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Lets do some introductions

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2 Lets do some introductions

3 TAs first Jun Jerry Chu jchu6 at buffalo Office hours: TBA Bethany Griswold bethanyg at buffalo Office hours: TBA OHs start next week

4 About Me Atri Rudra atri at buffalo Office: 319 Davis Office hours: Mon, Wed 2:00-2:50pm OH starts on Wed


6 Introduction Format Name Anything else you might want to add

7 Handouts for today Syllabus (online) Feedback form (coming soon online) Homework 0 (online) Homework Policy document (online)

8 Read the syllabus CAREFULLY! Ill need confirmation in writing. No graded material will be handed back till I get this signed form from you!

9 Pre-requisites Required (officially) CSE 250, CSE 191 and MTH 142 At least a C- Required (for practical purposes) Comfort with proofs Willingness to work hard!

10 Academic Dishonesty All your submissions must be your own work Penalty: Minimum: An F grade Possible: F due to academic dishonesty on your transcript YOUR responsibility to know what is cheating, plagarism etc. If not sure, come talk to me Excuses like I have a job, This was OK earlier/in my country, etc. WONT WORK

11 Disabilities Information included in the syllabus In short, let me know and consult with Office of Disability Services

12 TBA Office hours YOU decide! (Choose options on the feedback form: coming soon)

13 Recitations Will start from Tuesday, Aug 27

14 Exams Mid term (two parts) Wed, Oct 16 and Fri, Oct 18, 2013. Usual place and time. Final exam Fri, Dec 13, 2013. Knox 109, noon-2:30pm

15 One stop shop for the course…

16 Syllabus and Resoures

17 Class Calendar

18 This course: how to solve problems!

19 Why should I care ?

20 If a picture is worth 1K words

21 Yes, Im promising you World Domination

22 If world domination is not for you

23 From someone who got a Google job You can let your algorithms class know that the phone interviews are essentially like a difficult algorithms test. Lots of data structures, specifying the algorithm, analyzing the run time and space requirements... And all on the phone and you're supposed to talk through your thought process.

24 Why care about algorithms? Driving directions

25 Why care about algorithms? Computing Bestsellers on the fly

26 Why care about algorithms? Booking cheapest air tickets

27 Why care about algorithms? Google searches

28 Why care about algorithms? Data compression

29 Why care about algorithms? Error correction /

30 (And I could) go on…

31 Find out for yourself Mini project: Report+ presentation on one algorithm. Groups of size = 6

32 Read Chazelles article

33 Resources

34 Questions/Comments?

35 Now about the course ITLL BE

36 Well do loads of s Writing down your thought process formally and precisely!

37 The language of proofs Brad Pitt had a beard Every goat has a beard Hence, Brad Pitt is a goat.

38 HW 0 and Resources

39 A common complaint Your examples in class look nothing like HW questions.

40 True because….

41 False because… HWs and exams will test your understanding of the material

42 To get an A in the class Have to get at least 90.0000000000000000000000% Rest graded on the curve

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