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A 5x5 Model Webinar Development-Stage 1 Presenters o Ginny Z. Berson o Maxie C Jackson III o June Fox, DEI o Kim McCarson, o Isabel Pichardo December 10,

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1 A 5x5 Model Webinar Development-Stage 1 Presenters o Ginny Z. Berson o Maxie C Jackson III o June Fox, DEI o Kim McCarson, o Isabel Pichardo December 10, 2012 4pm EST

2 Development - Stage 1


4 Stage 1 2 Revenue Streams Membership Database Underwriting Kit Employ "Best Practices" in development Stage 2 Revenue generation includes foundations and/or grants 2 Development Officers

5 Development - Stage 1 H. June Fox Director DEI Station & Business Relations 703.759.2221

6 Development - Stage 1 Membership Program Pledge Drives 2x/yr o April & October Within 48 hours of pledge o Pledge Reminders o Thank You Letters o Time IS money Communicate Throughout the Membership Year o eBlasts o Newsletter o Event Invitations o Thanks-a-thons o etc.

7 Development - Stage 1 Renewal Letters Use a multi-letter series – at least two letters, but more is better Be sure you are asking your donors to increase the donation amount each year Code your letters so you can analyze your results

8 Development - Stage 1 Letter Conventions 12 point type, minimum Serif font (courier or times) unless your audience is very young Short, indented paragraphs, conversational language Ragged right margins Signature preferably in blue - black is the second best choice A.P.S. that summarizes what you would like the person to do - the call to action A responsive device that does not give the member an opportunity to downgrade from their previous membership gift Self-addressed courtesy reply envelope Simple creative - no more than two colors (black plus 1 primary) and few graphics

9 Development - Stage 1

10 What Should Your Mailing Include? Carrier Envelope o white envelope with your stations return address Letter o one sheet (can be front and back if you like) Response Device o separate card or perforated section at bottom of letter Return / Courtesy Envelope o pre-addressed to the station, but not stamped Lapsed Donors Send at least 1 lapsed letter per year Go back up to 5 years in your files The majority of lapsed donors don't know they're lapsed!

11 Development - Stage 1 DATABASES Allegiance - $15,000+ MemSys - $10,000+ Donor Pro - $2,160/yr +.005/record Gift Works - $600 Donor Snap - $500 eTapestry - Free+ Be sure to look for discounts via

12 Development - Stage 1 OPTIONAL STAFFING Station Volunteers Retired Service Programs Disabled Citizens Groups

13 Development - Stage 1 Kim McCarson Executive Director

14 Development - Stage 1 KOOP 97.1fm 18 years old 3,000 watts 1800 members 150 volunteers staff: 2 ft, 2 pt Mixed format Share frequency $270k Annual Budget

15 Development - Stage 1 Looking Back... No direct mail campaign No guidelines for pledge drive No development database Slow to send thank you letters and gifts Only 1 staff member Pledge drive raised $34,000

16 Development - Stage 1 Direct Mail Campaign Increased mailed-in donations Renewals 18% increase in renewal income Ask strings Lapsed 84% increase Additional gifts 90% increase Very little cost Printing & Postage costs: 18% of lapsed letter income 13% of end of year addt'l gift income No Increased cost in thank you gifts

17 Development - Stage 1 Pledge Drive Introduced pitch practice Required minimum of 5 pitches/hour New Incentives: T-shirts Benefit Card Fast Fulfillment: 3 weeks

18 Development - Stage 1

19 Mistakes to Avoid Taking on too much at once Trying to do it all yourself Instead... 1 Step at a time Devise a plan and goals Decide what you can implement Determine what worked/didn't work Delegate!

20 Development - Stage 1 Isabel Pichardo WRTU/WRUO Development Coordinator 787.764.0000 ext 15741# How we developed a Boricua Fundraiser effort in Puerto Rico

21 Development - Stage 1 Radio Universidad WRTU / WRUO FM On the air since 1980 as a music and information station, we started funding awareness campaign on 1995 Station was seen as part of the Government, so there was no culture of giving and only listeners that had been exposed to Public Radio philosophy at the States knew what a Friends organization was about.

22 Development - Stage 1 1-Person Development Team As a good example of the above, I need to plan ahead all the stages of the fundraiser… Theme, music beds, testimonials, premiums, volunteers, food, mailing goods.. The station had never engaged before in asking for support, and in 12 years we have gone from -0- to 10,000 members, active and non active… but still there..

23 Development - Stage 1 Community Engagement It was the natural first step, to position WRTU as a station committed to support the cultural scenario in Puerto Rico Provide a forum for local and international musicians, theater, dance, art exhibitions to promote and explain their work to our audience, that we knew had a special interest in cultural affairs. Community Engagement paid off!

24 Development - Stage 1 Awareness Campaign Started a campaign explaining the concept of Public Radio. A media tour in major TV and Newspaper was an important part of making the case. Letting listeners know that even if we were financially founded by the University of Puerto Rico and CPBs funds, the listeners will have the opportunity to help support the station. Started with a major fundraising concerts in 1996, that helped finance the next steps.

25 Development - Stage 1 Preparation & Training Not even staff was fully convinced it was a good idea! CPB training was the key… as part of the Stable Revenue Project we had a consultant that gave us guidance in different areas. Participation in the NFCB & PMDMC conferences gave us perspective. We are not alone! Invested in the MEMSYS database to be able to organize the donations and track them… The best investment!

26 Development - Stage 1 1999: 1st On-Air Fundraiser Selected special related music premiums, books among with station goods… Have staff and volunteers ready and relate them to the process… Make every show sound like a special, the Festival ambiance is contagious to the public. We started a Monday… and a Hurricane showed up!!! So we tide it up next week, and it was a huge success!!! Always something is going to happen, shake the dust and keep asking!

27 Development - Stage 1 Plan, Prepare, and Repeat Make sure musicians, performers and artists show up at the station during the campaign. Pledge reminders should go out in 24 hours Encourage listeners to use their credit cards and invite them to make multiple pledges during campaign! Use the web page to let people know the atmosphere at the station, photos, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

28 Development - Stage 1 Lessons Learned WORST NIGHTMARE- NEVER offer something that you do not have on hand! Avoid people showing up during the Festival to pick up their premiums! WRTUs Shopping Network- Don't get carried away with premium offerings- make it simple I confess, we never do a renewal series, we renew two times a year, during OAF Campaign… until next year! I'm planning on that!

29 Development - Stage 1 We participate in different ways; making sponsorships, trades, co- productions and public service announces to countless activities in the year. We receive exposure, logo presence, tickets and Cds or books for future premiums and regular giveaways to the audience. We place our promotional booth, distribute promotional material and collect names, addresses and emails for our prospects lists. We reinforce communication with our listeners through social media. Not Fundraising... Be Visible

30 Development - Stage 1 Special Project/Events Concerts produced by us, or for us… Income and exposure! Professional recording studio used in co-production of full production of Cds in exchange of Cds as premiums and special presentation for the RadioAmigos. Even got a Grammy nomination! Jazz, arte y amigos- Art exhibition for the station programming fund.

31 Development - Stage 1 Fundraising is a Continuing Relationship Let them feel that the station enriches and helps transform their local cultural sphere. Our programming and the community support for the arts are worth the investment As we interact with our community, we become their partners, and they will become our supporters. Its all about value… Our role in the community is greater than our airwaves…

32 Development - Stage 1

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