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ARINC PROPRIETARY ARINC Innovative Airport Solutions Michael Kunze Regional Sales & Channel Director Central & Eastern Europe.

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1 ARINC PROPRIETARY ARINC Innovative Airport Solutions Michael Kunze Regional Sales & Channel Director Central & Eastern Europe

2 Page 2 Agenda Introduction to ARINC ARINCs common use system vMUSE ARINC Airport Solutions

3 Page 3 ARINC – the company Established 1929 in the US to provide communications for the aviation industry ARINC is owned by the Carlyle Group Some 3,300 employees worldwide Headquarters in Annapolis, Airport Systems Offices in Annapolis und Tulsa Ongoing high growth over the past years – Over $1.1bn Annual Turnover

4 Page 4 EMEA headquarters London, UK Munich, Germany ARINC continues to build its regional presence Main office for EMEA in London and for APD in Singapore In-country Partner and Agent Network in Central & Eastern Europe Managed and supported through the EMEA HQ London Regional offices in Munich, for DACH Sales & Support Regional Office in Dubai for Middle East Additional 50 offices around the globe, just recently 2 offices in India ARINC Regional Presence Dubai, UAE Munich, Germany

5 Page 5 Business areas ARINC is a quality aviation industry supplier for: Airport Common Use Technology (MUSE, CUSS,...) Airport Systems and Airport System Integration Airport Security Systems, & Border Control Connectivity (APIS) Air/Ground Communications (Datalink, Inflight Voice&Data, Satcom) Ground/Ground Communications (IP, DSL, Type A, Type B) Global IT Support and Maintenance

6 Page 6 ARINCs market position and Capabilities For some time the airport systems market in Europe was dominated by a single supplier ARINC has positioned itself clearly as an alternative, by differentiating in Excellent service delivery Satisfied customers Superior and stable technologies Fixed firm prices – no surprises Wide experience with migration of existing systems ARINCs presence in the market has delivered real, tangible benefits to the industry in general

7 Page 7 ARINC Firsts FIRST CUTE System on Win 2003 / XP platform FIRST MUSELink VSAT solution FIRST provider to offer a bar-code printing option FIRST totally wireless airport FIRST totally portable CUTE FIRST operational CUSS installation FIRST Multi-host CUSS installation FIRST Global Internet VPN Solution provider to the aviation industry FIRST live CUPPS installation in Las Vegas

8 Page 8 FMG was pleased to choose ARINC to deliver this common-use project, and ARINCs professionalism during the installation proves we were right in our decision. We have found the MUSE platform totally reliable and invite any airport colleagues choosing a common use supplier to contact us to discuss We are happy for ARINC to use LHR as a reference site and would invite any of our airline colleagues to contact us directly for further information As a supplier ARINC is regarded by the users at Manchester as a truly world class organisation Outstanding customer satisfaction ARINC is very keen of course to add the Airports in Romania and other Airports In Central and Eastern Europe to this proud list...

9 Page 9 The World integrator of airport IT solutions ARINC has the most experience as trusted systems integrator of airport IT solutions and has been involved in some of the worlds most visible projects Incheon International Airport Harbin International Airport, China JFK International Airport Toronto International Airport San Francisco International Airport Sky Harbor Phoenix Dallas Dubai International Airport T3 Cairo International Airport T3 Doha International Airport

10 Page 10 vMUSE the most modern CUTE solution

11 Page 11 What is vMUSE? A browser based platform of shared resources based on Windows® XP and Windows Server 2003® on the server side Modern IT infrastructure that allows airlines and handlers to access their own hosts and applications from any location in the airport Offers a common printer device access layer Other users can have access to other airport applications (e.g. FIDS, Intranet) New airlines can be added quickly with ease Enhances the airports IT infrastructure service offering MUSE currently supports 85 airports, 270 airlines on 40,000 shared devices vMUSE : state of the art...but...field proven and reliable

12 Page 12 ARINC vMUSE – the most modern CUTE Platform The new ARINC vMUSE Passenger check-in platform, which reduces costs to customers, will enable more airport terminals of all sizes worldwide to adopt common use platform operations vMUSE comes in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise options vMUSE Express option for small airports requires workstations only – does not require a core server Virtual Disc Technology to save on additional Rack space and reduce the number of Servers required Will run on Windows XP & Vista Supports native applications No need for Bespoke Printers or special stock of Boarding Pass Paper Supports 2D Barcodes for Mobile Check-in Lower Development and support costs for customers Supports Portable Check-in solutions and credit card payments Collects valuable data on bags for airline and airport operations Full CUPPS compliancy and support Complete Installation, Integration, Support, Maintenance & Training in a total solution package

13 Page 13 Scalable Solution – Why is vMUSE the right CUTE platform in Romania? 51-unlimited Number of workstations vMUSE Full featured system Full server system Onsite gateways & routers All support options available vMUSE Broadband Slimmed down core room (2 servers only) Onsite gateways & routers OR via ARINC gateway farm in Tulsa All support options available vMUSE Express Non server based solution (TEs installed on workstations) Optional available as portable solution Internet VPN connection to ARINC gateway farm in Tulsa Remote support only

14 Page 14 User Screen

15 Page 15 System diagram

16 ARINC Hosting Center (London) Easy Check Internet VPN BagMatch vMUSE Express AviCheck vMUSE LocalCheck BagMatch Baglink Gateways Airlines DCS AviNet A Variety of ARINC Services Provided in an ASP Model

17 Page 17 MUSE references EMEAAmericasAsia Manchester * Birmingham * Nuremberg Moscow (SVO) Malta London Heathrow * London Stansted Faro Funchal Porto Santo Cardiff Southampton Munich T2 Lagos Dubai Edinburgh * Münster/Osnabrück * Zagreb Bratislava Paphos Norwich Cork East Midlands Norwich Linz Oslo/Rygge Shannon* Belfast Ufa Cairo Punta del Gada San Francisco Las Vegas White Plains Allentown New York JFK T1 Montego Bay Bermuda Dallas Washington Dulles Baltimore Mesa Vancouver * Montreal Dorval * Calgary Barbados Ottawa Santo Domingo Barbados Wichita Indianapolis Kingston Phoenix Puerto Plata Halifax Ottawa Portland Quebec Detroit Guadalajara White Plains Busan Fiji Fukuoka Guam Gimpo Hiroshima Hong Kong* Incheon Seoul Kobe City Air Terminal Kagoshima Komatsu Macau Male Manila Melbourne * Nadi Nagasaki Nagoya and Nagoya Chubu Namba City Air Terminal Niigata Niokolo Koba Okinawa Osaka Phnom Penh Saigon Sendai Siem Reap Sapporo Seoul Incheon and Seoul Kimpo Tokyo Haneda and TokyoNarita Niigata Perth Singapore* Vietnam * Replaced existing supplier

18 Page 18 Installation / Project Typical project setup Assignment of project manager / project kick-off meeting onsite Procurement of required peripheral hardware in Europe Procurement of server hardware in US Staging and pre-configuration of server systems in US Shipping all components onsite Installation of server components onsite Preparation of client image Testing Joined rollout of workstations together with technicians from the airport Acceptance testing Project kick-off meeting Server Hardware arrived Cut over Client Hardware arrived All equipment onsite Core installation complete Client installation complete Documentation complete, Handover Issue purchase orders Core System configured

19 Page 19 Flexible Ongoing Operational Support Solutions ARINC is flexible in its approach to service delivery and can offer various different support solutions. Maintenance & Support usually include: First level onsite response to failures, resolution maintenance, preventive maintenance, equipment repairs including Help Desk Solution Second level repair service Local & Remote Site Administration Service Firmware & system software updates Backup & housekeeping activities Support with airline host addressing Co-ordinating maintenance, update and change control activities for the site 3rd level support for iMUSE system Available 24x7 Regular scheduled maintenance and systems support activities Centralised airline software updates of ARINC certified TEs Deployment of iMUSE software updates and fixes Investigation into iMUSE software discrepancies Configuration management support Document updates and technical bulletins Emergency intervention for failures of iMUSE software In any cases the customer will always have access to the 3rd level support of ARINC

20 Page 20 ARINC Airport Solutions

21 Page 21 ARINC Airport – Total Airport Solution Concept Baggage Handling BagMatch (BRS) BagLink (BSM Messaging) Passenger Handling vMUSE(CUTE) SelfServ (CUSS) CUPPS Local-DCS (CKI, WAB & Boarding) Internet check-in EasyCheck (CLF) Airport Operations AODB (Central Operational DB) AirVue (FIDS) GateFlow (Gate& Resource Mgmt) Contract/Billing Connectivity AviNet Airport AviNet Messaging AviNet Private IP ARINCs Integrated Airport Local CUSS (CUSS app for Local-DCS) ExpressDrop (Common Bag Drop) Local WebCheck (Web Check-In for Local-DCS) InfoHub (Message Broker) Hosted Solutions Hosted L-DCS Hosted BRS E-Borders & APIS Msg Security VeriPax

22 Page 22 ARINC Baggage Handling BagMatch – ARINCs BagMatch System uses Radio Frequency Identification of baggage tags to track baggage and quickly locate and return lost bags – a big passenger issue. The system also matches every bag with a flying passenger – a big security issue! Why? - Enhanced baggage tracking brings tighter security BagLink – ARINC's BagLink enables baggage sorting systems to properly direct baggage to aircraft without delay. BagLink's sophisticated communications server collects baggage-routing messages from multiple airline hosts and distributes the messages to sortation and other airport systems for further processing. BagLink provides the interface between any connected host system and the airport's baggage sortation system and baggage reconciliation systemregardless of which baggage reconciliation system you currently use. Why? - Baggage Handlers know where each bag is located – down to the position and container on board and aircraft – bags can be found quickly for unloading

23 Page 23 BagMatch – How is it Implemented ? ….the comprehensive solution to your multi-faceted baggage processing challenges

24 Page 24 Provides the virtual bridge between Airline Hosts and automated Baggage Systems Store and forward of Baggage Messages 32-bit Windows Server with Oracle or SQL Database Scaleable architecture : Single or Multiple server configuration BagLink – modern BSM Supply Solution

25 Page 25 SelfServ – ARINC CUSS Solution CUSS is win-win solution Passengers Save time Add convenience Airlines Save costs of dedicated kiosks Lower costs of operation Optimise employee time Handling Agents Opportunity to drive down personnel costs Can offer better services to their customer airlines Airports Better use of limited floor space Improve competitiveness Increase flexibility of operations

26 Page 26 Current CUSS Reference List EMEAAmericasAsia Birmingham Manchester Humberside Nottingham / East Midlands Oslo Zagreb Moscow Sheremetyevo Cairo FlyBe (various locations) Vancouver Las Vegas*** Dallas Fort Worth Toronto Westchester Halifax Calgary Edmonton Halifax Victoria Pittsburgh Detroit Montreal Keowna Regina Hamilton Jamaica Quebec Newfoundland White Plains Narita Tokyo Haneda Osaka Nagoya Chubu Kansai Gimpo Singapore

27 Page 27 Bag Drop CLF – ExpressDrop Solution for easy bag drop management Talks to different hosts via common GUI Facilitates implementation of shared bag drop counters, although passengers handled in different host systems

28 Page 28 Cost efficient gateway-to-host connection MUSE and WAN from a single source Service Level Guarantee Can also be used at non-MUSE airports Supports legacy protocols via IP conversion Supports IP migration of airline hosts Back office connection Fixed monthly charges No volume and no setup charges Avinet Airport / Common Airline Host Connectivity

29 Page 29 Messaging Solutions

30 Page 30 AviNet – Community of Interest CAA/FAA AFTN/FAA ARINC Communications Centers Airline Industry Functions ACARS Airline Host Systems SITA SENEAM COCESNA Freight Forwarders Port Brokers Suppliers/ Vendors AVICOM (Japanese ACARS) Network Partners VANCO, BT, AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Infonet etc. National Weather Service Aviation Service Companies Credit Card Companies Car Rental Companies SPEC 2000 Airline Settlement Bank Hotels/Motels ARINC Information (Database) Services UATP DCIES/TeleCheck TICKETS U.K.MeteorologicalOffice CAMS/API (U.S. Customs)

31 Page 31 ARINC Type B Network - MQ Message Cluster Washington London Frankfurt Singapore Bangkok San Francisco

32 Page 32 ARINC typically saves customers 30% on current costs

33 Page 33 Various client options Avinet Web Mail Outlook POP3/SMTP Xmail Client Xgate Avinet Connector

34 Page 34 Summary Technology – state-of-the-art and tried-&-tested Product Suite – comprehensive Quality Solutions – 99.98% global availability Service Assurance – total care over contract lifetime Customer Base – global, extensive, diverse and highly satisfied

35 Page 35 Thank you very much ! Mulţumesc Спасибо вам спасибо ! Michael Kunze – ARINC EMEA Regional Sales Director Central & Eastern Europe Mobile +44 (0)

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