle Match 1 Cycle Match = 720 : 360 WSV WSV – Weekly Sales Volume 42 YOU Each Time YOUR TEAM Generates 720:360 Week Sales Volume, Left & Right – Vice-Versa You Get A Cycle Match Bonus The System Will Track All Sales In Your Team To Infinite Levels

28 1 3 1 2 2 5 LR Monthly Binary Matrix 3:6, 6:3 = 1 Cycle Match 3 6 YOU The System Will Track All Sales In Your Team To Infinite Levels 6 4 3 With A 3:6, 6:3 Sales Balance You Earn $25 Per Cycle Earn 1 Point For Each Subscription In Your Team.

29 CyclesBonus Monthly Bonus Yearly 1$25$300 10$250$3,000 100$2,500$30,000 1000$25,000$300,000 2500$62,500$750,000 5000$125,000$1.5M 6000$150,000$1.8M


31 As you build a strong team in any region, the corporate supports you by helping you pay your office rental and provide your team with trainings from corporate officers monthly! And you will keep growing!!!

32 68:136 $5,000 + 2 Air Tickets USA 334:668 $25,000 + 25K USD 28:56 $2,000 + Sp. Recognition 134:268 $10,000 + 2 Air Tickets AUS

33 $300 - 2CYC $5000/day 3x$5000 = $15000/day YOU $350 Business Capital YOU-1 YOU-2 YOU-3 $1050 Business Capital YOU-1 $100 - FS $100 - TB $200 - EXEC


35 Must Be Atleast 18 Years Old Provide Any Government ID Register & Payment Online


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