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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

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1 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Since 1963

2 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
KFUPM LOCATION City of Dhahran Eastern Province Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dhahran

3 KFUPM LOCATION KFUPM is located in Dhahran, between the headquarters of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SAUDI ARAMCO) and the Dhahran Air Base. It is situated on top of the geologic dome, or anticline, where the first petroleum was discovered in Dammam Well No. 7, located about half a kilometer from the campus. A number of producing oil wells were at one time actually on University land

4 KFUPM LOCATION The campus is situated near the Arabian Gulf.
About 7 km from the town of Al-Khobar. The port city of Dammam, capital of the Eastern Province, is only 20 km away. The oil refinery at Ras Tanura is 70 km from the campus. The island of Bahrain, an independent kingdom some 35 km from the Saudi coastline, can be seen from the campus during clear weather. The oil-producing town of Abqaiq is located 70 km west. the ancient oasis of Al-Hasa is situated about 130 km south of the University campus.

5 KFUPM Campuses Dhahran Campus (Main Campus). Dammam Community College.
Hail Community College. Hafr Al-Batin Community College.

6 Organization at a glance
Date of Establishment: 1963 Language of Instruction: English Instructional model: Semester credit-hour system Academic Organization & Programs: 6 Colleges 22 Departments 53 Degree Programs (BS, MS, ME, MAcc, MBA, & Ph.D.) Faculty and Students: Above 900 faculty members (from 5 continents) Above 8500 students (including 512 grads)


8 College Of Sciences (CS) at a glance
Five Departments Chemistry Earth Sciences Islamic & Arabic Studies Mathematical Sciences Physics  100 T&R Laboratories  140 Faculty Members (+ 40 lecturers)  500 papers by CS faculty in reputed intl. journals or series (SCI/ISI Proceeding) for last 5 years

9 FACULTY Assoc. Prof.: 47 Professor : 36 Lecturers: 44
Assist. Prof.: 70 Lecturers: 44 Teaching Assist.: 4 Professor : 36

Faculty 17 Nationalities

11 Journal Publications 174 Technical Reports 13 Books/Manual 04 Research
COLLEGE OF SCIENCES (CS) PUBLICATIONS Journal Publications 174 Technical Reports 13 Books/Manual 04 Research

12 Seminars by Dept. Fac. Given Outside the Dept 4
COLLEGE OF SCIENCES (CS) PUBLICATIONS 52 Weekly Scientific Talks 22 Math Education Seminars 16 Seminars by Outside Speakers 06 Seminars by Students 8 Research Seminars by Dept. Fac. Given Outside the Dept 4

13 COLLEGE OF SCIENCES (CS) Lecture Series and Short Courses
2 Lec. Ser SC Nonlinear Analysis Intr. to Commutative Algebra Space-Time Foliations Research

14 COLLEGE OF SCIENCES (CS) Computing Facilities
Computer Lab for teaching (35 P3) Computer Room for Faculty Printing facilities Facilities

15 Mathematical Sciences Department Faculty Research interests
Algebra and Number Theory Analysis Applied Math and Differential Equations Geometry, Topology and Graph Theory Numerical Analysis and Optimization Statistics.

16 Major Equipment … Mathematical Sciences
Math Library Three pc laboratories One open-access pc laboratory (equipped with powerful machines that run such programs as Macsyma, Mathcad, Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, etc.).

17 Mathematical Sciences Department Common Basic Courses
MATH Preparatory Mathematics I MATH Preparatory Mathematics II MATH Calculus I MATH Calculus II MATH Finite Mathematics MATH Applied Calculus MATH Calculus III MATH Elements of Differential Equations MATH Introduction to Differential Equations & Linear Algebra MATH Methods of Applied Mathematics MATH Engineering Mathematics STAT Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists.

18 New (proposed) Program
Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics Modeling Real world problem Identify criteria Formulate mathematical equation Methods Search / Survey / Develop / Modify /Apply Computer Simulation Computer codes

Math Learning Center Dep. of Mathematical Sciences 3) Senior Tutor PhD in Mathematics or Mathematics Education 4) Tutor MA, M.Sc or MEd in Mathematics or Mathematics Education 5) Courseware developer Master or BS in math with strong background in computing Master or BS in computer sciences or related field with strong back ground in math. 1) Professor A PhD in Mathematics or Statistics 2) Lecturer M.A/ M.Sc. in Mathematics or Statistics

20 BENEFITS TO FACULTY Two-year renewable contracts
Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience Air ticket to Dammam on appointment Free furnished air-conditioned on campus housing unit with free essential utilities and maintenance Assistance with local tuition fees for school-age dependent children Annual repatriation air tickets for up to four persons Local transportation allowance Two months paid summer leave End-of-service gratuity KFUPM campus has a range of facilities including a medical and a dental clinic, an extensive library, computing, research and teaching laboratory facilities and a recreation center.

21 BENEFITS TO FACULTY During the year, faculty can get extra money by working at: Extra teaching at the Community College. Extra teaching at the Diploma Program. Research fund from KFUPM. Research fund from local organizations: ARAMCO, SABIC, KACST. In the Summer, faculty can enjoy the vacation in his home country or work and gain double payment.

22 FACULTY HOUSING The housing units provided by the University as residences for faculty and eligible staff are considered to be a special benefit offered to them rather than an earned right. The University will normally hand over assigned houses to the faculty and staff in a condition ready for occupancy after comprehensive maintenance of utilities, furniture and appliances. Each house shall contain the standard furniture according to established lists prepared by the Housing & Office Services Department.

KFUPM has a recreation center in the service of its faculty and their families including: swimming pool, gym, cafeteria, library…etc KFUPM has its private beach on the Arabia Gulf for faculty and their families.

24 MIDICAL CLINIC The KFUPM medical clinic provides all essential medical treatments to faculty and students.

25 KFUPM LIBRARIES 350,000 books + 553,000 items available in other formats 1,500 periodicals (586 are full-text accessible on-line) 17 professional on-line databases (in sciences & technology)

26 KFUPM LIBRARIES Main KFUPM library has an available floor space of nearly 7000 square meters. It is an "open stack" library, allowing users free access to its resources. The current collection of books and bound periodicals totals over 328,000 volumes, 32% in Science, 21% in Engineering, 24% in Humanities, and 23% in Social Sciences. The Library has over 23,000 volumes in Arabic and over 300,000 volumes in English, and also subscribes to approximately 1,500 periodical titles. There are some 490,000 research reports on microfiche and 63,000 documents in other media, including more than 25,000 educational films and 38,000 reels of journal back issues on microfilm. Audiovisual materials are provided through a well-equipped AV department with a collection consisting principally of motion pictures, filmstrips, videotapes, and audiocassettes.

27 Information Technology Center (ITC)
An IBM RS/6000 (7015-R24) UNIX server A state-of-the-art Enterprise Server IBM Full-scale Enterprise Network where all University servers, PC labs, workstation labs and office PCs are inter-connected

28 RESEARCH INSTITUTE The RI is actively engaged in contract research with government agencies and industry


Enable faculty to reach their full potential in teaching and research and also advice the University to enhance its academic programs, facilities and processes to the best available quality standards.

Teaching and Learning Center To provide opportunities for the faculty development in teaching for the purpose of the enhancement of students’ learning at the university. Program Assessment Center To promote university-wide culture of assessment towards developing quality education that copes with new technological changes and meets industry needs. e-learning Center The e-learning Center is engaged in providing a number of services to the the university community in  order to achieve its goals. Following is a list of services and activities currently being offered by the center related to e-learning at KFUPM.










41 Application …Check List
Application form Degree certificates Transcripts (undergraduate & graduate) Three recommendation letters TOEFL & GRE scores One page summary outlining previous research and/or practical experience Abstract of the MS thesis (for Ph.D. applicants)

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