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Presidents Message Pg 1 Chapter Officers Pg 2 Committees Pg 3 Calendar of Events Pg 4 Membership Pg 5 Education/Certification Pg 6 National News Pg 7 Chapter.

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1 Presidents Message Pg 1 Chapter Officers Pg 2 Committees Pg 3 Calendar of Events Pg 4 Membership Pg 5 Education/Certification Pg 6 National News Pg 7 Chapter Minutes Pg 8 Treasurers Report Pg 9 Contents Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!! December 25 th January 1st Jeff Robinson Chapter President Presidents Message... MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I pray that you and your families enjoy this holiday period. Our Chapter will only be as good as we make it. I commit to provide relevant, professional information during these monthly meetings. I'd like to reach out to our community leaders and our own financial leaders and have them provide their insights and experience for us. I need your commitment to take an active role in this organization. We have many committees that make this a successful Chapter. I'd encourage you to get involved and see how you can make a difference. The committee descriptions and sign-up sheets are over here. Please take a moment to see how you can participate in the Sandhills Chapter. I look forward to serving you in this new year~ WHEN: Thursday, January 5th TIME: 11:30 AM -1:00 PM WHERE: Fort Bragg Club SPEAKER: Dr John Kline TOPIC: Dumbo and the Feather January Luncheon Meeting American Society of Military Comptrollers Sandhills Chapter PO Box 71759 Fort Bragg, NC 28310 ISSUE 12-11 December 29, 2011

2 ASMC Chapter Officers (Serving from May 2011 – April 2012) OFFICER POSITION PHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS Mr. Jeff Robinson President 432-8733 Ms. Diane PowellVP –Communications 396-3117 Ms. Becky MauldinVP-Programs 432-8044 Ms. Pam Trail VP-Membership 243-5328 Ms. Dianne Kemppainen VP-Outreach 396-3690 Ms. Janyce Merz VP-At Large 570-5899 Ms. Desiree Lake Secretary 570-5896 Ms. Vicki Cooper Treasurer 243-2155 The Sandhills Sand Dollar is published in the interest of Comptroller personnel on Fort Bragg and Pope Army Air Field. Thanks to Diane Powell for filling in as VP – Communications !

3 SANDHILLS COMMITTEES PRIMARY-COMMITTEE SUB-COMMITTEE PHONE# E-MAIL Program & Education Lead –Janyce Merz Mini-PDI Jeff Robinson Protocol Facilities Audio/Visual Membership & Publicity Newsletter/Publicity Lead-Diane Powell 396-3117 Registration Lead – Sandy Butler Web Page Diane Powell Photographer Ms Pam Trail Scholarship & Awards Lead – Dianne Kemppainen Budget & Finance Lead – Vicki Cooper Bonita Bouton 243-2149 Chapter Competition Lead – Executive Committee Thanks to many of you who volunteered!! We still need more assistance!!

4 2011-2012 ASMC SANDHILLS CHAPTER ACTIVITY CALENDAR Adopt-A-Street Clean-up 0900-1000 Saturday, 11 February Water and Donuts Provided! JAN 12 5 Jan 12 - Dr John Kline (Ft Bragg Club) 24 Jan 12 - Exec Mtg (Ft Bragg Club) Publish news letter MLK Day (17th) FEB 12 2 Feb 12 - Mr Exley (TAG) (Ft Bragg Club) 11 Feb 12 - Street clean-up (0900 start) 21 Feb 12 - Exec Mtg (Ft Bragg Club) President's Day (21st) MAR 12 15 Mar 12 - Mini-PDI (Ft Bragg Club) 22 Mar 12 - Scholarship cut-off date 20 Mar 12 - Exec Mtg (Ft Bragg Club) NLT 31 Mar 11 - Submit 5 Star Chapter to National

5 Membership Info: Remember - individual membership dues are $26 per year or $75 for three continuous years. You can now go online to renew your membership! Welcome to all our new members from FORSCOM and USARC. You must change your membership online. Contact : Pam Trail, 243-5328 There are five classes of membership in ASMC: Active Members are persons who are or have been employed as professionals in the military comptrollership field and who, to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees. The current fee is $26 for one year or $75 for three years. Membership fee is non refundable and non transferrable. Life Membership is a recognition of those Active Members who have been in good standing for twenty consecutive years, or who are past National Presidents. The benefits of membership are the same as for active membership. Life Membership is $26 annually, except for those life members whom joined prior to 1979 and pay no dues. Life members are recognized in the Armed Forces Comptroller once a year for their long time support of the society. Associate Members are persons who, though not qualified for Active or Life Membership, are employed in fields relating to military comptrollership and who to remain in good standing, have paid the appropriate dues and fees. Associate membership is $26 annually. Honorary Members may be conferred upon persons making significant contributions to military comptrollership who are not eligible for, or who would not otherwise be expected to join, one of the other classes of membership. Honorary membership must be approved by the National Executive Committee, and has no fee. Corporate Members are available for businesses interested in the military comptrollership field. Current dues are $250, which includes one designee.

6 SANDHILLS CHAPTER EDUCATION COMMITTEE & INFORMATION Pamela Edwards-Faulk There is a lot of information here; something for all to stay current and proficient! CERTIFICATIONS Accredited Financial Examiner Certified Book Keeper Certified Cash Manager Certification in Control Assessment Certified Cost Analyst Certified Defense Financial Manager Certified Financial Planner Certified Fraud Examiner Certified Government Audit Professional Certified Government Financial Manager Certified Financial Manager Certified Information Systems Auditor Certified Internal Auditor Certified Management Accountant Certified Public Accountant Certified Public Finance Officer CERTIFICATION for Certified Defense Financial Manager TESTING INFORMATION: Prometric Centers Fort Bragg Education Center J. Harry 432-2537 National / Mini PDIs MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS: CPEs = 80 hrs every 24 months Exemptions = Retirement or Foreign Residency RELEVANT BACKGROUND Three Module Examinations Two Years Defense FM w/ Degree Three Years Defense FM Four Years Federal FM. CDFM(A) – Acquisition Module available Military and Civilians involved in the overall field of military comptrollership. STUDY MATERIAL INFORMATION Sandhills Chapter Website RELEVANT BACKGROUND Four Sections Offered in 54 U.S. Jurisdictions Computer Based / English only Testing -Eight months out of the year Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to protect the public interest in a rapidly changing business and financial environment STUDY MATERIAL INFORMATION AICPA http://www.aicpa.org National Association of State Boards of Accountancy CERTIFICATION for Certified Public Accountant TESTING INFORMATION: Uniform CPA Exam - NASBA, AICPA and Prometric Centers MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS: CPEs = varies by State. NC = 40 hrs per calendar yr. [Licensure requires 150 hrs specialized coursework] TEST SITES FORT BRAGG ARMY EDUCATION SERVICE Paper testing 910-432-2537/2947 POC: John Harry PROMETRICS TEST CENTERS Nearest Location – Raleigh, NC

7 December 20, 2011 Season's Greetings! On behalf of the National Executive Committee and the staff at the American Society of Military Comptrollers National Headquarters, we would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. This is the time of year to reflect upon our accomplishments and set our goals for the New Year. It is a time to remember those, including ASMC members, who are working to defend our freedoms. It is also the time when we open our hearts to those less fortunate. We are committed to that philanthropic sentiment and ask that our chapters continue their efforts providing community service during this holiday time and throughout the year. Looking ahead, it is clear that the New Year will bring with it new challenges and initiatives. We remain resolved to strengthening ASMC's presence as a valuable resource focused on assisting its members with their professional growth. We are thankful to our many national and chapter volunteers who dedicate themselves toward this goal and are truly fortunate to have members with such great dedication. Thank you for all your hard work. Again, happy holidays to you all from the ASMC. Sincerely, Al Tucker ASMC Executive Director Terri McKay ASMC National President

8 December 13, 2011 RE: ASMC Sandhills Chapter December Monthly Officers' Meeting 1. The Sandhills Chapter conducted an officers' monthly meeting on December 13, 2011 from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Fort Bragg Club. 2. Old Chapter Business: Monthly Membership Meetings - speakers: Wounded Warrior program Mini PDI Book the Army Chorus in January (Action: Jeff) Receive the proceeds from the National PDI raffle in March 2011 (Action: Vicki) Update memo for mini-PDI donations (Action: Vicki) Continue to advertise for Corporate memberships by giving a free booth Obtain more information about the CDFM testing (Action: Jeff) A Mini PDI chair is needed – possibly Chris White Start presale of tickets in February Community Service - Opportunities: Restore Warehouse or Habitat for Humanity Publicity Request articles for the newsletter from general membership (Action: Jeff) Get ASMC information posted on the Fort Bragg website (Action: Des) Get with Diane about access to website (Action: Jeff) 3. New Business Monthly Membership Meetings o A speaker is needed for the January meeting: Wounded Warrior Battalion (Action: Jeff) Medal of Honor recipient (Action: Des) Move Januarys meeting to the 12 th ? (Action: We will not change the date. Jeff) Mini PDI: Baskets - Needed by 1 February 2012 o Provide Kathy Battle with Command POC information Potential Speakers: ASMC National – Jennifer Sizemore (Action: Jeff) o Financial Planning ASAFM&C City Planner, CPAC – Civilian Retirement (Action: Des), Branch Managers/Assignment Officers, ABO CDFM testing Vendors - GSA Management Concepts SAIC L3 CACI Facilitators o Escorts (bring speakers on post, introduce speaker, time keeper) o Registration – Aletha Sankey (Action: Jeff) Audio/Visual Desiree Lake Jeffrey F. Robinson Secretary President ASMC, Sandhills Chapter


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