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E-Governance: Success Stories from around the World Owino Magana E-governance Consultant, E-Kazi Africa 23 March 2004.

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1 E-Governance: Success Stories from around the World Owino Magana E-governance Consultant, E-Kazi Africa 23 March 2004

2 Impact of E-Governance for key stakeholders Diversification of economy, Reduced cost of doing business Reduced Govt. Spending Improved Efficiency G2G G2B G2X G2C Govt. Greater Citizen Satisfaction Improved economic opportunities Increased Tourism and Export Citizens Companies Intra- govt Foreign Users

3 Insanity is doing the same things the same way and expecting different results Stephen Haines

4 G2C: California state government portal

5 G2B: Chiles government e-procurement system Before No coherent inter-governmental procurement policy. Businesses had to deal with differing rules for each department and agency. After e-system allowing storage, distribution and analyses of procurement information as well as generation of bidding Single registration as supplier for any government agency Transparency of outcomes of bidding process Benefits Greater transparency, efficiency, and fairness Estimated efficiency gains of $200m a year, 1.4% of total government expenditures!

6 G2B: Philippine government electronic customs clearance system Online system to process clearance of imports, payment of duty, and delivery of release orders for shipments to leave the docks. Before: Diversion of duty through banking system problematic. Customs collecting officers ran away with their collections. Process involved nearly 10 separate documents in multiple copies, over 90 steps and more than 40 signatures and initials were involved. Customs Bureau rated one of the most bureaucratic and corrupt

7 After Payment of duties and taxes are made to Authorized Agent Bank. No cash is handled by any Customs Officer. Nearly paperless system. No paper Order of Payment, no Customs Invoice. Single electronic clearance document. Benefits Cargo is released within 4 hours to 2 days, down from 8 days Payment reconciliation time down from 4 months to same day

8 G2G: Intra-government activities Common architectural framework and common standards for Government- wide IT infrastructure Common metadata format for sharing and exchange of data among government departments and with the private sector. Aggregating data about citizens and businesses into common Repositories Establishing regional alliances with other governments for purchasing, Facilitating learning and collaboration among government employees

9 G2X: International Constituents Government-to-government interactions Co-operation on IT infrastructure projects with other states and Central government Co-investment with other governments Trade, Investment & Tourism development Portals promoting the above Online hotel booking, car rentals, etc. 82% of Air Tickets in US bought online Total annual value of Air Travel industry is US$ 3.5Trillion Expatriates Repatriation of earnings Immigration and work permit filing Foreign Investors Economic and taxation information Company incorporation, clearances, licenses

10 The evolution of e-Governance

11 How to pay for e-Governance initiatives Charging fees to citizens (There are hidden costs in poorly delivered free services) Optimization of Resource allocation Increased tax revenues due to better compliance. Revenues from add-on services. Sharing development and operating costs with private sector partners

12 Problems with e-governance implementations Most governments have not changed their processes in any way, and instead have automated flawed processes There is a big gulf between a pretty web site and integrated service delivery Government budgets and administration tends to be in departmental silos, but e-government cuts across departments Too much attention to citizen portals has taken attention away from internal government functioning and govt. to business Even best in class state and local e-government solutions have not gained widespread adoption Governments often underestimate the security, infrastructure, and scalability requirements of their applications

13 Lessons: Clear justification for projects Clarity about costs and benefits Balancing cost, payoff, and risk in implementation Use appropriate technology Appropriate Sustainability Model Citizens are willing to pay, if they see real value Private sector involvement can defray costs Institutional Framework Use government experts with IT training, not IT experts Insource strategy; Outsource design and development Project management Think big, start small, scale fast Celebrate early wins, celebrate reasoned failures Focus on training and change management

14 The only way to accurately predict the future…is to create it!! Peter Drucker, Management Guru

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