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Automated QC and Ticketing

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1 Automated QC and Ticketing

2 Automated QC and Ticketing: Overview
Automated QC and Ticketing is an off-the-shelf, robotic application for quality control and ticketing fulfillment.

3 Automated QC and Ticketing: Benefits
Automates a high percentage of Agency ticketing functions Reduces costly operational errors 125+ QC checks Agencies control and configure settings & Rules can be configured by PCC and Account number

4 Automated QC and Ticketing: Features
Summary Manages connectivity with the Sabre host Runs unattended Configurable parameters via GUI GUI available in several languages Ability to run “Pre-ticket QC only” or “QC & Ticketing/ Fulfillment Efficiently manages SCANS (host enter-hits) Creates a process and performance log to document all application activity User documentation & support Managed corporate and personal credit card usage.

5 Automated QC and Ticketing: Features
Summary cont’d Configurable setup allows users to: Utilize fare comparison tools, automated capture of high ad low fare. Client travel policy and traveler preference management. UDID and Name Reference validations ensure reporting integrity. Private Airline Contracts – Validate and apply negotiated air contract information with robust pricing configurability for Airline contracts and Negotiated ID codes. Able to handle split ticketing Option to have Corporate Travel Policy removed from the PNR in order to continue fulfillment. Continued enhancements to faring, stored pricing functionality

6 Automated QC and Ticketing: Features
Summary cont’d Unused e-Ticket database - Reduce customer costs by proactively promoting ticket reuse Process Southwest Airlines bookings (U.S) – Quality controls form of payment Adds vendor code to FP line at time of ticketing, Able to fulfill with service fee, invoice, and retention line with updated WN confirmation Checks for pre-reserved seat assignments Has the ability to bypass those airlines that do not participate in pre-reserved seating. Checks for mandatory and exception PNR remarks. Processes services fees via ARC, BSP, Card Services Integrates with Agency Fee Manager (US only). Ability to calculate and handle U.K VAT service fees Enhancements to non-IATA carrier pricing, tktg/invoicing , service fees Extensive QC Performance logs

7 Are you the next Automated QC and Ticketing Customer?
User Profile May not use a 3rd party mid-office tool – or not happy with 3rd party tool Runs scripts or PF keys to quality control PNRs and manually issues tickets Needs to reduce operational costs May be disenchanted with existing 3rd party mid-office tool Looking to reduce costs based on transaction fees and/or ticketing fees

8 Automated QC and Ticketing: Ordering Process
New Order Process Contract Customer signs contract and faxes to either CSBA or AD Requirements before ordering (New Orders) Need dedicated PC with no other Sabre applications loaded on it Need dedicated terminal address (TA) Create dedicated EPR with the following keywords SUBAAA MULSET REQROB CCVIEW* Agent needs to print Sabre Automated QC and Ticketing installation guide and user guide from Agency eServices

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