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TME e-solution is a hotel marketing company based in Udaipur - Rajasthan, our team members are professionally qualified and highly experienced to provide.

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1 TME e-solution is a hotel marketing company based in Udaipur - Rajasthan, our team members are professionally qualified and highly experienced to provide excellent and hassle free service to your hotel sales & marketing needs. Combining years of experience in travel, hotel marketing and I.T industry, we are operating several comprehensive travel portals successfully, to name few:- etc.

2 Travel Made Easy is presently engaged in various activities, as given below Destination wedding: catering to foreign client seeking destination Travel consultancy: catering to Indian and foreign client seeking hotel reservation across TME e-solution: catering to hotels seeking online sales & marketing Travel Connect : offer interactive platform for tourism Industry. Indesign : offer international standard collateral designing and printing related

3 In todays scenario where everything is moving through internet, where 90% of the air tickets are booked online, we have designed a complete online marketing & sale solution for Hospitality industry. We think every hotel or resort requires strong online presence to reach out to the world directly through the internet space. However, we have seen that most of the hotels are unable to keep abreast of the changing trends and hence cannot harness sales through internet, to maximise revenues. This Presentation will explain you about our new product called Distribution Management System, by which we constitute the hotel internet marketing programme. Our one stop solution, DMS takes care of the complete electronic distribution of hotel room inventory amongst various GDS, IDS, ADS and Hotels own website (using booking engine) through which online bookers (clients & travel agents) seeking accommodation can make live bookings and hence maximise revenues. Many Hotels have said We are now no more solely dependent on travel agencies for sales but find such outlets helpful to unload last-minute bookings that otherwise would have gone unsold.

4 Suppose a hotel is doing 60% annual occupancy, the breakup of the sources will be as:- Travel Agent business = 75% (this is a average figure with most of the hotels of Rajasthan) Direct or walk-in business = 25% (this figure can vary depending upon on the hotel age and the service level) Online sale through internet, official website and GDS is nill or 5% Annual Occupancy 60% Travel agent business 75% Direct &walk-in business 25% Online/ internet Business 0% Let us explain you how it works?

5 Now our DMS solution works on the 3rd source i.e. targeting online/internet space and works on the following parameters to increase the online sales Increase the product online visibility and branding. Accelerate the sales from online channels. Distributing and managing the room inventory on local, national and international travel portals. Uniting thousands of online customers with multiple suppliers every month. Promoting the hotel website on various search engines for relevant keywords. Developing and maintaining the website with international quality and feel. Handling online sales, processing inquiries and payment collection. which eventually increases the overall occupancy and also gives you a global platform to stall. Please note that our working doesnt disturb the regular travel agent and walk-in/direct business, you will be handling that in routine manner. We would like to repeat that our focus and working is 100% on the online sources and we will not be interfering or touching the ongoing travel agents business and your routine direct business.

6 Over the time we have witness that majority of hoteliers aren't harnessing the power of online sales " and specially via "growing distribution channels. Our DMS program will sell hotel room inventory through following channels Official website: Promoting hotel website on various search engines, branding hotel and generating business. GDS: Global distribution system puts your hotel in front of 500,000 + travel agents. IDS: Internet Distribution system brings you new reservations, by listing your hotel on major travel web sites around the world ADS: Alternative distribution system which seeks dedicated Room allocation Channels of Distribution

7 Hotels own website:- As most of the hotels website had been developed by web designers who knows little about the hospitality industry (based on input and concepts by hoteliers who are not experts on Internet strategy, online distribution and e-Marketing). Many of these websites are designed as online brochures without taking into account fundamental of online distribution principles. Our DMS focuses more on hotel websites, since they are mainly accountable and liable for creating the right awareness in the customers' minds in the internet space. Third party sites can promote a property's rates, however proper representation of the brand or a revenue strategy can only come from a hotel's own website. Our solution includes developing hotel own website or revamping it with international standard for better visitor experience, adding several interactive functionalities like live chat support, integrating it with online payments etc. Promoting hotel website on various search engines on relevant keywords, managing paid promotion, assuring higher online business and hassle free business model. Annual Maintenance of website which includes updating of images, tariffs, content revision, securing the site with latest Internet security software against any hacking and virus attack, Designing packages and email marketing. Managing the whole technology, back office work, payment collection, commission settlements with agents, customer support etc. Right from the concept stage to going online, we provide you with a complete website that is ready to generate revenue for your property.

8 Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Travel made Easy DMS provides connectivity to these Travel Agent Systems:

9 Alternative Distribution Systems Our DMS solution integrate the property on favorite national and regional portals too, like Travelguru, cleartrip Make my Trip etc. Our DMS solution manages distribution of property room inventory over these channels, so that you are not troubled to allocate separate room inventory to individual websites, We also run and manage special promotional campaigns on these portals.

10 Your property will start selling Rooms at several popular international Travel Portals like Yahoo and MSN Travel Channels Airlines official Portals And many more… International Travel Portals/ IDS

11 An efficient mentor You dont need to be a big hotel to make use of online marketing and selling. Let our Distribution Management System takeover and manage your online bookings and you will notice a wide increase in your incoming business sources. As a guide and facilitator in this whole process our DMS solution makes sure that busy Hoteliers and staff are consulted at every stage but not bothered or spare time in dealing with technical aspects which are best left for us to manage. We do not only setup this Distribution system, rather manage it on ongoing basis, keep reviving it, produce reports for management, take care of all the back office job involved and best is you dont pay hefty annual/monthly fee rather pay us on the basis of performance.

12 Through our DMS solution, we guarantee you of increase in online sales, which could literally increase your total occupancy level. Our DMS solution, customise e-business strategies and programmes to drive online revenues for the hospitality & tourism industry. Our goal is to ensure generation of consistently growing revenues for your business via the internet space. Our DMS solution is designed by experienced and successful hospitality sales & marketing and IT professionals. Our DMS solution is a one complete solution for your hotel, from designing a website, to managing it, operating it, generating inquires, processing inquires, collecting payment all is done via one single system. Our DMS solution is used by large number of clients in the hospitality industry. All these hotels and companies have been consulted from 'level 0' as they had no generation of revenue via the internet nor any prior understanding or achievements in the area of electronic marketing and e- distribution. By developing & implementing specific and custom designed relevant online strategies and recommending the relevant online solutions, we have helped all of them in constantly achieving their revenue and strategic goals.

13 Our Promotion & distribution solution is being used by various hotels for global presence. We pioneer in providing modern online technology that optimizes your hotels ability to electronically market and produce reservations. O ur clients are: Fort Fatehgarh Rampratap Palace Hotel Inder Hotel Raas leela Hotel Natural Karohi Haveli Hotel Royal Palazzo Hotel Alwar bagh Chunda palace Hotel Aranyawas Hotel Royal Retreat Udaigarh Udaipur

14 Conclusion ! There is nothing you are losing or paying to us in case of our non- performance, we perform and you pay. At the end of day the property gets enormous exposure & publicity on internet without any hefty monthly or annual fee, instead you are getting business from new segment which will increase your occupancy.

15 Contact for setting up your own Room Distribution !! TRAVEL MADE EASY 1 st floor, Kamal Complex, Opposite Gulab Bagh, Udaipur - 313001 Rajasthan - India Telefax : +91 294 2412081 Telephone : +91 294 3290228 Mr. Vishv Vijae Singh (+91 9828057193) Mr. Ankit Bhargava (+91 9314141250) Email :,

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