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My Voyage To Nepal By: Daniel DAquila. Map History of Nepal Newars were thought to live in Nepal valley since the 4 th century. Gurtha principality.

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1 My Voyage To Nepal By: Daniel DAquila

2 Map



5 History of Nepal Newars were thought to live in Nepal valley since the 4 th century. Gurtha principality was made by RAJPUT warriors from India, they conquered lands beyond present day Nepal in 1769. Gurkhas lost part of Nepal to the British when British India was established, but stayed independent from the Brits. Became independent from the Brits in 1947 and established deplomatic relations with the USA. Nepal was the only Hindu monarchy controlled by hereditary prime ministers until 1951. First election in 1959, but in 1960, King Mahendra dissmissed the cabinet, dissolved parliament, and banned political parties.

6 More History 1962, a constitution created a panchayat (council) system of government (it was a nonparty system). A dispute with India led to closing the border from March 1989 to July 1990. This helped cause an economic failure witched fueled the demand for a government reform. King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev dissolved parliament. In 1990 a new constitution created a constitutional monarchy and a bicameral legislature. In 1994 communist party emerged as the single, largest party formed a minority government, or became communist.

7 Language About 47.8% of the population speaks Nepali. There are at least 9 different languages spoken in Nepal. I- ma He/she-uha This-yo To walk-hidnu To eat-khannu To go-jancha I will carry an English to Nepali dictionary with me at all times for the rest.

8 Population 28,951,852 people. 1.4% growth rate

9 Religions Hindu 80.6% Buddhist 10.7% Muslim 4.2% Kirant 3.6% Other 0.9%

10 Government They have a Federal Democratic Republic, it is very similar to what we use. Capital city is Kathmandu President: Ram Barch Yadar Prime Minister: Madhav Kumar Nepal

11 Economy Agriculture: pulses, jute, sugarcane, tobacco, and grain make up 75% of economy. Industry makes up 7% Services makes up 18% They are now starting to get into hydropower. Economy is worth $35.31 dollars – 3.5% growth rate – Nepalese rupees/ 1 us dollar is 72.56 rupees.

12 Geography Mountainous from the Himalayas to the north. South has a southern strip which is part forest and part cultivated.

13 Climate Bellow 1200 meters is tropical and subtropical. 1200-2400 meters is cool, temperate zone. 2400-3600 meters is a cold zone. 3600-4400 meters is subarctic climate zone 4400 meters and above is the ARTIC ZONE.

14 Time To Visit The best time to visit Nepal is between October and November. To go to Nepal all you need is your passport and a visa.

15 Food Nepals food has a Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan influence on it. Although their food is basis and simple it does not lack in flavor; they use all sorts of spices like ginger, garlic, pepper, chilies, ect.

16 Places The Swayambhunath Stupa: One of the most glorious stupas in the world, it is said to be 2000years old, often called the monkey temple (in Kathmandu). Dubar Square: The religious and social heart of Kathmandu, holds complex statues, palaces, shines, and temples, built between 12 th to 18 th century by kings of Nepal (in Kathmandu).

17 More Places Pokhara Bazaar: A place of trade set up by Newari immigrants from Bhaktapur (in Pokhara). Statue of Buddha: A magnifacient 6 th century staue of Buddha on the steps of the Raja Rajeshvari Mandir (in Pashupatinath) Raja Rajeshvari Mandir: A temple dedicated to the goddess Raja Rajeshvari, non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple (in Pashupatinath)

18 Itinerary Leave Denver at 12:10 pm 3, Oct. and arrive in Kathmandu at 9:25 am 5, Oct. See the Swayambhunath Stupas. Check in at the Kantipur Temple House. Explore the Durbar Square for the day and return to the Kantipur Temple House. Leave Kathmandu early morning by a rental car and drive to Pokhara to see and explore the bazaar. Stay the night in the rental car. Leave Pokhara early to see the Raja Rajeshvari Mandir and the Statue of Buddha. Drive back to Kathmandu to stay at the Kantipur Temple House again. Stay in Kathmandu for the rest of my time and explore. Leave Kathmandu at 3:50 pm 10, Oct. and return to Denver at 11:05 am 11, Oct.

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