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Sustainable transport Stockholm as an example Gustaf Landahl City of Stockholm.

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1 Sustainable transport Stockholm as an example Gustaf Landahl City of Stockholm

2 Emissions of carbon-dioxide

3 Greenhouse gas emissions per person in Stockholm Real DevelopmentGoals Fossil fuel free

4 Emissions from transport (thousand tonnes CO2 ekv)

5 Carrots Improved facilities for cyclists Attractive public transport New ways of transport –Car-sharing clubs –Better information –Adaptive traffic signals Goods logistics Clean vehicles Sustainable mobility by Carrots & Sticks! Sticks Environmental zones for lorries and busses Congestion taxation

6 Facilitate for cyclists Safety –cycle paths –Good crossings –B&R, parking, rain shelters –Free air compressors –City-bikes

7 Attractive public-transport Marketing free tickets for special groups i:e new citizens trip-guarantees Real-time information smart-cards 78 % market share in rush-hour Vehicles Metro and commuter trains run on green electricity Fossil fuel free busses: 50% by 2011 100 % by 2020

8 Car, cycle and public transport to the inner city


10 Goods distribution O-central old town win-win-win –Better accessibility –Better city environment –Better for the customers

11 Before Provider Customer Provider Goods distribution Logistic centre building material –Less transport, better environment, lower costs –require an active partner –Can be supported by incentives After Customer

12 Congestion-charging zone

13 Local Emissions (PM, NOx) Global effect (CO2) Petrol (electric hybrid) CNG Biodiesel Petrol Diesel Biogas LPG elec- tricity (EU mix) E85 E 95 H2, elec- tricity (water power) Definition of a clean vehicle Source: Miljöfaktabok för bränslen, IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet 2001

14 Emissions of GHG in a LCA perspective Source: EU JRC/CONCAWE 2007

15 SIDAN 15 MILJÖBILAR I STOCKHOLM MILJÖFÖRVALTNINGEN Market share of clean vehicles cars in Stockholm Target 2010* *(Stockholms Miljöprogram 2008-2011)

16 Conclusions Both Carrots and sticks are needed to create sustainable transport Introducing new technologies can be driven by creating a demand –Public procurement can have a large impact Incentives are sometimes needed to start the market Local governments can –Help citizens chose climate smart –Lead the way with real action –Influence national government for a agreement in Copenhagen EU should recognize renewable fuels as a part of the solution

17 THANK YOU ! Gustaf Landahl + 46 8 508 28 916


19 Oil and gas production Source:Colin Campbell 2004


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