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By: Marvin Germar Although just 300 years old, St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history, full of dramatic events and major historical figures. Founded.

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1 By: Marvin Germar Although just 300 years old, St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history, full of dramatic events and major historical figures. Founded in 1703 by Emperor Peter the Great as his "window on the West", St. Petersburg enjoys a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. For those interested in culture and history, St. Petersburg is the perfect holiday destination. St. Petersburg, Russia

2 Round-trip, economy overnight flight for $1263 per person. The flight has two stops with a total duration of 21 hours and 15 minutes. Day 1 Thursday, July 7 th, 2005 Delta Air Lines 5092 (1 Hour, 54 Minutes) Departure: 1:45pm Atlantic City,New Jersey Arrival: 3:39pm Cincinnati, OH Time Between Flights: 3 Hours, 16 Minutes Delta Air Lines 48 (8 Hours, 40 Minutes) Departure: 6:55pm Cincinnati, Ohio Arrival: 9:35am Frankfurt, Germany Time Between Flights: 4 Hours, 55 Minutes Day 2 Friday,July 8 th, 2005 Pulkova Aviation Enterprises 246 (2 Hours, 30 Minutes) Departure: 2:30pm Frankfurt, Germany Arrival: 7:00pm St. Petersburg, Russia St. Petersburg, Here We Come!!

3 Name: Nevskij 23 (3 Star Hotel) Amount: $80.00 per night (Double Occupancy) Total - $800.00 Located in the midst of the hitorical center on 23.Nevski Pr. Major sights, such as Hermitage Museum,Kasanski Cathedral, St Isaaks, etc are vitually in 5-10 min walk away from the hotel Hotel Info

4 4,000.00 USD (United States Dollars) = 112,040.00 RUB (Russia Rubles) 4,000.00 USD (United States Dollars) = 3,165.07 EUR (Euro) 112,040.00 (RUB Russia Rubles) = 3,166.20 EUR (Euro) 1 USD = 27.9928 RUB 1 RUB = 0.0357235 USD 1 USD = 0.791289 EUR 1 EUR = 1.26403 USD 1 RUB = 0.0282596 EUR 1 EUR = 35.3932 RUB About $260 per day including transportation $$MONEY$$!!

5 is a truly magical time bringing the romantic White Nights. Midsummer brings the city 24-hour daylight. Summer generally runs from the beginning of June to the end of August. Temperatures usually reach 68 F. Summers can be hot and humid to cool and cloudy, so bring a variety of clothing from shorts and short-sleeve shirts for warmer days to jeans, pants, sweaters, and light jackets for cooler days and evenings. Don't forget a raincoat or umbrella for the occasional rainy day! A sunny morning often leads to a rainy afternoon and visa versa. You'll also want to bring a lighter and more comfortable footwear for walking around the city's sights and attractions and traveling to the suburban parks and palaces. It a good idea to bring a backpack or carrying case to stash your souvenirs and other purchases as you travel. Of course, a light hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun's rays will also serve you well during summertime in the Venice of the North. Summer in St. Petersburg

6 The network of public transportation in St. Petersburg is quite extensive. The resources of public transportation are quite over- stretched, and most public transport is not particularly user- friendly. Nonetheless, the metro is a very reliable and cost-effective way of medium and long-distance transportation. Although not as extensive or extravagant as Moscow's Metro, the St. Petersburg Metro leaves most other metro systems in the dust, and is a very popular form of transport in the Northern Capital. The system contains four lines and more than 50 stations and is the deepest subway in the world. It is also good for journeys within the downtown area. For the shorter trips you are more likely to use trams, buses and trolleybuses, or taxis. You can also walk to nearby places. Less than $40 per dayTransportation


8 The Winter Palace The Great Hermitage The Small Hermitage The New Hermitage The State Hermitage Museum I

9 The Menshikov Palace The Theatre The General Staff Building The State Hermitage Museum II

10 Total: Less than $130 Morning: Bistrot Garcon Continental breakfast for $5 with a fresh croissant, good coffee and jus dorange - nice deal! Afternoon: State Hermitage Museum Day 1 $25 per person per day Night: Pogreba Monakha (Monk's Cellar) The owner and staff of the restaurant are very hospitable, courteous and attentive to all of their patrons needs. The staff has put together special lunch and dinner menus for tourist groups that are visiting the city. In addition, guests are treated to live blues and jazz performances on Friday and Saturday evenings. Less than $35 per person. Day 3 Saturday, July 9 th, 2005

11 Monks Cellar

12 Morning: Paulaner restaurant (Pulkovskaya hotel, 1st floor) The Bavarian microbrewery Paulaner offers a German-themed brunch every Sunday, including a big table of German appetizers, main courses and deserts. Drinks of course include Paulaner beer, but also non-alcoholic beverages too. A jazz band offers musical accompaniment. Less than $15 per person. Afternoon: State Hermitage Museum Day 2 $25 per person per day Total: Less than $200 Day 4 Sunday, July 10 th, 2005

13 Night: NEP The menu includes Russian and European dishes. Some dishes have been named in the spirit of the age that NEP represents, such as "Sultry woman - the poet's dream" (duck breast with orange sauce) and "Tacky luxury" (seafood and vegetable brochettes). On weekends guests can watch and participate in a cabaret-style show-program in which prizes are given away - CDs with music from the 1920s, tickets to museums, and even rooms in the Hermitage mini-hotel. Less than $60 per person. Day 4 Continued

14 Morning: Canvas The Canvas restaurant in the Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel offers a rich Saturday and Sunday breakfast with a wide selection of free international newspapers. Is there a better way to start your weekend? Sat, Sun 07:00 - 15:00. (Less than $25 per person) Afternoon: State Hermitage Museum Day 3 $25 per person per day Night: Plaza The Plaza features a wide selection of tasty and traditional Russian and European cuisine with several hearty and unique house specialties including baked sturgeon, crab cocktail, Russian sterlet, and lamb fillet. There is also a separate vegetarian menu, which includes seafood, mushroom soup, and a variety of tasty salads. Guests can also enjoy a fine bottle of French or Georgian wine with their meal. Less than $60 per person. Total: Less than $220 DAY5DAY5DAY5DAY5 Saturday, July 11 th, 2005


16 Tuesday, July 12 th, 2005 Total: Less than $180 Afternoon: State Hermitage Museum Day 4 $25 per person per day Night: Udachny Vystrel (The Lucky Shot) Restaurant Lucky Shot is a meat-lovers paradise, and a must-visit for anyone seeking the atmosphere of a hunting-lodge in the country. Lucky Shot is a hunting-themed restaurant where wildfowl and game dishes are cooked on an open fire in the restaurant. Live music in the evenings, and a pleasant outdoors terrace during the summer. Less than $60 per person. Morning: Myasorubka Basic bacon-and-eggs option for a bargain price.. But the staff are very nice. Nothing special, but a quick and cheap option if you happen to be nearby DAY6DAY6DAY6DAY6

17 Lucky Shot

18 Morning: James Cook Excellent reasonable-priced European breakfast, consisting of one hot dish and one fruit salad or yogurt option, plus toast, croissant, and coffee/tea. Good service! Breakfast weekdays 09:00 - 12:00 (About $5 per person). Afternoon: Alexander Garden & Leningrad Zoo Night: Kamelot A wax-image of King Arthur watches over the dining room at this Camelot-themed restaurant. The food and service is what youd expect at a royal establishment, and the Knights Hall is impressive, so bring your camera. Less than $25 per person. Total: Less than $150 Day 7 Wednesday, July 13 th, 2005

19 Leningrad Zoo Alexander Garden

20 Morning: Abrikosov The mirrors on the walls and the wooden paneling create an atmosphere reminiscent of the time when this little Chinese café was a bakery owned by the famous Russian baker Abrikosov. These days, Abrikosov has a wide range of tea, good coffee and delicious pies and pancakes. Meals are about $5 per person. Afternoon: St. Peter and Paul Fortress Night: Nash Piter After spending all day at Peter and Paul fortress, this is an ideal place to go for a good bite. Exit the fortress through the Kronversky Most, walk up to the Vladimirsky Cathedral and you will find Our Peter on the right. Enjoy the delicious homemade, local Russian dishes. Try the borsch or solyanka soups. They come recommended as does the beef Stroganoff. Receive a 10% discount on your total bill when showing the In Your Pocket! Less than $15 per person. Total: Less than $250 Day 8 Thursday, July 14 th, 2005

21 St. Peter and Paul Fortress

22 Morning: Teremok This bliny (pancake) house near Moscow station offers bacon and eggs with cheese for a little less than $1.50, but there is plenty of choice if you'd rather have a Russian pancake filled with ham, cheese, caviar - or whatever you want. Breakfast daily 09:00 - 12:00. Afternoon: Night: Demidov Experience some 19th-century tsarist atmosphere at Demidov, a top-notch restaurant named after a local noble family. It serves classic Russian dishes, which are great at dinnertime. Less than $25 per person. Total: $ D A Y 9 Friday, July 15 th, 2005

23 Morning: Shamrock Impressive range of different breakfasts on offer. Irish breakfast are good (unlimited coffee is a great idea). Breakfast weekdays 09:00 - 12:00. (Less than $15 per person) Afternoon: Night: Ivanhoe The rich medieval interior at Ivanhoe creates a fun atmosphere. There are a multitude of different rooms and halls, each with their own special theme, and, on the second floor, there is a buffet and grill. The food is great and its good value too. There is a second Ivanhoe on Petrograd, at Bolshoy prospekt. Less than $30 per person Total: $ Day 10 Saturday, July 16 th,2005

24 Sunday, July 17 th, 2005 Morning: Cafe Cream breakfast Breakfast lovers: this is value for money! Cream has several omelettes, served with toast or croissant. Superior, and so is the central location (big windows overlooking Nevsky). Different kinds of breakfast, weekdays 10:00 - 12:00. Less than $5 per person. Afternoon: Night: Senat Restaurant At the Senat youll feel like a member of the nobility from the Tsarist era. Housed in the former building of the Upper House of Russias parliament, the Senat Bar has been serving high quality dishes (Russian and international) for more than ten years, which really means something in Russia. Every month they have special themes. Less than $30 per person. D A Y 11 Total: $

25 Morning:Russkie Bliny Owns the best bliny (pancakes) and blinchiky (stuffed pancakes) in town. Theres also an ongoing who can eat the most bliny competition! Afternoon: Night: Russian Empire Russian Empire is the most expensive restaurant in town. They have a very impressive menu with an average course costing about $75. Caviar, lobster, exquisite 100-year-old wines and cognacs of over the world are all commonplace here. This is the place to be if you want a quiet dinner because there are no loud groups of tourists here. Less than $100 per person. Total: $ Day 12 Monday, July 18 th, 2005

26 Economy overnight flight with three stops and a total duration of 21 hours and 45 minutes. Day 13 Tuesday, July 19 th, 2005 Pulkova Aviation Enterprises 117 (1 Hour, 10 Minutes) Departure: 8:50am St. Petersburg, Russia Arrival: !0:00 am Moscow, Russia Time Between Flight: 3 Hours, 15 Minutes Delta Air Lines 31 (10 Hours) Departure: 1:15pm Moscow, Russia Arrival: 3:15pm New York, New York Time Between Flight: 2 Hours, 23 Minutes Delta Air Lines 899 (2 Hours, 20 Minutes) Departure: 5:38pm New York, New York Arrival: 7:58pm Cincinnati, Ohio Time Between Flight: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes Delta Air Lines 5780 (1 Hour, 35 Minutes) Departure: 9:00pm Cincinnati, Ohio Arrival: 10:35pm Atlantic City, New Jersey WELCOME BACK!!


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