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1 Sanet Jordaan AIG Accident & Health South Africa Travel Guard.

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1 1 Sanet Jordaan AIG Accident & Health South Africa Travel Guard

2 Cats are so dramatic!2

3 3 Travel Guard AIG Travel Guard Training Credit Card Top Ups

4 4 Whats new at Travel Guard? The OVC USA Endorsement will be implemented today or tomorrow with the Call centre. - So no more Underwriting questions to be completed by your clients!! Jippeee!! The following Travel Consultants has resigned: Tamarin Byne from Cape Town and Margie Manser from Durban. For assistance: Sanet Jordaan076 392 5213 Wybrandt Lubbe082 568 1874

5 5 Travel Guard underwrites the following Bank Credit Card Top Up Products: Diners American Express Standard Bank Nedbank SAA Voyager

6 6 Age Limits for Credit Card Top Up Products Nedbank: 3 months – 74 years 75 – 84 years SAA Voyager: 3 months – 74 years 75 – 84 years AMEX: 3 months – 74 years 75 – 84 years Standard Bank: 3 months – 75 years 76 – 85 years Diners:3 months – 74 years 75 years and older (no age limit)

7 7 Travel Guard Travel Insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, baggage loss, delays, cancellation of journey, curtailment of journey and most importantly……….. Medical Evacuation, Repatriation & Transportation incurred while traveling on an international journey.

8 8 Travel Guard What is Automatic Travel Insurance? By purchasing a public conveyance ticket with your Cheque / Credit Card, you automatically qualify for the automatic cover provided that the insured is from the age of 3 months up to an including 74/75 years. The Automatic cover primarily consists of emergency medical expenses, assistance benefits and personal accident cover. This cover is limited to trips that are up to 30 days long. The card number is the policy number.

9 9 Travel Guard What Cover Does The Automatic Cover Provide? Emergency Medical & Related Expenses Injury Illness Travel Guard Assist ( Assistance Services Only) Medical Evacuation, Repatriation or Transportation (Actual Expense) Personal Accident Cover Accidental Death While On Public Conveyance Accidental Death While Not On Public Conveyance Benefit Amounts Vary Per Card.

10 10 How do I determine which Credit Card Option to sell to client?

11 A &H South Africa - 2012 Budget11 Mrs Steyn purchased her air ticket with a Nedbank Credit Card. 1.Identify which Nedbank Card did she use to purchase her air ticket. Was it a Nedbank Gold card, BOE Card or perhaps Classic Card? 2.Determine the age of the client. 3.Does your client suffer from any pre-existing conditions? 4.Confirm by making use of Travel Africa (under Downloads) what will be covered under the automatic cover. Once you have this information, you can continue to assist her with a Top-up option to choose from. Credit card Top Up age limits is 3 months – 75/75 depending on the Bank. Automatic cover can vary from 30 – 90 days depending on the Bank.

12 12 Nedbank & American Express Travel Insurance

13 13 Top Up Options: A Card Holder May Top Their Automatic Cover By Taking Out Anyone Of The 3 Options Available. The Cheque / Credit Card Had To Be Used In The Purchase Of The Public Conveyance Tickets. Note That Pre-Existing Conditions will be covered up to specified age – 74/75 depending on the Bank. Please note, even though pre-existing is available up to age 74/75, any cardiac or cardio vascular or vascular or cerebro vascular illness or conditions or sequelae thereof or complications that can reasonably be related thereto, will not be covered once client turns 70. ___________ ______________________________________________________ What Do I Get When I Top Up ? The Insured Will Receive: Additional Emergency Medical Cover In-patient Excess Of R2000 Will Be Waived Inconvenience Benefits

14 Travel Guard Travel Insurance 14 All Credit Card premiums is PER PERSON. Weve determined that Mrs Steyn is 72 years old, she purchased her ticket with a Nedbank Gold Card. Should Mrs Steyn decide to select Option 3 with Pre-existing cover, she will receive R9 mil for medical cover and R20 000 for Cancellation, Curtailment and luggage. Lets do a comparison: Should she have bought her air ticket with cash, she will have to choose a Generic Policy : Nedbank Option 3 with Pre-existing Generic (from our brochure) with no pre-existing cover. 30 days: R1 517 R3 517 Option 3 without pre-existing cover R539 R3 517

15 15 Nedbank & American Express Travel Insurance

16 16 Nedbank & American Express Travel Insurance

17 17 Travel Guard

18 18 AIG Travel Africa How to do a Credit Card Top Up quote for client online AIG Travel Africa How to do a Credit Card Top Up quote for client online

19 1.Select New Quote 2.Select Bank 3.Select Cover: Top up 1, 2 or 3 etc

20 20 4.Select type of card, example 5.Select dates for travel 6.Select destination

21 Travel Africa Quote21

22 22 Travel Guard

23 23 Travel Guard What Do I Do If I Am 75yrs Of Age ? A Senior Policy May Be Purchased, Subject To The Purchase Of The Public Conveyance Tickets On The Credit / Cheque Card. Age Limit Applicable : 74 or 75yrs Up To & Including 84 or 85 yrs. Diners: NO AGE LIMIT Note That: Cardiac Conditions Will Not Be Covered If The Individual Is Over 70yrs Of Age Or If The Illness Is Related To A Pre-Existing Medical Condition. Senior Do Not Receive Automatic Cover Maximum Number Of Days That One Can Be Insured For 90 Days.

24 A &H South Africa – 24 Example: Mrs Steyn is 82 years old. Should Mrs Steyn be a happy 82 year old lady who wished to go on trip to Brazil to enjoy the Carnival, and She bought her air ticket with her Nedbank Classic Credit card, you will be able to provide Medical Insurance For her for up to 90 days. PLEASE NOTE: Mrs Steyn will not qualify for the Automatic Insurance and needs to take out a Top Up for cover. Comparison: Top up: R1 228 Generic: R7 020 (cover limited to 62 days)

25 25 Lets discuss a few underwriting scenarios 1. Nedbank Gold card belongs to Mrs Barry, she purchase a ticket for her neighbour who does not own a credit card, Mrs van Vuuren. Mrs van Vuuren will qualify to purchase a top up

26 A &H South Africa - 2012 Budget26 Mr Steyn is 77. She took out a Top Up product for maximum 90 days. He wishes to extend her trip. Can she extend her Medical Insurance cover? NO. Mr Steyn has reached the maximum amount of days for cover for her age. You can only extend a persons medical cover if under the age of 69 to a maximum amount of 365 days.

27 A &H South Africa - 2012 Budget27 Payment methods for Credit Card Top ups and Generic Policies. For Generic Products: Payment is to made either: Directly from Clients Account into our AIG Bank Account (EFT) Should a policy be paid via EFT, the proof of payment together with the application form, should be send to the Call Centre to be issued. Client must provide his Credit Card details and you as Agent can issue on his behalf on the system. Client can provide debit order details, and we will deduct money directly from clients account. REMEMBER: When applying for any changes such as a extension or sports endorsement, you need to send the Instruction TOGETHER with payment method to the Call Centre.

28 28 Travel Guard Medical Assistance 24/7 Command Center Travel Guard assistance centres operate around the clock and are staffed with multi-lingual/multi-cultural specialists, medical personnel and a vast team of highly trained client service professionals. Our global reach, unparalleled service quality and proven operational capabilities give our clients and policyholders best-in-class client care. Travel Guard 24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance Line : American Express & SAA Voyager Card Holders:+ 44 1273 327 336 Nedbank Card Holders:+ 44 1273 227 036

29 29 Travel Guard Thank You Any Questions??

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