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Annual General Meeting March 3rd, 2013 OTTAWA-BANGLADESH MUSLIM FUNERAL & SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION (OBMFO) In the name of Allah, the most beneficent.

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1 Annual General Meeting March 3rd, 2013 OTTAWA-BANGLADESH MUSLIM FUNERAL & SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION (OBMFO) In the name of Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful

2 OBMFO Confidential 2 OBMFO PROGRAM 12:00 PM MC: Rasheed A Jabbar 12:15 PM Quran Recitation 12:30 PM Zuhr Prayer 12:45 PMPreparation of Death: By Imam Zijad Delić 1:15 PMOBMFO Burial Plot Certificate : By Shah Rahman 1:25 PMOBMFO update: By Ashadul Haque 1:30 PM Accounts Update: By Anisur Rahman 1:40 PMYouth Committee Update : By Rasheed Abdul Jabbar 1:45 PM Importance of Kobor and DOA: By Abu Sayed 1:55 PM Closing Statement: By Dr. Kazi Nazrul Islam 2.00 PMLunch – END

3 QURAN RECITATION 3 "It is prescribed that when death approaches any of you and he is leaving behind wealth, he shall make a will in favour of his parents and relatives equitably. This is a duty for all who fear Allah." Surah Al-Baqarah (2:180)

4 Zuhr Prayer 4 Prophet Muhammad was asked: "Which of the actions is best?" He replied: "Observing prayer early in its period." Abu Dawud 2: 426

5 Preparation of Death Presented By Imam Zijad Delić Imam SNMC Mosque 5

6 OBMFO Burial Plot Certificate Presented By Br. Shah Rahman President, OBMFO 6

7 OBMFO Confidential 7 OBMFO Achievement for 2012 Sold 112 of 200 Funeral Plots to Members and non-members $94K Paid to Ottawa Muslim Cemetery for 80 plots As of today 35K Cash in Bank Served five deceased family members Will Session and Bone marrow appeal seminar for a sick kid Awarded three newly graduate PhD. Itfer Mahfil, BBQ, Qirat and Islamic Quiz Competition for Kids Ramadan Calendar

8 OBMFO Confidential 8 OBMFO Current Goal Pay $120K (plus HST) for 120 of 200 Plots Pay $120K (plus HST) for 120 of 200 Plots Get the Charitable Status Get the Charitable Status Online membership database Online membership database Run Blood and organ donation drive each year Run Blood and organ donation drive each year Run CPR drive with Ottawa Heart foundation Run CPR drive with Ottawa Heart foundation

9 OBMFO Confidential 9 Aerial View of Plot Area Every soul must taste of death, And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned. Al-Anbiya:(35) Every soul must taste of death, And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned. Al-Anbiya: (35) OBMFO PLOTS

10 OBMFO Plots Visit

11 OBMFO Confidential 11 OBMFO Future Goal Retirement Center with Musallah and Islamic library Retirement Center with Musallah and Islamic library Autistic Kids Helping Center Autistic Kids Helping Center

12 OBMFO Confidential 12 Special Thanks Food Supply: Br. Salim Reza, Mukut Restaurant And finally ……. All Dedicated Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors and OBMFO Youth organization and our community members who is always beside OBMFO

13 OBMFO UPDATE Presented By Br. Ashadul Haque General Secretary, OBMFO 13

14 OBMFO Confidential 14 OBMFO Establishment Highlights OBMFO is non-political Organization Registered in non-profit Organization Managed by dedicated members, volunteers Respect Canadian Law and Order OBMFO always follow Quran and Sunnah

15 OBMFO Confidential 15 OBMFO Overview We offer full funeral services including: Advice, Assistance and Guidance on burial process. Help the family of the diseased conduct the necessary work. Provide financial assistance if required. Members are helping members in their most difficult times in life We will inform the community of the death news. Our volunteers will attend the Janajah prayers and burial. Automated and affordable Monthly Membership fee ($5.00 - per month - per adult)

16 OBMFO Confidential 16 Education, Social, and Sporting Implementing Quran and Sunnah in our lives. Helping youth for becoming future leaders. Islamic education and discipline. Community Activities Awareness and Training Sessions Annual Fund Raising Dinner Annual B.B.Q Ifter during Ramadan

17 OBMFO Upcoming Events Annual BBQ, June 23 rd, Andrew Hyden Park OBMFO Ifter Party, July 20 th, 525 Cote Street Eid Reunion, October 27, 2013, TBD

18 OBMFO Confidential 18 Your Role as a member Attend Janajah prayers of community members and OBMFO events. Notify us of any news of death in the community Pay your membership dues on time Tell your friends and relatives in your service area to become members and help raise awareness Always update your contacts information Distribute pledge form & brochures Provide us feedback for improvement

19 OBMFO Confidential 19 Executive Committee for 2012-2014: Br. Shah Mizanur Rahman President Dr. Kazi Nazrul Islam Vice President Br. Buzlul Kabir Vice President Br. Ashadul Haque General Secretary Dr. Badruddoza Khan Organizing Secretary Br. Mashiur Rahman Joint Secretary Br. Mujibul Haq Public Relations Secretary Br. Anisur Rahman Treasure Br. Salim Reza Assist. Treasurer

20 FINANCE Presented By Br. Anisur Rahman Treasurer 20

21 OBMFO AGM 2012 21 Net Income $546.93 Revenue 1)Ticket Sale 160 @ $5.00CAD 800.00 2)Food Sale 90.00 3)Water 10.00 4)Donations 420.76 Total Revenue 1,320.76 Expenses 1) Food Supplies Mukut RestaurantCAD 400.00 2) Hall Rental 241.55 3) Children Prizes 51.17 4) Hall Decoration and Setup 53.11 5) Water 28.00 Total Expenses 773.83

22 IFTER PARTY RAMADAN 2012 22 Net Income $2855.58 Revenue 1) BODs' Contribution CAD 3,384.79 2) Corporate Doantions and Members Contribution 2,532.00 3) Food Sales 123.00 4) Dates Sales 40.00 Total Revenue 6,079.79 Expenses 1) Food Supplies CAD 1,400.00 2) Hall Rental 617.00 3) Sound Systems 125.00 4) Dates 120.00 3) Banana 100.00 4) Samusa 240.00 5) Water 57.00 6) Juice 60.00 7) Children gifts 260.00 8) Garbage Bags 13.21 9) Prining Ifter Calendar 226.00 10) Printing Certificates 6.00 Total Expenses 3,224.21

23 OBMFO BBQ Event 2012 23 Net Income $167.81 Revenue 1)SalesCAD 1,099.01 2)Donations 5.00 3)Napkin Sales 10.00 4)Katchchup sale 10.00 Total Revenue CAD 1,124.01 Expenses 1)Food SuppliesCAD 200.00 2)Beef Burgers 155.00 3)Burgers Buns and others 146.88 4)Games accessories 48.31 5)Ice 37.20 6)Lettues 11.64 7)Tomatoes 25.00 8)Drinks 33.17 9)Water Malon - Donation - 10)Natural Gas- Donation - 11)Youth Games accessories 39.00 12)Prizes 260.00 Total Expenses 956.20

24 OBMFO Fund Raising Event 2012 24 Net Income $1066.74 Revenue 1)Ticket SalesCAD 9,440.00 2)Coke sale 26.00 3)Islamic Art Sale 450.00 4)Cash Donation 1,250.00 Total Revenue 11,166.00 Expenses 1) Food SuppliesCAD 3,250.00 2) Hall Rental 2,900.00 3)Key note Speaker's Fee 3,000.00 4)Hotel and Air Tickets 397.26 5)Waiters 360.00 6)Printing 140.00 7)Soft Drinks Free 8)Others( Supplies and Courier charges) 52.00 Total Expenses 10,099.26

25 OBMFO Youth - 2012 25 Net Income $1121.87 Revenue 1) Basket Ball Team RegistrationCAD 1,040.00 2)Hockey Player Registration 140.00 3)Food and Drinks 495.20 4)Donation 1,300.00 5)Sponsership 530.00 6)Silent Auction 180.00 7)OBMFO Grant 550.00 Total Revenue CAD 4,235.20 Expenses 1)Gym RentalCAD 500.00 2)Pizza 102.00 3)Samosa 112.00 4)Drinks (Donation) 295.00 5)Ice 20.00 6)Sound System 140.00 7)Plates 30.00 8)Supplies 120.00 10)Advertising 310.00 11)Cooler 50.00 12)T-Shirts 329.33 13)Medals and Awards 315.00 14)Planning 90.00 15)Printing Flyers 500.00 15) Other Expenses(Cheque Return ) 200.00 Total Expenses 3,113.33

26 OBMFO Income Statement - 2012 26 Net Income $13,045.70 Revenue 1) Membership Fee CAD 11,861.23 2) Fund Raising (Excluding Kobor & Donation) 11,166.00 3) Business Advertisements 1,620.00 4) Kobor Project 40,811.91 5) OBMFO Youth 4,235.20 6) AGM 1,320.76 7) BBQ(Picnic) 1,124.01 8) Iftar Mahfil 6,079.79 9) Paypal Deposit 0.26 10) Bank Credits 123.20 11) Other income 21.04 Total Revenue CAD 78,363.40 Expenses 1) Administrative/Bank Charges CAD 737.70 2) Event (Fund Rasing) 10,099.26 3) Event( AGM) 773.83 4) Iftar Mahfil 3,224.21 5) BBQ(Picnic) 956.20 6) OBMFO Youth 3,113.33 7) Cheque Return 836.11 8) Welfare Expenses 200.00 9) Web Fees 140.00 10) Kobor Purchase Expenses 45,200.00 11) Miscellaneous Expenses 37.06 Total Expenses 65,317.70

27 Bank Balance as of December 31, 2012 27 Bank Balance : $30,788.59

28 FORECASTED BUDGET (2013) Our target is to double our membership. Membership Fees $25,000.00 Donations For Kobor $40,000.00 Other Donations/Income $15,000.00 Total Income target for 2013 $ 80,000.00 28

29 AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS We have established a convenient method for paying membership fees and donations. Automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account. Please fill out our membership form to take advantage of this. This can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice. 29

30 THANK YOU We need your help! At this time a significant number of members have the fees due. Please pay your membership dues and donate generously. Take advantage of our automatic payment system. 30

31 OBMFO Youth Committee Updates Presented By Rasheed Abdul Jabbar President, Youth Committee 31

32 OBMFO Confidential 32 OBMFO Youth Services Offered: Academic support; Emotional support and social support; Dealing with social pressures such as drug and alcohol abuse; Development of leadership skills Organize fund raising events and community activities; Provides administrative and physical support to the OBMFO

33 OBMFO Youth – Who Can Join?? The OBMFO Youth will be empowered from boy/men over the age of 12 who are from Muslim families of Bangladeshi descent or through family relation. Can join through at

34 OBMFO Youth Executive Structure President Rasheed Abdul Jabbar Senior Vice – President Iftekhar Ullah Vice-President – Finance Mahmud Hassan Vice-President – Community Engagement Tazeem Chowdhury Vice-President – Corporate Relations Zia Haq Communications Advisor(s) – Kawser Hossain / Khair Ahmed (assistant)

35 OBMFO Youth 2012 Kickoff Event Ball Above All 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament (June 11, 2012) 2013 Events Ottawa Senators Game Day – January 29 Soccer Tournament – June 10 (INSERT LOCATION) OBMFO Youth Camping Trip – August 16 – 18 OBMFO Youth Bowling Trip – Fall Ottawa Senators Game Day – DATE TBC

36 OBMFO Youth –Upcoming Events Ball Above All 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament (Planned for May 2012) Youth Conference (Planned for July 2012) BBQ and Family Day (Planned for Aug / Sept) * More events in planning process

37 Importance of Remembrance of Kobor Presented By By Abu Sayed Miah Chairman, OBMFO 37

38 Closing Statement Presented By Dr. Kazi Nazrul Islam Vice President (Social Welfare) 38

39 OBMFO Confidential 39 OBMFO Info OBMFO website Briefly described OBMFO objective Information about OBMFO upcoming events Can download Membership form /Donation form Can get the OMBMO contact info: Contact Phone No/Email address for Action Committee

40 OBMFO Confidential 40 Feedback OBMFO 254 Northwind Street Ottawa, Ontario, K4A 5G5, Canada Phone: (613) 262-6436 For information or questions please email us at Web Admin: Web Site:

41 Lunch Please line-up and present your coupons to get the lunch

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