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TRAVEL TRAINING. Travel Questions: Michelle Holt…………………………………..…..49037 Linda Ford……..…………………………………..41699

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2 Travel Questions: Michelle Holt…………………………………..… Linda Ford……..………………………………… Travel Fax……………………………………………41379 Travel Arranger for Business Services Staff Linda Harvey……………………………………… Travel Website: Contact Information:

3 Brief Overview of Concur Travel & Expense Process Present Overview of the University Travel Regulations Explain Changes & Updates Answer Your Questions Objectives:

4 Overview of Concur Travel & Expense Travel transformation from manual, paper-based into an electronic booking and expense system. To streamline, simplify by automating booking, authorization and reimbursement Integrate a travel agency (ALTOUR) Increase services to travelers Visibility into travel spend for leverage in negotiating discounts with suppliers Provide improved risk management Implement a travel card program to reduce travelers out-of-pocket expenses

5 Overview of Concur Travel & Expense Concur Travel & Expense is the leading provider of integrated travel & expense management solutions and a trusted partner of many universities across the United States. Some benefits are: Through workflow, automate booking, authorization, & reimbursement One Stop Shop with travel policies built in Automatically captures e-receipts and travel card charges Provides smartphone apps to make travel arrangements, attach receipts, submit requests/reimbursements, and approve others travel/expense from anywhere, anytime

6 Overview of Concur Travel & Expense Four-Way Integration: Concur Travel & Expense ALTOUR Travel JP Morgan Chase Travel Card SAP Four basic roles in Concur Travel & Expense: Traveler Approver Delegate (Arranger/Assistant) Administrator

7 Overview of Concur Travel & Expense Implementation/Rollout Plan We are currently in a soft pilot rollout of Comptroller, Procurement and University Development The Rollout will follow the HR Org Chart rollout and is expected to take at least 8-10 months.

8 Each employee is unique and requires fair treatment. The Business Office serves as our liaison on campus. CURRENT PURDUE TRAVEL PROGRAM

9 DOMESTIC Travel within and between: United States (50 States) U.S. possessions and territories American Samoa Guam Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico Swains Island U.S. Virgin Islands Types of Travel:

10 In-State / Blanket Travel: Is there a Difference?? Yes!

11 In-State Travel: IN-STATE TRAVEL All travel within the State of Indiana

12 We will not expect to see a Form 17 when travel is inside the State of Indiana unless the traveler is not approved by the department head for In-State travel. In-State Travel:

13 Blanket Travel: Travel that frequently goes into contiguous states outside of Indiana. Example: County Extension and Statewide Technology

14 Blanket Travel Other special circumstances Greater than 12 trips a year outside the State of Indiana to the same location for the same reason Example: Traveling to Washington, DC 2-3 times a month to collaborate on a project.

15 Blanket Travel If Blanket Travel applies, the box must be checked on the Form 25

16 Out of State Travel: ALL DOMESTIC TRAVEL –United States –U.S. Possessions & territories EXCEPT IN-STATE

17 Foreign Travel: Travel outside: –United States (50 States) –U.S. possessions and territories


19 Approval Process: Approvals must be obtained prior to travel for all types of travel. The Approval Process: –Communicates the need to travel –Presents an estimate of expenses –Gains approval(s)

20 In-State/Blanket Approval: Approval of In-State and Blanket travel is delegated to the Department Heads. Each department must develop their own travel approval process for in- state and blanket travel.

21 In-State Approval: Memo listing all personnel in a department that is approved to travel inside the State of Indiana Staff can be added or deleted Memo should be renewed annually (fiscal or calendar).

22 Blanket Travel Approval: Memo generally for a specific person or group (Extension educators from Vermilion County) and reason. New memos for staff can be added or deleted as necessary Memo should be renewed annually (fiscal or calendar) if the situation is the same.

23 FORM 17 APPROVAL PROCESS DOMESTIC TRAVEL (Other than In-State or Blanket) All Funds Source of Funds/Fiscal Approval Signature (Line 19) Delegated to Business Office Based on approval level of Comptroller authorization Verify for allowability, reasonableness, fund availability, and university policy Programmatic Approval Signature (Line 20) May be Delegated to Department Head Confirm the trip is appropriate and within the mission of the department Department for Completion

24 FORM 17 APPROVAL PROCESS FOREIGN TRAVEL Non-Sponsored Program Funds including NIH, NSF, and Voluntary Support administered by SPS Fiscal Approval Source of Funds - Line 19 based on level of Comptroller authorization Programmatic Approval – Line 20 Vice President, Dean or Designee Department for Completion Sponsored Program Funds (Other than NIH, NSF, and Voluntary Support) SPS Source of Funds – Line 15 Programmatic Approval – Line 20 Vice President, Dean or Designee Department for Completion Funding Split between SPS and other funding Fiscal Approval Source of Funds - Line 19 based on level of Comptroller authorization SPS Source of Funds – Line 15 Programmatic Approval – Line 20 Vice President, Dean or Designee Department for Completion

25 Role of the Business Office þ Documents are complete þ All approval signatures are obtained þ Funds are available to support trip þ Federal Funds?? þProper Use of U.S. Carrier/Code Share þIf non-US Carrier used, is Certification attached þ Appropriate use of G/L account numbers

26 Travel allowable and allocable Proper application of policy þ Travel Warnings þ Vehicle Use Policy þ Personal Time þ Cost Comparisons Provided

27 Role of the Business Office Sponsored program review (other than NIH, NSF, or Voluntary Support) Dont Assume – Check thoroughly before approving!

28 Verified by Business Office: International Evacuation & Medical Insurance If the traveler is going to a country outside the 50 United States, they must be covered by the International Evacuation & Medical Insurance Form 17 - Line 11 and 14J Length of Stay: 1 – 35 days $0 for faculty and staff $32 for students and grad students A copy of the completed and approved form 17 must be sent/faxed to Risk Management ( )

29 Verified by Business Office: VEHICLE USE POLICY If the traveler has expenses on Form 17 Box 14: A, B, C, or E Box 17 must be checked or no reimbursement is allowable for these items. The traveler must check this box even if reimbursement is not being requested. Risk Management

30 TRAVEL WARNINGS If there is a travel warning for the country of business location, the Form 17 must be routed to Dean of International Programs for additional approval on Line 21. The traveler must complete the waiver form. Current Travel Warnings Verified by Business Office:

31 Subsistence / Per Diem / M & IE What is Subsistence / Per Diem / M & IE (Meals & Incidental Expenses)? A fixed amount of daily reimbursement given for meals and incidental expenses when traveling away from home on business. Paid at federal CONUS/OCONUS Based on Location of University Business

32 Subsistence / Per Diem / M & IE Meals Tips (meals) Telephone Calls (other than business) Laundry, Dry Cleaning, or Pressing Clothes (Travel less than 4 days) Appliances in Room Television / Movies Games Locksmith Late Check-Out Fees Travel Insurance (ticket guarantees) Is Intended to Pay for:

33 Allowable Miscellaneous Expenses ( For Business Only): Baggage charges Services of guides, interpreters, or drivers Reasonable accommodations for employees with special needs, i.e., services of an attendant/assistant Use of computers, printers, fax machines, and scanners Official telephone calls and/or phone service Fees for conference/meeting rooms and equipment

34 Allowable Miscellaneous Expenses ( For Business Only): Wi-Fi Fees for Business Use Laundry, cleaning, and pressing of clothing –To qualify, the traveler must at least 4 consecutive nights on official business Lodging fees/taxes, energy surcharges when fees are not optional –Safe in room or daily telephone fees Emergency purchases of materials or services –Film, batteries, copies, etc

35 Objectives: Subsistence Overnight Travel Domestic & Foreign Travel on or after 7/1/2012 First and Last Day of Travel 75% of Full Day M & IE Rate (Based upon Location of Business That Day) Additional days in Travel Status 100% of Full Day M & IE Rate (Based upon Location of Business That Day)

36 Objectives: Subsistence Overnight Travel Domestic & Foreign Travel on or after 7/1/2012 For trips involving multiple approved business locations in one day: Subsistence will be paid at the rate for the location of lodging

37 SUBSISTENCE (Domestic & Foreign) (Travel on or after 7/1/2012) When travel is Your allowance is More than 12 but less than 24 hours 75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate for each calendar day you are in a travel status. 24 hours or more, on The day of departure 75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate. Full days of travel 100 percent of the applicable M&IE rate. The last day of travel 75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate to the previous day of travel.

38 MEAL DEDUCTIONS - Domestic (Travel on or after 7/1/2012) Total M&IE $46$51$56$61$66$71 Breakfast (Including Continental Breakfast) Lunch Dinner Incidentals First & Last Day of Travel

39 MEAL DEDUCTIONS – Outside the Continental United States (Travel on or after 7/1/2012) Allocation of M & IE rates to be used in making meal deductions for travel to localities outside the Continental United States. Allocations from $1 to $265 are provided on this site. If the M & IE rate is greater than $265, allocate 15%, 25% and 40% of the total to breakfast, lunch and dinner, respectively. The remainder is the incidental expense allowance.


41 Subsistence-Same Day To qualify for subsistence for same day travel, employees must be in travel status (not combined work and travel) away from their *official station/tax home twelve (12) hours or more without purchasing lodging. *Official Station: The travelers regular place of business, post of duty or official work station. It includes the entire city or general area in which the business or work is located.

42 Same Day - Subsistence: TRAVEL ALLOWANCE TRAVEL STATUS 75% of the CONUS rate for business destination 12 to 24 Hours (Travel Only) No Subsistence Allowed Less Than 12 Hours (Travel Only)

43 SUBSISTENCE Domestic and Foreign for Travel before July 1, 2012.

44 Subsistence Domestic & Foreign Overnight Travel FULL DAY (Based on Location of Lodging) 100% OF Full Day M & IE Rate Leave before 8 AM; return after 5 PM PARTIAL DAY (Based on Location of Lodging) 75% of Full Day M & IE Rate Leave after 8 AM; return before 5 PM

45 Meal Deductions: Meals Provided: Breakfast: Deduct 25% of Full M & IE Rate Lunch: Deduct 25% of Full M & IE Rate Dinner: Deduct 50% of Full M & IE Rate


47 Subsistence-Same Day To qualify for subsistence for same day travel, employees must be in travel status (not combined work and travel) away from their *official station/tax home twelve (12) hours or more without purchasing lodging. *Official Station: The travelers regular place of business, post of duty or official work station. It includes the entire city or general area in which the business or work is located.

48 Subsistence-Same Day TRAVEL ALLOWANCE TRAVEL STATUS 75% of the CONUS rate for business destination 12 Hours but less than 16 Hours (Travel Only) 100% of the CONUS rate for business destination 16 Hours or More (Travel Only)

49 Click on Subsistence Link to find Domestic Per Diem Rates

50 Click on CONUS To Find Appropriate Per Diem Rate

51 The Federal Fiscal Year is 10/1 – 9/30 Be sure to Click the Down Arrow To find Appropriate Year

52 CLICK INSIDE STATE Be sure correct year is selected What is the CONUS rate for Los Angeles, California?


54 What is the per diem rate For Wheaton, IL It isnt listed under Primary Destination. Now what do I do?!?

55 Click here to go to National Assn of Counties CITY NOT LISTED UNDER PRIMARY DESTINATION?

56 Click on Search for County Enter the city name (Do not enter state)


58 CLICK INSIDE STATE Be sure correct year is selected


60 What if neither the City nor County are listed?!?!

61 CLICK INSIDE STATE Be sure correct year is selected

62 Standard Per Diem Found in first row of all states $46.00 PER DAY (October1, 2011 – September 30, 2012)

63 Subsistence: Alaska & Hawaii per diem rates

64 Click on Subsistence Tab Click on the Alaska, Hawaii, US Possessions Link Then #1 – Department of Defense Per Diem

65 OR Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories & Possessions (Non Contiguous) Click here on the CONUS site

66 1) Click drop-down arrow to select COUNTRY/STATE 2) Click drop-down arrow to specify Date of Travel 3) Click CALCULATE Department of Defense Site

67 To find total per diem rate Add: Local Meals and Local Incidental

68 Total Per Diem: $120 For Isle of Maui Add: Local Meals: $96 Local Incidental: $24

69 Subsistence - Foreign FOREIGN TRAVEL Reimbursed at the Federal OCONUS Rate (Outside Continental United States)




73 Sydney $157 for October 2011 FIND CITY (POST) NAME AND M & IE (PER DIEM) RATE


75 Subsistence: Domestic and Foreign Meals & Incidental Expenses (M & IE) are paid at the rate for the location of business from time the individual leaves station until return to station. Trips involving multiple approved business locations in one day will be paid at the location of lodging. M & I E rate at rest stop will be paid at rest stop rate if lodging is obtained - otherwise at destination rate

76 Foreign Travel REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES: Visas, passports & other travel documents Including fees for a physical examination if one is required to obtain a passport and/or visa Photographs for travel documents Foreign County Exit Fees Costs of Birth, health and identity certificates (when required) Inoculations (when required) Currency exchange fees

77 Currency Exchange: The calculation for the exchange should be printed from web or written directly on the receipt.

78 Results Enter date of travel Enter currency type needed Enter currency type Some sites do not allow a date to be entered.

79 Be sure to print conversion w/note matching the expense or write currency exchange and dollar amount on the receipt.

80 Mileage: Travel in privately owned vehicles is reimbursed according to actual miles traveled. Mileage rate is intended to compensate the traveler for gasoline, vehicle wear and tear, and insurance coverage on the personal vehicle.

81 Mileage: Mileage to common destinations has been computed by the Travel Office and can be found at: tion/Car/milechrt.html

82 Mileage When two or more staff travel together in a personal vehicle, the mileage reimbursement amount may not exceed the Drive VS Fly rule and may only be reimbursed to the driver of the personal vehicle. Each traveler is entitled to the allowable subsistence and lodging per policy.

83 Mileage: Current Rate: Mileage Rate for travel on or after July 1, 2011 – December 31, 2012: 55.5 cents per mile Prior Rate: Mileage Rate for travel between January 1, 2011 – June 30, 2011: 51 cents per mile

84 Mileage: Mileage is limited to the DRIVE vs. FLY Rule


86 Drive Vs Fly The mileage reimbursement cannot exceed the best available airfare prior to travel. Expense must be the lesser of the actual mileage expense or total of: prior Best available airfare (prior to travel) Cost comparison from multiple carriers must be provided Roundtrip mileage to airport Airport Parking (Days of Business at our negotiated rate) Shuttle expense to/from airport to business location (Not Rental Car)

87 Receipts: Receipts (documentary evidence) are not required if expense, other than lodging, is less than $75. Receipts are ALWAYS required for lodging.

88 Receipts: under Incidental expenses may be totaled in reasonable categories, i.e., parking, without receipts as long as the total is under $75.

89 Rental Vehicles: Original itemized receipt must accompany the Form 25, Request for Reimbursement (unless under $75) Parking and gasoline charges for rental vehicles are reimbursable

90 Rental Vehicles If the traveler opts for a weekly rate (5 or 7 day) because the total cost is less than expense at the daily rate for the business days, the weekly rate amount will be reimbursed, unless the traveler extends the stay for personal reasons. If the traveler extends the stay for personal reasons, the weekly rate will be pro-rated and only the amount directly related to University business will be reimbursed.

91 4-Day Business Event Vehicle rental cost is $35/day or $125/5-day week 1) If the traveler opts for the weekly rate Allowable reimbursement is: $125 - If trip is not extended for personal business 2) If traveler opts for daily rental Allowable reimbursement is: $35 X 4 business days = $140 The weekly rental option provides a $15 savings and is encouraged.

92 4-Day Business Event Vehicle rental cost is $35/day or $125/5-day week If the traveler opts for the weekly rate and extends travel for personal business keeping the rental vehicle for the additional day. Allowable reimbursement is: $125 weekly rate/5 rental days = $25/day times 4 days = $100 $25 of the cost is the traveler's personal expense


94 Rental Vehicles: FOREIGN RENTALS Risk Management requests that travelers purchase basic insurance when renting a vehicle in another country Check Memos on Risk Management website: x.html

95 Rental Vehicles: QUESTION: Does a traveler need a higher priced convertible or SUV rental when a standard or intermediate car will accomplish the mission of the trip? ANSWER: No, unless business need is documented Size of Vehicle?

96 Rental Vehicles Purdue has 2 preferred rental car agreements: National Car Rental: Contract ID Enterprise Car Rental: Contract ID XZ08035 PIN: PUR Links to book directly are found at:

97 Air Travel Reimbursed at economy/coach fare Must use a U.S. Carrier (if trip supported by Federal funding)

98 Air Travel: Important information for new travelers Faculty and staff traveling on University business may prepay the cost of airfare expenses (without any personal destinations) using the department purchasing card as long as Form 17 is completed with all necessary approval signatures. The use of the purchasing card for pre- payment of travel expenses is limited to airfare and registration fees.

99 Air Travel: The purchasing card may only be used for official University business. It should Not be used for combination business and personal airfare.

100 Air Travel Airfare Receipts must include: Name of Traveler Name/Designator Code of Air Carrier Dates of Travel Destination(s) or leg(s) of trip Fare/Class of ticket Total cost of ticket

101 Air Travel Airfare Receipts Passenger Coupon, Itinerary, E-ticket Receipt or combination of Required Information may be used as payment documentation (unless under $75) If an internet booking tool, such as Expedia, is used be sure to print the confirmation of payment, not the quote. Attach receipt/documentation to the Form 25. NOTE: Boarding Passes and Credit Card Receipts may only be used as back-up documentation to verify required information.

102 Air Travel If traveler upgrades, to business or first class, documentation should be provided to show no additional cost incurred. A cost comparison must be attached as proof. Any charges to use points are not reimbursable.

103 Air Travel Why must I travel using US Flag Air Carrier when using federal funds? This is a federal regulation is NOT a Purdue policy It applies to both domestic and foreign air travel. 49 USC (commonly known as the Fly America Act), to use U.S. flag air carrier service for all travel funded by federal funds.

104 Air Travel: What is U.S. Flag Air Carrier Service? When the ticket identifies the U.S. flag carriers designator code and flight number. American AirlinesAA United AirlineUA

105 Air Travel: CODE SHARE U.S. Flag Air Carrier service also includes service provided under a code share/partnership agreement with a foreign air carrier in accordance with Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations.

106 Air Travel: What is a CODE SHARE Flight? Each carrier can lease space on the aircraft owned by the other carrier (domestic & foreign). The traveler is considered to be on a Code Share flight if a ticket is purchased from one carrier but traveler flies on the aircraft of another carrier.

107 Air Travel: What should the ticket show to qualify as a US Carrier when using Federal Funds and purchasing a code share ticket? Allowable when paying with federal funds: UA 1002 (Operated by LH 1224) Not Allowable when paying with federal funds: LH 1224 (Operated by UA 1002) DESIGNATOR CODES: UA = United Airlines LH = Lufthansa (non US Carrier)

108 Air Travel May I travel on foreign air carrier if cost of ticket is less or its more convenient or preferred by traveler? No PRF or non-federal funds may be used to reimburse the traveler for the airfare.

109 Air Travel: Must the traveler provide any special certification or document if a foreign air carrier is properly used when the trip is paid by federal funds? YES The traveler must provide a signed statement including: a) Name of Traveler b) Dates Traveled c) Detailed itinerary of travel including air carrier, flight number for each leg of trip d) Statement explaining which exception applies and comparison/quote if needed. This form is found at:

110 Air Travel For list of approved exceptions that qualify as proper use a non-US flag carrier when trip is funded by federal funds. Visit: Air_Travel/airfaretravel.html#usflag

111 Bus / Train: Travel by bus or train is a reimbursable expense provided acceptable receipts (if $75 or greater) are provided. University travelers must use coach- class accommodations.

112 Train: Coach-class is defined as: The basic class of accommodations offered by a rail carrier to passengers that includes a level of service available to all passengers regardless of fare paid. Coach-class may include slumber coach accommodations when overnight train travel is involved.

113 Taxi: Reimbursement is limited to travel between official business station and Transportation terminal Location of University Business To research site To transport prospective or current donors NOTE: The starting and ending locations of each taxi trip must be indicated on the Form 25.

114 Lodging: Lodging expense is reimbursable with an original receipt from a commercial lodging establishment or print out the paid receipt from online booking tool.

115 Lodging: Lodging may be prepaid in Egencia Corporate Travel (ECT) by a Certified Arranger or in Purdue Always check payment types when booking: Expense hits card immediately – PU Expense hits card day of check-in - ECT Hold/Reserve only – traveler must pay with personal card at check-in (Both PU and ECT) Be sure traveler is aware of booking type Traveler should always take copy of booking information/confirmation to present at check-in. Traveler must always have a personal credit card available when checking in at the hotel.

116 Lodging: A lodging receipt is always required! The lodging receipt should be itemized The receipt must show dates of occupancy and the name and address of the place of lodging. Single/Standard room rate or a notation signed by hotel clerk if non-employee stayed in room with traveler (Room rates for 1-2 people are fine as long as its a standard room)

117 Lodging Late checkout fees are not reimbursable Most lodging establishments have facilities to store luggage If there is a fee for storing luggage it is a reimbursable expense

118 Registrations May be prepaid by invoice voucher or P-card Proper approvals must be obtained prior to payment Prepayments should be noted in box 14 of Form 17 (if required) Meals, tours, and other costs in addition to the registration fee must be paid by the traveler

119 Registrations: Individual Membership Dues Are Reimbursable if Under $500 ership_Listing/dirpymt.html


121 Airfare / Business w-Personal Reimbursement is not allowable for personal destinations included in airfare. If traveler includes personal destinations with business travel: – The dept P-card cannot be used to prepay and – A comparison/quote for airfare to business destination for the days of business must be obtained prior to the trip.

122 Only the amount directly related to university business can be reimbursed if the traveler keeps the vehicle for personal days. The reimbursement must be pro- rated for personal days. Car Rental / Business w-Personal

123 Lodging / Business w-Personal If the room is shared with family or friends, it is the traveler's responsibility to ask the hotel to indicate the single room rate on the receipt at the time of check- out. Any additional days stayed while on personal business is not reimbursable.

124 Subsistence will not be reimbursed for any days in which an employee is in vacation status Subsistence / Business w-Personal

125 Parking expenses at airport and hotels must be reduced for any personal days Parking / Business w-Personal

126 Cost Comparisons/Quotes Comparisons are acceptable if: Obtained prior to travel Show the lowest available commercial coach airfare (using quote from multiple carriers) for one individual traveling to and from the business destination for the days of business!

127 ARE REQUIRED WHEN: Under Drive VS Fly Rule Leaving from location other than official station Discounted fare due to overnight stay (generally Saturday night) Cost Comparisons/Quotes

128 Combining personal and business destinations When using private, leased or chartered air When using a train instead of air travel to go from one place to another in a foreign country Cost Comparisons/Quotes

129 1)Printout from an online vendor, such as, Expedia or (showing multiple carriers) a.Acceptable comparison printouts should be the first page of search results b.A comparison is for all available flights and airlines. 2)A written statement from a travel agency 3)Copy of a co-workers airfare receipt that attended the same business event without any personal time or destinations. WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTATION ? Cost Comparisons/Quotes

130 To qualify as 'prior', the comparison should be obtained before the purchase of airfare. Best Practice: Get comparison at same time tickets are purchased One Way tickets purchased separately to travel on personal business may not be used as a comparison Cost Comparisons/Quotes

131 COST COMPARISON/QUOTES This would be the lowest available - $452.50

132 This would be the lowest available - $520 COST COMPARISON/QUOTES


134 No Quote? Travel will be reimbursed as follows: In the event a traveler has not provided a required comparison/quote prior to the trip, the comparison will be obtained by the Central Travel Office staff rather than the traveler or business office providing one. Any remaining cost is the traveler's responsibility.

135 State Rates SPS Grants may require the use of state travel reimbursement rates for Domestic or Foreign travel

136 State Rates: Domestic Travel Funded by State of Indiana / SPS Grants IN-STATE $26.00 Per Day OUT-OF-STATE $32.00 Per Day

137 State Rates: SUBSISTENCE RATES FOREIGN OVERNIGHT SPS Grants Requiring Use of State Rates $90 - Japan $85 - Korea and Taiwan $65 - China, France, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore $50 - For all other countries

138 State Rates: MILEAGE For Travel On or After May 1, 2011 All Mileage $.44 PER MILE tation/statefundedtravel.html#current_mileage

139 Variance Statements: Required When: Significant change in business location (different cities, states or countries) There is a change in business travel dates Subsistence is requested for more than two days over number of business days approved Dollar amount is more than approximately 20% different than estimate Change in account number

140 Cancelled Trips Dept head may cancel trip Emergencies occur, such as Illness of traveler Illness of immediate family member All other reasons must be approved in writing by individual who approved Form 17.

141 Cancelled Trips If the University prepaid the airfare, a ticket can only be exchanged for a trip based solely on business. Personal destination may NOT be included.

142 No Expense Form 17 A Form 17 is required even if there is no expense to university Designate: No Cost to University on Form 17. Keep on file in the business office.

143 Reimbursement Form 25 Travel Reimbursement Request An employee is reimbursed after adequately accounting for travel expenses by giving a statement of expense showing dates and destinations of business travel along with documentary evidence (such as receipts), mileage, and other expenses related to business travel.

144 Reimbursement All reimbursements for university business travel should be requested within a reasonable period of time. Reasonable Period of Time: 120 days from the end of the business trip.

145 Form 25 Routing: Traveler or department prepares the Form 25 Traveler must sign document Business office audits the Form 25 for compliance with university travel policies All accompanying documents are attached

146 Form 25 Routing: Department head or person with Dept. Head signature authority must sign the form to approve the funding Be sure its correct before signing If the same person is signing both lines, initials are acceptable on the comptroller line.

147 Common Errors Missing Signatures Traveler Approvals Driver Certification Box Not checked Official Business Dates & Times Confusion between Box 5-6 and 10 US Dept of State Warning Link Missing Waiver

148 Common Errors Wrong PUID No Cost Comparison Rental Vehicle - Insurance Airfare - U.S. Air Carrier / Code Share Form 17 approvals prior to travel & prepayments Drive Vs Fly Rules


150 Reimbursement Reimbursement is Sent Directly to the Employee Via Direct Deposit or Check

151 Remittance Advice The remittance advice (Check Stub) will be ed to those with direct deposit as long as their address is in the OnePurdue system. Otherwise, it will be with check.


153 Helpful Hints to Avoid Delays Educate your travelers!!! Review before signing – Dont Assume Become familiar with the travel website Join the travel mailing list – Read Purdue News or Purdue Today Dont wait on the Central Travel Office to find a problem – call or us if in doubt Same general rules apply for both domestic and foreign travel


155 Approximately 31,000 travel reimbursement documents are processed per year.


157 Questions Questions

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