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2 Semester Abroad in New Zealand - AGENDA - 1.Liability Waiver Forms – complete, have witnessed, and submit 2.Emergency Contact Forms / Cards – complete 3.Letters of Acceptance – Otago University 4.Otago University Online Registration 5.Otago Summer School online insurance forms 6.December 15 fee payment expectations

3 Semester Abroad in New Zealand - AGENDA - 7.Course expectations for - TREN 3P18: Sustainable Transportation - TREN 3F94: International Field Course –Ecological Regions and Tourism Destinations in New Zealand - TOUR 306: Ecotourism & Sustainability 8.Practical matters: Baggage, clothing, weather, etc. 9.Field course itinerary review, as required 10.Other business

4 NZ Visas Student visas are NO LONGER REQUIRED for the Brock Term Abroad in New Zealand However: If you wish to stay longer than 3 months or work in New Zealand, you WILL require a visa (your own responsibility)

5 December pre-departure session Scheduled for 15 December at 2:00 p.m. Please verify once again that you have no direct exam conflicts

6 complete, have witnessed by me, and hand in Emergency Contact Form

7 Liability Waiver Forms complete, have witnessed by me, and hand in Emergency Contact Form Complete and hand in Remember to inform your emergency contacts that you have used their names and contact info! Emergency Contact Wallet Cards Complete, cut out, and put copies in wallet, purse, backpack, passport case, etc.

8 Offers of Place – Otago University You should have all received an Offer of Place to the Otago University Summer School program by email Please respond and return Acceptance of Offer form ASAP, if you have not done so already

9 Offers of Place – Otago University Not all items on the Essential Checklist apply to you Ignore the following (we do it for you) –Pay tuition fees and insurance –Arrange your airport transfer –Book your travel –Academic transcript request –How to Pay Fees

10 Online Registration – Otago Summer School Follow instructions to register online Instructions sent by email Ignore payment requests and transcript requests If you have problems with online registration, email Eddie Skillander at the Otago University International Office:

11 About Insurance Boring, but essential…

12 Insurance realities – DFAIT website ( ) Do not rely on your provincial health plan to cover all expenses if you get sick or are injured while abroad. It may cover nothing or only a portion of the costs. Understand the terms of your supplementary insurance policy. Some credit cards offer their holders health and travel insurance. Do not assume the card alone provides adequate coverage.

13 Insurance realities – DFAIT website ( ) Carry details of your insurance with you. Also, tell a friend or relative and a travelling companion how to contact your insurer. If you need medical care in New Zealand, get a detailed invoice before you return to Canada. Always submit original receipts for medical services or prescriptions received abroad. Most insurance companies will not accept copies or faxes.

14 Insurance realities: the good news 1)Otago has contracted with a third-party provider for Studentsafe insurance (brochure online at (select Studentsafe- University) 2)Cost of comprehensive coverage is only $NZ 141 for entire 3-month term abroad, including travel to and from New Zealand 3)Basic Studentsafe insurance coverage is included in your Term Abroad fees 4)If you stay longer than 3 months or travel outside, you need more insurance 5)Check insurance coverage details for other travel destinations

15 Insurance policies and forms 1)Complete and submit Acceptance Offer (select Studentsafe-University package if asked) 2)Review the terms and conditions of your policy in detail online at 3)If you have pre-existing medical conditions or other known risk issues, additional insurance may be required… please make sure you are adequately covered! -> see Pre-existing Medical Cover at for details

16 $3500 (unless you hear otherwise) Any outstanding balance will remain in your Brock student account Exchange rates are starting to move in the right direction again… 2. DECEMBER 15 FEE PAYMENT

17 3. Air tickets E-ticket will be provided (not traditional paper ticket). When you get it: Verify travel details Copy ticket and itinerary and leave with friends or relatives. Make a second copy for yourself and put it somewhere safe in your luggage Bring e-ticket to the airport

18 Brock course expectations TREN 3P14: Sustainable Transportation Dunedin, 2 x 3 hr lectures / week Wed: 0900-1150; Fri: 13:00-15:50 (mandatory) – to be confirmed TREN 3F95: Ecological Regions and Tourism Destinations in New Zealand Entire course takes place in field

19 TREN 3P18: Sustainable Transportation 2011 outline (example only!): Synthesis session reports (2 × 35%) 70% Participation/class attendance/ peer evaluation 30% Total 100 %

20 TREN 3F94: Ecological Regions and Tourism Destinations in New Zealand Assignment 1: Pre-departure Destination Brief - 20% Due Late January Assignment 2: Field interpretation Outline and interpretive materials: 10% (Due mid-February) Onsite interpretation: 20% (Various dates, in field – Feb and Mar) Assignment 3: Structured impact analysis - 20% Due electronically by late March Assignment 4: Reflection paper - 20% Due electronically by late March Participation and cooperation: 10% Throughout trip

21 Otago TOUR 306: Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Instructor: Dr Erlet Cater, University of Reading, UK Course coordinator: Prof. James Higham, Chair, Dept. of Tourism, Otago University Schedule Lectures Wed: 1400-1550 (week one), Mon, Wed: 1400-1550 (weeks two to six), Thu: 1200-1250 (weeks two to four, and six) Field trips 12 January 1300-1900 and 9 February 1000- 2200

22 Otago TOUR 306: Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Evaluation (2012) – subject to change Essay 40% Role Play exercise 10% Final examination (2 hours, 18 February 2010) 50% 100%

23 Practical Matters Guidebook, Baggage limits, Electricity, Cellphones, Money, etc..

24 Practical Matters: Guidebook Lonely Planet – New Zealand 15th Ed. Charles Rawlings-Way (Author), Brett Atkinson (Author), Sarah Bennett (Author) Paperback: 748 pagesCharles Rawlings-WayBrett AtkinsonSarah Bennett Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 15th edition edition (Sep 1 2010) ISBN-10: 1741794730 ISBN-13: 978-1741794731 Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 12.7 x 3.2 cm Shipping Weight: 640 g SEEMS CHEAPER ONLINE (CDN $19.79) (but must pay shipping)

25 Practical Matters: Air NZ Baggage Checked BagsChecked Bags: 1 piece, max. 23kg (50 lbs) - total dimensions (length + width + height) of 158cm (62"). Motor coach capacity is also only ONE bag per person on field course – plan accordingly! Cabin bagsCabin bags: one piece of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 7kg (15lbs); maximum total dimensions (length + width + height) of 115cm (45"). personal items such as an overcoat, handbag, camera or slimline laptop.

26 Practical Matters: Baggage Checked Bags on field course a limit of only one suitcase per person is allowed due to luggage storage space on the coach. Bring smaller, lighter and therefore more manageable luggage rather than a large cumbersome piece. Ideally your suitcase should not weigh more than 20 kg and recommended maximum suitcase dimensions is 75cm x 50cm x 30cm. Guest laundry and ironing facilities are available throughout your tour.

27 Practical Matters: Baggage This thin laptop satchel is considered a personal item and is permitted in addition to your usual cabin baggage allowance This large laptop satchel is counted as 1 piece of cabin baggage allowance

28 Practical Matters: Electricity 230 V, 50 Hz 2x North American voltage!! – check devices for compatibility Distinctive 3-pin angled plug

29 Practical Matters: Electricity Only a plug adapter is required for use with international voltage products A voltage converter is required to use regular 110-115v North American products (not recommended)

30 Most new electronics (laptops, digital cameras, iPods, etc.) are internationally compatible (110-240 VAC input) Check your adapter for details

31 Most portable appliances (hair dryers, kettles, etc.) are NOT internationally compatible May be cheaper to buy local appliances in NZ than buy an expensive power adapter or dual- voltage appliance

32 Suggestion: Bring a Canadian multi-outlet power bar, and purchase one heavy-duty New Zealand plug adapter You can plug several international voltage items into the power bar from one NZ outlet

33 Practical Matters: Cell Phones It is usually very expensive (and sometimes impossible) to use a cell phone from a Canadian service provider in New Zealand Suggestion: bring a cheap UNLOCKED GSM cell phone, and purchase a NZ pay-as-you-go SIMM card for the phone Even domestic cell phone calls are quite expensive (30 cents plus per minute) Calling cards are quite cheap Skype and Messenger are options while in Dunedin, but internet access while on the field course is variable (free in McDonalds, though!)

34 Practical Matters: Money (Dosh) New Zealand dollar worth about 75 cents CDN

35 Practical Matters: Money Coins come in 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, one dollar, two dollar denominations

36 Practical Matters: Money Most Canadian ATM cards work in New Zealand – check for Cirrus / Interac / Plus logos on card

37 Practical Matters: Money Determine if your bank charges an international withdrawal FEE (some are quite high – upwards of $5.00 per withdrawal) Might be cheaper to get new bank or plan

38 Practical Matters: Money Travellers cheques are not necessary for travel in New Zealand A major credit card is a major advantage

39 Practical Matters: Climate If you dont like the weather in New Zealand – wait a minute Weather updates: php?alias=dunedin php?alias=dunedin

40 Practical Matters: Annual Climate [hide] Weather averages for Dunedin MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecYear Average high °C (°F)18.9 (66) 17.5 (64) 15.3 (60) 12.6 (55) 10.4 (51) 10.0 (50) 11.1 (52) 13.2 (56) 14.9 (59) 16.3 (61) 17.5 (64) 14.7 (58) Average low °C (°F)11.3 (52) 11.2 (52) 10.2 (50) 8.0 (46) 5.7 (42) 3.6 (38) 3.0 (37) 3.9 (39) 5.5 (42) 7.1 (45) 8.5 (47) 10.3 (51) 7.4 (45) PrecipitationPrecipitation mm (inches)72.9 (2.87) 58.7 (2.31) 70.2 (2.76) 61.6 (2.43) 67.1 (2.64) 68.1 (2.68) 60.8 (2.39) 55.2 (2.17) 47.8 (1.88) 63.7 (2.51) 66.9 (2.63) 75.8 (2.98) 768.8 (30.27) Source: NIWA CliFlo data Musselburgh [33] 1947-02-01 to 2007-09-30 [33]200709-30

41 Practical Matters: Miscellaneous! Clothing Medications Social realities Scheduling your work and leisure Computer access Cell phones and calling home Etc. etc. – your questions!!

42 Staying in touch through December CHECK YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY!! Dave Browns office phone: 905-688-5550 x.3293 (until end of term)

43 Airport arrival WE LEAVE FOR NEW ZEALAND ON FRIDAY 06 JANUARY 2012 BE AT AIRPORT 3 HOURS PRIOR TO SCHEDULED DEPARTURE!! Check flight details prior to departure at

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