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Transfer Of Knowledge Through Expatriates Nationals TOKTEN Prepared by Rula Koudsi.

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1 Transfer Of Knowledge Through Expatriates Nationals TOKTEN Prepared by Rula Koudsi

2 TOKTEN In General UNDP modality to recruit qualified nationals Short term consultancy services (2 – 8 weeks) Voluntary program UNDP covers air-tickets & DSA

3 TOKTEN In Syria Phase I: 1986 (no enough data on this phase) Phase II: 1994 (activated in 1996) Only 20 expatriates came in phase II

4 Distribution of Institutes as Beneficiaries In Phase II

5 Women / Men Ratio

6 Obstacles in Phase I & II 1- Project Coordinator is not fully assigned for TOKTEN. 2- TOKTEN is not identified by line ministries. 3- Lack of coordination between SPC & line ministries. 4- Government requirements are not identified at the SPC. 5- Delay at the Government side. 6- Lack of information on expatriates and lack of CVs.

7 The New TOKTEN Signed in 2001 Duration of project 2001 – 2004 Project budget: US$ 100,000 Executing agency: UNOPS Target beneficiaries: Government ministries and institutions Public sector enterprises Academic and research institutions

8 New Features Working committee of ministerial focal points Designing TOKTEN web site Expanding the areas of focus from basic science and research to include general development matters, e-government, e-learning, strategic planning, tourism, administrative development…..etc Coordination with NOSSTIA (Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad)

9 Implementation Strategy Focal points study the requirements of their line ministries Creating a data bank of Syrian expatriates Holding monthly meetings to prioritize technical assistance needs Receiving request for expatriates through the Government counterpart Final decision on the selection of the appropriate expatriate will be made by a committee

10 Role of UNDP Receive Governments requests for TOKTEN expatriates Coordinate in the selection of the expatriate Contact the expatriates to seek availability Coordinate with the executing agency (UNOPS) Welcome the expatriate at his arrival and make him sign the Rules of Conduct for TOKTEN Volunteers Manage the monthly meetings Ensure the expatriate report is ready after his assignment

11 Role of Line Ministries Have a representative in the monthly meetings Study their requirements Ensure an office and all needed working environment to the expatriate Designate a counterpart to be trained by the expatriate The expatriate counterpart should evaluate the expatriate and recommend if to benefit from him in the future

12 Expected Outcomes Fast Survey of the ministries requirements to technical assistance Usage of TOKTEN forms in the new process Have immediate requests for TOKTEN consultants for this year Data bank on the 8 million Syrian expatriates Monthly meetings with focal points

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