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Pre-Departure Briefing Session September 4, 2012 T6, Meng Wah Complex 1.

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1 Pre-Departure Briefing Session September 4, 2012 T6, Meng Wah Complex 1

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4 Core Courses ECON0701 Introductory Econometrics : Dr. John ZHU ECON2101 Microeconomic Theory: Dr. YAO Zhiyong ECON2102 Macroeconomic Theory: Dr. LUO Yulei Electives BUSI0039 Chinese Economy: Dr. LU Yi BUSI0089 Study on Chinas Competitiveness: Prof. TAO Zhigang/Dr. CELLY Nikhil/Dr. ZHOU Wen STRA3706 China Business Environment: Prof. ZHOU Kevin Tutor: Miss Claire Sun ( 4

5 Textbooks for the 3 core courses will be given to students. Lecture notes for the 3 elective courses will be distributed during classes. 5

6 Hotel and travel industry Peace Hotel C-trip Soft-drink industry Coca-Cola Wahaha IT Pop-cap China (gaming: zombie & plants) Google China 6

7 Manufacturing Shanghai Volkswagen Shanghai Textile Group Unilever China Alcatel-lucent Shanghai Bell Service industry Metro China Shanghai Lingang Group China Merchants Bank (private banking) 7

8 Get to know Shanghai A trip to HangZhou (the capital city of Zhejiang) A trip to Suzhou (the most vibrant city in Jiangsu) 8

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10 Students are divided into 3 groups, with a leader in each group. Group Leaders: Group 1: Carman Cheung Group 2: Pursuit Li Group 3: Kenny Wong 10

11 Departing Hong Kong Departing Hong Kong Date of Departure: 6 Sept 2012 (Thursday) Flight Number: MU702 (China Eastern Airlines ) Departure Time: 1:40pm Arrival Time: 3:45pm Meeting time: 11am at Check-in Counter J (Terminal 1) Your group leader will remind you the meeting time on 5 Sept 2012. Please report to the leader upon arriving at Hong Kong International Airport. Each passenger can carry-on 1 baggage of 5kg. Each passenger can check-in at most 2 luggages with a maximum combined weight of 20kg. Two Shanghai staffs, Miss Joyce Zhang and Miss Claire Sun will pick you up from the airport. They will be holding a welcome board with words Welcome the students of HKU to Shanghai. 11

12 Returning Hong Kong Returning Hong Kong Date of Returning: 16 Dec 2012 (Sunday) Flight Number: MU505 (China Eastern Airlines ) Departure Time: 5:00pm Arrival Time: 7:20pm Please retain the boarding pass for both trips as you will need to submit them in case you claim for insurance. 12

13 Please make sure that you bring the following items to Shanghai: Hong Kong ID card and valid Home Return Permit CHARTIS China Assist Card Mobile phone Cash (for meals, transportation, leisure activities & etc.) (Currency exchange services are also available in Fudan) Adaptors/Plugs for Mainland China (220 V) Laptop and LAN cable Business casual for company visits 13

14 Bring medications that you need to take regularly. Record of medicines you are using. Types of vaccines you require (alert of any allergy). You may book a pre-travel consultation at University Health Service on 2549 4686. 14

15 HKU undergraduate students travelling abroad as arranged by the University will be covered by the Universitys Group Travel Insurance Policy which provides basic benefits to students. Details of HKUs Group Travel Insurance Plan can be viewed here: pTravelInsurance.pdf pTravelInsurance.pdf We have also purchased the CHARTIS China Assist Card for all of you. With this card, you will have a Guarantee of Admission Deposit to certain Appointed Hospitals in China if hospitalization is required due to bodily in-jury or sickness in the course of your stay in Shanghai. 15

16 You may also purchase an additional insurance plan yourself if you want to extend the coverage during your stay in Shanghai. 16

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18 All students will be living in the student dormitory. Name: Building 41 Address: No. 57 Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China. 200433 : 57 ( : 200433) Two students sharing one room 6 to 8 students sharing one apartment with 1 bathroom Room assignment will be available upon arrival Facilities: 24-hour hot water With air-conditioner Pillow (with pillow case), blanket (with cover) and quilt (with bed-sheet) ** You are advised to bring one more set yourself. 18

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21 A photo-taking session will be arranged on 7 Sept 2012 for the production of Student ID card. Students can add/reload cash value to the card. A temporary card will be given to you before the official card is issued (around 2-3 weeks). With the Student ID card, students can have access to facilities in Fudan University, including computer center, library, sports centre, canteen, printing shops, supermarket & etc. Printing and photocopying services are available in the library and various printing shops on campus. Wifi will be available on Fudan campus. Students are required to purchase an access card for internet connection in the dormitory. LAN cable is required, so please prepare one yourself. You may also purchase one at the shops near the dorm. 21

22 Stadium and playground near the dormitory Students can access to all sports facilities for free by showing the student ID card. You need to pay during the period when you are holding the temporary card: Fees: Basketball 100 RMB/h Volleyball 80 RMB/h Badminton 30 RMB/h Tennis 30 RMB/h Table Tennis 10 RMB/h Gym 5 RMB/h Reservation Line: 021-65642128 22

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24 Conduct research on Shanghai / Fudan University: Language Culture Transportation Weather Food Places of interest 24

25 Submission of a CBE Programme report to FBE Office A 1000-word essay 5 photos Please upload the report and photos to our online system. The link will be sent to you towards the end of the CBE semester Deadline of submission for students going in the 1 st semester: 18 Jan 2013 (Friday) 25

26 While in Shanghai, students are reminded to stay mature and be responsible and accountable for your own behaviour. Students are required to follow all rules and regulations as set by Fudan University as well as the teachers and staffs in the programme. Students are required to attend every classes, company visits, field trips and any other events as assigned for this programme. Please take care of your personal belongings, such as credit cards, cash, mobile, laptop & etc. 26

27 1. Miss Joyce Zhang (Programme Assistant) Email: Mobile: 13916128465 MSN: 2. Miss Claire Sun (Tutor) Email: Mobile: 18930296099 MSN: 27

28 Inform the Programme Assistant, Miss Joyce Zhang (Mobile: 13916128465) Contact the local emergency authorities for assistance. Ring up the Hong Kong Immigration Department ( ) (852) 1868 (24-hour hotline) Inform your parents/relatives/friends in Hong Kong. Inform the FBE Faculty Office Email: Tel: 2859 1133 28

29 In support of the CBE programme, the Ministry of Education in of the PRC Government will provide students with an allowance covering the expenses of air tickets, field trips to Hangzhou and Suzhou, company visits, China Assist Card and textbooks. Since FBE has already settled payment of respective expenses, students are required to return the whole amount of allowance to FBE upon their receipt. 29

30 List of expenses which FBE has settled for this programme: Airfare: RMB3,000 Fieldtrip to Suzhou and Hangzhou: RMB2,500 Local transportation (for company visits and airport pick- up): RMB1,000 CHARTIS China Assist Card: RMB42 Textbooks and teaching materials: RMB1,200 Miscellaneous: Around RMB1,000 30

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