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Student Organization Training Workshop Student Activities Board

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1 Student Organization Training Workshop Student Activities Board
University Policies and Procedures Terri Hurdle, Ed.D Student Activities Board Advisor Kelsey Pace, Internal VP, SAB

2 Presentation Overview
Policies and Procedures Registration Requirements Recognized Student Organization Privileges Organization Liability Conference and Event Services Public Safety and Grounds Questions

3 Registration Requirements
In order to be a fully accepted organization, all of the items listed below must be completed: Update Student organization Online Application Information Submit an updated copy of organization’s Constitution and Bylaws Submit an Updated Student organization Roster Attend Student organization Training Workshop Submit Student Organization Verification Form All of the above items must be completed by returning Student Organizations by November 15, 2012

4 Recognized Student Organization Privileges – University Facilities
Space in Steger Student Life Center Mailboxes 400 level (Ground Floor) Lockers and Cabinet drawers 600 level Conference rooms are available for meeting space as well as lounge space For reservations please

5 Registered Organization Privileges – Branding and Logo Usage
Merchandise designs must be approved by Martin Ludwig, Director of Licensing This includes: Stationary T-shirts Posters Give-a-ways Marketing/information brochures Merchandise may only be ordered from licensed vendors 5 licensed vendors for academic year YOU CANNOT SELL MERCHANDISE

6 Registered Organization Privileges – Blackboard/Web Site
Blackboard Account Access for Student Organizations Requests must be submitted to Terri Hurdle It must include: Full name and address of person managing student organization / Blackboard account A description of how Blackboard will help student organization The total number of members that will be enrolled in the organization. Web Site Request Procedure for student access to old (or new) website: Renew Registered Student organization status with SALD for the academic year.  Submit website registration form annually (or whenever there is a new webmaster). Accounts will be established when your student organization's Registration Form and Web Registration Form are received by SALD

7 Registered Organization Privileges
Participation in University sponsored events Eligibility for University Awards The Student Activities Board will host the Celebration of Student Involvement (CSI) Awards on April 3, 2013 to acknowledge student organizations in the following categories: Student organization of the Year Advisor of the Year Outstanding New organization Outstanding New Program/ Initiative Commitment to Diversity Outstanding organization Collaboration Community Service

8 Registered Organization Privileges – Posting
Policies Include your organization’s name on poster/flyer. Be sure posters are tasteful. Post on bulletin boards only No more than three posters/handbills in one area. Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information, located at Remove postings within three days after the event ends. No alcohol promotion or roommate search/sales etc.

9 Organization Liability
Educate your members YOU are responsible for informing members of policies and identifying risks associated with events/activities. Be familiar with the following University Policies: Alcohol The university shall implement and enforce the laws of the state of Ohio as stated in the Ohio Revised Code. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. Hazing The laws of the state of Ohio concerning hazing shall be observed. Hazing will not be tolerated!!

10 Organization Liability
Events Involving Alcohol should follow the procedures below: Held at a licensed facility. NO members of the organization should be directly involved in serving alcohol. If possible provide transportation to and from the event, or have designated drivers. Student Organizations cannot advertise alcohol promotions or sales on any marketing or other promotional materials For additional information please contact: Student Activities and Leadership Development: Office of General Counsel: Office of Risk Management:

11 Organization Liability- Permission and Release Waiver
Permission and Release Waiver All student organizations are required to complete a Permission and Release Form for all of the organization’s activities. The form must remain on file with your organization’s advisor and another copy must accompany you on organization outings (i.e.) Student Trips, Outings and other special events. Forms are available online at

12 Organization Liability- Student Travel Policy
Students participating in travel sponsored by the university must comply with the standards set forth by the Student Code of Conduct Travel sponsored by a student organization must be consistent with the organization’s mission and constitution. Each student must complete the Student Travel Authorization Form. Students traveling outside of the United States are required to register with UC International. All overnight travel sponsored by the organization must be monitored by a faculty ,staff member, or designated student organization member. The Travel Monitor is required to obtain itinerary details and contact information from each student traveler using the Student Travel Contact information form (domestic travel).

13 Organization Liability- Student Travel Policy
Student Travel terms and Definitions Organization Travel-travel is defined as three or more students Registered University Student Organization-a recognized student organization (must be registered with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development) Travel Monitor (Training is required )-Faculty, Staff, or designated student organization member responsible for the following: Obtaining contact and other relevant information for each traveler Providing the appropriate offices and organization advisor with travel itinerary, lodging, and emergency information and procedures

14 Organization Liability- Student Travel Policy
Travel Monitor Training Training for this position is listed in the travel policy, however, travel monitors and advisors must attend the formal training sponsored by the university. All advisors and student organization monitors are required to review this information. Copies of the appropriate form must be maintained by the Advisor and the Travel Monitor

15 Organization Liability- Student Travel Policy
Transportation Rental Rent transportation that has liability coverage SALD recommends the university’s transportation service Facilities: Transportation Forms can be found in the SALD office (455), SGA Office (655), and online at

16 Organization Liability- Student Code of Conduct
Applies to all students and must be followed at all times. Jurisdiction of the Student Code of Conduct Students On and Off Campus Behavior State of Ohio Division of Student Affairs and Services Division of Baccalaureate & Graduate Education

17 Organization Liability- University Weapons Policy
The following items are prohibited from being stored, sold or utilized on the university’s campus: Firearms Explosives of any description Ammunition, or anything used to threaten or harm including, but not limited to, firecrackers, compressed air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, paintball guns, knives, nerf guns, and water guns.

18 Organization Liability- Financial Management
Contracts Limit the authority within the organization to make financial commitments or authorize high-risk activity. All contracts should be reviewed by the advisor and sent through the University of Cincinnati’s process which includes signatures by the following individuals: Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development Advisor Associate Vice-President/Dean of Students Director of Business Affairs General Counsel Off campus Bank accounts Require at least two signatures for checks/withdrawal Must include the Advisor and Treasurer

19 Organization Liability-
Additional University Policies Policy for Drug-Free Campus Sexual Assault Policy Residence Education Policies Affirmative Action Policy Additional information on the above policies can be found at:

20 Conference and Event Services
Scheduling Facilities Go to and complete application to schedule facilities by clicking on the “Reserve Event Space” button. To check room availability, please call ext. 1 Room reservations must be made within five business days of event date If organizations desire to use space in TUC outside normal business hours, the fee is $ for each additional hour. A room rental fee will be charged if the event has an admission fee. If a student organization has to cancel an event, they must notify Conference & Event Services through written correspondence. It is always best to notify Conference & Event Services via as soon as possible as the fees vary depending on the room reserved. If this does not take place, organizations can be assessed a non-cancellation charge.

21 Conference and Event Services
Food and Facilities Tangeman University Center (TUC) has a contractual agreement with Aramark, no outside food is allowed. Food waivers are granted for special circumstances If Aramark does not have the capability to make the food (for example Kosher or international entrees). Organizations must pick up food if using alternative catering. A Room rental fee may be charged Student Friendly Catering Options: Papa John’s Chick-Fil-A Kuma Neko Aramark Student Menu

22 Conference and Event Services
Additional Services / Approvals Sidewalk chalking in specific areas Bake sales/raffles Main Street Cinema Amplification (Only Tuesdays and Thursdays) Promotional Requests Requests to utilize the promotional services provided by MainStreet Operations should be submitted to the following people: Televisions, Starbucks Banner, Table Advertisements, TUC: Janet Wolf, MainStreet Connections-TUC ,

23 Conference and Event Services- Expressive Activity Policy
Effective as of June 12, 2012, the University of Cincinnati’s Expressive Activity Policy is suspended by court order, as is any regulation of student speech found in the Use of Facilities Policy Manual and the MainStreet Student Event Guide. Students are not required to obtain permission for any expressive activity held in outdoor spaces. They still need permission for the TUC Atrium and the TUC MainStreet ExpressMart spaces.

24 Conference and Event Services- Expressive Activity Policy
The president of the university has directed as follows: Students who wish to engage in any expressive activity in groups of 25 or fewer, including the solicitation of signatures on petitions, may do so, without any prior notice to the university, in the Free Speech Area and the open campus areas, plazas, and sidewalks. Students who wish to engage in any expressive activity in groups of more than 25: are asked to call Campus Scheduling ( ) at least 24 hours in advance, and may conduct activities in the same locations, except that the university reserves the ability, on a case-by-case basis, to change the location of a very large activity (groups of 5,000 or more), but only to the extent necessary to ensure the safety and security of the university community. Students engaging in any activity on campus are to adhere to the student code of conduct and always to acquit themselves in accordance with applicable law.

25 Conference and Event Services- Expressive Activity Policy
Locations Bearcat Pavilion Bearcat Plaza Campus Green CRC East CRC West MainStreet Express Mart Lobby McMicken Commons Northwest McMicken Commons Sigma Sigma Commons TUC Atrium TUC Plaza

26 Conference and Event Services- Public Safety
Student organizations are responsible for all fees associated with security & grounds. Security is automatically assigned using the following criteria: Event Attendance (i.e. 50 or more individuals) If Alcohol is being served Event Focus (Political Rally, Concert, Speaker, Controversial Subject) Organization and/or Event History Location of the Activity The individual who reserves the event must follow up with Public Safety prior to the event to verify if security will be required. Please note that organizations cannot determine whether or not security is deemed necessary for their event or program.

27 Conference and Event Services- Public Safety
For those organizations that are budget planning for an event a security fee estimate can be calculated on the cost estimate form at the following link:

28 Student Organization Training Workshop

29 Student Organization Training Workshop
University Funding Board Treasurers Workshop

30 Student Organization Training 2012-2013
University Funding Board

31 Introductions My Name: Bryan Buechner
My Position: External Vice President Student Government Office: 655 Steger Student Life Center (SSLC)

32 Today’s Agenda Before Requesting Funds The Process of Requesting Funds
After Requesting Funds

33 Step 1: Are we eligible? ELIGIBLE NOT ELIGIBLE
Group is open to all UC students Group has restrictive membership (i.e., club sports, Greek organizations, honoraries) Group has registered with Student Activities Board (SAB) Group receives any kind of academic credit New Organization (Must wait 10 weeks after becoming a group to request funding) Any group eligible for GSGA funds

34 Important Information
Each Group is allotted up to $7,000/year. Must submit budget and follow UFB criteria to attain these funds Each Group has $300/year in operating funds This money does not require you to create a budget but it does require exact documentation of funds used Your Responsibility

35 Step 2: What kind of event are we planning?
Program: “An event that is held on or off campus that does NOT require the group to stay overnight to attend.” Conference: “An event off campus in which any member of the group will stay overnight as a part of the event.”

36 Step 3: How do I fill out the budget request form?
Budget request forms can be found online by going to and selecting “Important Documents” under the UFB tab Budget requests MUST be typed Page 1: Request for Funding Name of group and name of event Specific Dates If you are renting a UC vehicle, use the dates you will pick up/drop off the vehicle Person who Attended Student Group Training Workshop Signature Advisor Signature Description of the Event Purpose of the Event Needs to align with the purpose of the group

37 Step 3: How do I fill out the budget request form?
Page 2: Line Items Conference Registration: registration fees Facility/Equipment Rental: Campus spaces, security, tables, chairs, etc Advertising/Copies: FedEx, campus printing Transportation: UC vehicle rental (NO AIRLINE TICKETS) Gas: Mileage x .025 Hotel/Lodging: for students traveling Honorarium: the cost of the speaker/performer Other related expenses: per diem, lodging, transportation (airline tickets), etc Food/Beverages: total of all food/beverages Other: tickets, paper items for food/beverages, etc. After you are done filling out the Budget Request Form you need to attach documentation

38 Items Generally Not Funded
Seed Money (Loan) Student Gifts/Giveaways Honoraria for University students, faculty, staff, or administrators Service Contracts (Coaches, Photographers) Media Equipment (magazines, videos, films) Electronics Alcohol Dues/Insurance (National/State Dues, Insurance) (Page 24 of Funding Facts Packet)

39 Step 4: What kind of documentation do we need?
Documentation is the most important part Each line item on your budget needs to have documentation The more documentation the better Example: XYZ Group wants to spend $ on food. Receipts, pictures of prices on food, or invoice from company is needed

40 Step 4: What kind of documentation do we need?
Advertising Advertising with RSVP is required if.. an event on campus has food and beverages and has limited availability (per plate) OR event is located off campus Food You can get up to $2000 to pay for food at up to two events each year. Food only for UC students Cannot use Kroger Rewards or other shopping benefit cards Lodging UFB can fund up to $1500 of lodging per year for conferences Performer’s lodging is not included in $1500 Transportation Airlines tickets for guest speakers ONLY We will pay $0.25 a mile for gas in UC Vehicles ONLY **Cannot use third party vendors for transportation/lodging (i.e., Hotwire, Expedia, etc)**

41 Agendas/itineraries are required for all programmed events
STEP 4: What kind of documentation do we need? Agendas/itineraries are required for all programmed events


43 Step 4: What kind of documentation do we need?
M-Numbers Groups traveling to a conference or anywhere in a university provided vehicle must provide a completed Travel Authorization form and roster (with M numbers) This includes everyone, not just the people who are including in the conference fees that UFB funds Failure to have the above documentation (including M numbers) results in a denial of the budget and this is non-appealable.

44 Step 4: What kind of documentation do we need?
UFB can deduct funding from a budget. This can be helped by visiting a UFB representative during his/her office hour. There are two types of deductions: 100% Deductions 25% Deductions Not meeting the deadline: Two Thursdays before your program date before 3pm All items that do not fully explain the cost breakdown of each item (25% deduction from actual cost of item) Signatures do not match Mathematical miscalculations (copying from documentation to budget, adding/subtracting errors) Missing M-numbers of ALL STUDENTS traveling Each line item that does not have proper documentation

45 Step 5: What do I do when I’m finished making my budget?
Get it checked by a UFB representative UFB tab “office hours” During office hours, representatives will check for: Balanced figures Proper documentation Correct signatures Acceptable purpose/description of event Student group will receive an office hour checklist Come to the UFB meeting: Thursdays, 6pm 423 TUC Answer questions Give explanations

46 Step 6: What do I do after my budget is heard?
Denied Create a new budget You cannot apply for the same event twice New date, event, name Appeal You only have one week to turn in your appeal along with the proper documentation Due by 3pm the next Thursday You cannot appeal automatic deductions Passed Congratulations! Visit Erin in 655 Steger Student Life Center She will tell you what forms to fill out AND How to obtain the money you were approved for

47 Step 7: What do I do after I have my awesome event?
Assessment Forms (Online) UFB tab Assessment Form You must fill out an assessment form online and turn in all your receipts within TEN days of your event If the form is filled out late, UFB will freeze the group’s funds for a number of days equal to ½ the number of days late the form was If your groups fails to fill out an assessment form, the budget request will not be heard for at least THREE business days

48 Can I host events with other groups?
Co-Sponsorship: An event hosted by 2 or more student groups (at least one UFB funded) that aligns with the purpose of each group involved Only one funding request is required Limitations on Co-Sponsorships Food cannot exceed $2000 per events Cannot spend more than $3500 each year on co-sponsored events

49 This is required regardless of if groups are UFB funded/Non-UFB funded
Co-Sponsorships (pg. 23) Filling Out the Paperwork Front Page President/treasurer and advisor’s signature from BOTH organizations Request Page: Each line item should have… What organization(s) is incurring this cost How much the organization(s) is/are spending on that cost Treat like a regular budget in terms of documentation This is required regardless of if groups are UFB funded/Non-UFB funded



52 Co-Sponsorships “Sub total” line item – total amount being spent by each co-sponsoring group (UFB funded/Non-UFB funded) “Less Co-Sponsorship” line item – Only to be filled out if co-sponsoring organization is non-UFB funded (i.e., corporations, UC Offices, etc.)

53 Changes for this year Budgets must be TYPED
Lodging maximum is now $1500 Co-Sponsorships Cover page/request Evening Office Hours Wednesdays 5-7pm

54 Important Dates February 21 2013, last day to spend operating funds
Requests for Summer funding due the 10th week of spring semester Requests for Fall 2013 due the 13th week of spring semester

55 Helpful Hints Documentation is KEY Check the math
Budgets must be TYPED Make sure event is educational Have a UFB representative check your budget before it’s turned in!

56 Membership Each fall we have a membership drive for UFB. This year, we have 4 open spots Open House for students interested in joining UFB September 6, SSLC September 13, SSLC September 21: Membership Applications Due Find applications in Student Government Office (655 SSLC)

57 Thank You! Bryan Buechner (office) 513-556-1195

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