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Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration GSAs Center for Travel Management Integrated Travel Programs ITMC Meeting July 22, 2009.

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1 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration GSAs Center for Travel Management Integrated Travel Programs ITMC Meeting July 22, 2009

2 Federal Acquisition Service 2 Agenda Overview of GSAs Integrated Travel Programs E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) Travel Services Solution (TSS) City Pair Air Program GSA Lodging® Travel Training Management Information Service (MIS)

3 Federal Acquisition Service 3 What are integrated travel programs? GSA offers an integrated approach for customer agencies to manage their travel Programs support Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) compliance Air, lodging and car programs are accessed online through the E- Gov Travel Service and offline through government contracted travel management centers (TMCs) Provides shared, government-wide solutions that help customers manage their travel efficiently and effectively while accomplishing their mission E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) Travel Services Solution (TSS) schedule City Pair Air Program GSA Lodging ® Travel Training Management Information Service (MIS) Includes customer service and acquisition support

4 Federal Acquisition Service 4 E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) ETS provides a travel management service that includes: On-line Booking Engine Authorization Voucher processing Travel Management Center support

5 Federal Acquisition Service 5 Travel Management Centers (TMC) Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) requires Executive Branch agencies to use ETS TAVS and OBE but allows for a choice of TMCs Federal Agency can choose a TMC by: Utilizing ETS vendors travel agent Selecting TMC off Travel Services Solution (TSS) schedule 599 Contracting direct

6 Federal Acquisition Service 6 ETS Contracts Awarded to Three Vendors CWGT – E2 Solutions EDS – NGMS – GovTrip

7 Federal Acquisition Service 7 ETS Deployment as of May 2009 Trends 80 plus civilian agencies have awarded their ETS task orders 54 agencies are fully deployed Over 2,877,000 vouchers processed to date

8 Federal Acquisition Service 8 Current benefits being demonstrated Travelers are being reimbursed in days instead of weeks Financial interfaces are providing near real time accounting Agencies are consolidating systems and saving millions in maintenance costs Online reservations are reducing agencies travel costs Security, policy and utilization of other travel programs is enhanced

9 Federal Acquisition Service 9 ETS embeds Existing Policy Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Per Diem Programs City Pairs - Air FedRooms ® - Lodging U.S. Government Rental Car Program – Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO)

10 Federal Acquisition Service 10 Travel Services Solution Schedule 599

11 Federal Acquisition Service 11 Travel Services Solution (TSS) TSS is a comprehensive contracting vehicle that encompasses a variety of commercial travel services Provides agencies flexibility to meet specific requirements such as small business utilization 599 1 Travel Consulting Services 599 2 Travel Agency Services 599 3 Lodging Negotiations and Management Services 599 4 Air Charter Services – Owner operated 599 5 Air Charter Services – Brokers

12 Federal Acquisition Service 12 City Pairs Air Program

13 Federal Acquisition Service 13 City Pair Program FY 09 12 Contract Carriers Over 5,500 domestic and international City Pairs Airfares average 61-83% below lowest unrestricted commercial rates Over $5 billion in potential annual savings to the Government in FY 09

14 Federal Acquisition Service 14 Benefits No advance purchase required No stay restrictions No airline change /cancellation fees Tickets are fully refundable Last seat available Dual fares (YCA, _CA) No blackout periods Fares are priced on 1-way routes Non-stop service 92% of the time where offered Best Value Determination

15 Federal Acquisition Service 15 Dual Fares Two contract fares: YCA and _CA The Best Value discounted YCA The more highly discounted _CA –Only difference: capacity-controlled –Dual Fares in over 2300 markets –Book early, save more Use of the _CA flights saves billions YCAYCA CACA

16 Federal Acquisition Service 16 Required Forms of Payment SmartPay ® 2 Travel Card Centrally billed Individually billed Government Transportation Request (GTR) for International travel only

17 Federal Acquisition Service 17 GSA Lodging ® Programs

18 Federal Acquisition Service 18 Variety of lodging programs to support customers and agencies Emergency Lodging –For lodging when a disaster and/or emergency strike Corporate Housing (30+ nights) –Turn-key fully furnished apartments FedRooms® - Transient (TDY) 1-29 night stays –Individual, may use SmartPay ® 2 card GSA Lodging ®

19 Federal Acquisition Service 19 FedRooms ® Value Whats in it for me, the traveler? How do you know for sure you are getting rates at or below per diem? Whats in it for your organization/agency?

20 Federal Acquisition Service 20 FedRooms® has your Brand!* *FedRooms® has over 8,000 participating hotels, all brands may not be listed

21 Federal Acquisition Service 21 Program reflects traveler needs and desires Near business locations Meets quality standards consistent with corporate mission Attracts hotels travelers want to use Hotels have incentive to offer amenities travelers value – free internet, breakfast Travelers earn rewards points Discounts available for personal/leisure/family travel Discounts available to contractors Travel services (TMCs and ETS) keep travelers within policy – no surprise denied claims (e.g. over per diem cap) Program offers full circle feedback mechanism to improve traveler satisfaction and corporate goals Traveler Benefit - Achieve Traveler Satisfaction

22 Federal Acquisition Service 22 How do I know with certainty that the hotel rate is at or below per diem?

23 Federal Acquisition Service 23

24 Federal Acquisition Service 24 Hotel owned and managed GOVERNMENT RATE (GOV) Not managed by the government Not necessarily below per diem Not necessarily FEMA compliant Possible hidden fees Cancellation fees Early check-out fees The FEDROOMS® RATE Managed by the government Always at or below per diem Always FEMA compliant No unadvertised fees Cancel by 4pm day of arrival No early check-out fees

25 Federal Acquisition Service 25 FedRooms ® rate floats with the BAR but never above per diem Hotel location will reduce rental car and taxi costs Negotiate amenities such as free internet or breakfast Avoid charges such as early check-out fee FedRooms ® rate applies to meetings Agency Benefit - Cost Avoidance

26 Federal Acquisition Service 26 Negotiate rate better than commonly available – Best Available Rate (BAR) Corporate rates are often below per diem and BAR Most government travelers spend to the maximum allowable per diem Move business from Hotel A …to Hotel B …and get hotels where you need them Negotiate supplementary chain agreements typically as a percent off BAR Agency Benefit – Reduce Lodging Spend

27 Federal Acquisition Service 27 GSA Travel Training

28 Federal Acquisition Service 28 Travel Training - Background U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Travel Training has been delivering professional development and training for over 27 years Extensive knowledge Comprehensive courses Current and relevant Accessible and flexible

29 Federal Acquisition Service 29 Travel Training - Benefits Enhance knowledge of: Travel and relocation entitlements Travel and transportation services Increase understanding of E-Gov Travel Service: Embedded policy compliance Electronic authorization and voucher approvals Maximize use of: City Pair Program (air) FedRooms® (hotels) Travel Management Centers (TMC)

30 Federal Acquisition Service 30 Classes include Temporary Duty Travel: FTR Temporary Duty Travel: DoD JTR Vol 2 Temporary Duty Travel: DoD JFTR V1 Advanced Temporary Duty Travel: FTR Advanced Temporary Duty Travel: JTR V2 Approving Officials Responsibility: FTR Approving Officials Responsibility: JTR Vol 2 Conference Planning Travel Basics Relocation Allowances: FTR Relocation Allowances: JTR Vol 2 Relocation Income Tax Allowances Shipping Household Goods and Transportation Management Services Solutions

31 Federal Acquisition Service 31 NEW for FY 2009 FTR online, Web based training Innovative Convenient 24/7 access No travel expense Saves time Flexible Self paced Ensures consistency and compliance

32 Federal Acquisition Service 32 GSA Management Information Service (MIS)

33 Federal Acquisition Service 33 MIS Service Provided to Customers Government-wide, web-based travel management information service. Aggregated travel data from TMCs, SmartPay, and ETS providers. Desktop capability to generate a suite of world-class travel management reports. The service supports regulatory requirements and FTR compliance. Technology refreshment adds drill down and report capability. Successfully completed certification and accreditation process

34 Federal Acquisition Service 34 Customer Value OGP: First Class Travel Report TRIP Report for TDY Monitor policy compliance Develop new policy Agencies: Improve FTR compliance Meet regulatory reporting requirements Respond to congressional or other data calls Transparency and financial control of travel spend Ad hoc reporting GSA Center For Travel Management: Improve strategic sourcing for government-wide travel programs, e.g., City Pair, FedRooms, etc.

35 Federal Acquisition Service 35 MIS Training for Customers GSA will host training sessions in July and August MIS 101: how to use the service –Log in and review report suite –How do I navigate through the reports? MIS 202: how to maximize the service –What reports will help me measure policy compliance? –How can I better manage travel spend?

36 Federal Acquisition Service 36 Recap One GSA Travel is an integrated approach to manage travel ETS fully aligns policy and programs ETS is an end-to-end solution City Pair, FedRooms ® and Rental Cars can all be accessed through ETS City Pair provides flexibility and high value FedRooms ® rate is not the Government rate and provides policy compliant hotels with rates at or below per diem in over 7,000 locations MIS; the management information service to better manage travel

37 Federal Acquisition Service 37 Questions For additional information visit:

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