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Travel and Accounts Payable Training Presenters: Aisling Reigle – Travel Office Rebecca Colflesh – Travel Office

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1 Travel and Accounts Payable Training Presenters: Aisling Reigle – Travel Office Rebecca Colflesh – Travel Office Donna Rayner, Director of Accounts Payable Amber Armour, P-Card Program Administrator Accounts Payable Travel Office

2 Why are the Travel Rules so Restrictive? Board of Regents Business Procedures – Travel Guidelines based on... sect19.pdf sect19.pdf Georgia State Accounting Office – Travel Guidelines based on... (Where we get our state per diem rates.) US General Services Administration (GSA / Federal) – Travel Management Guidelines (Where we get our out-of-state & foreign per diem rates.)

3 Travel Authorization Approved Travel Authorization must arrive at the Travel Office prior to airline ticket reservations (No self-approvals) A Travel Authorization is no longer required within a 50-mile radius, unless overnight travel is required. (This includes SC.) Rosters attached to your Travel Authorization will suffice for Team Travel.

4 Registrations Personal credit card – To be reimbursed after travel on expense statement. P-Card Payment Request – Send the following to Gamellia: Payment Request Invoice with all payment information Travel Authorizations (including student roster) W-9 and Vendor Request for venue

5 Transportation Keep all itemized receipts from transportation services (gas, taxis, public transportation, trains, tolls) – Transportation Tips will be reimbursed with a receipt.

6 Mileage – Under 400 miles roundtrip, you have the choice of taking a personal or rental vehicle. – Over 400 miles roundtrip, you must complete a DOAS Cost Comparison. Tier 1Tier 2 $0.565 per mile$0.24 per mile

7 Rental Car Request Form If it is more cost effective to take a rental vehicle: – Rental Car Request Form must be submitted with the Travel Authorization. – It must be approved by the Travel Office before reservations are made. Car Rental Contracts: Enterprise or National – Other agencies will not be reimbursed. – Exception: If Enterprise or National is not available, you will be allowed to rent from a different agency. Charge this cost to the P-Card only.

8 Car Rental Request Form

9 Air Travel Submit an approved Travel Authorization to the Travel Office. Make arrangements with an approved travel agency. The travel agency will contact the Travel Office for approval. If the ticketed price exceeds the Travel Authorization, the Travel Office requires budgetary approval from the Athletics Office.

10 Air Travel Flights will either be direct billed from one of the following state contracts or reimbursed after travel is taken. Exception: Tickets may be purchased from other agencies via P- Card. Coaches must be able to show that the other agency provided a more cost effective alternative. – A quote from one of the approved Travel Agencies showing a price benefit in comparison to the other agency used. The quote must be dated on or before the purchase date from the non-approved agency. Augusta TravelBoehm TravelDennard TravelT and T Travel ContactPatty Font Ken Boehm Paulette Dennard Debbie Michel Fees $35$20 Domestic $30 International $10 Online Booking $20$22

11 Georgia Meal Per Diem Standard RateHigh Cost Area Rate Eligible MealsPer Diem AmountEligible MealsPer Diem Amount Breakfast$6.00Breakfast$7.00 Lunch$7.00Lunch$9.00 Dinner$15.00Dinner$20.00 High cost areas in Georgia are limited to the following counties: Chatham, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Glynn, and Richmond counties. Out-of-State Meal Per Diem GSA Website: medium=print- radio&utm_term=portal/category/21287&utm_campaign=shortcuts

12 Per Diem Meals

13 Departure and Arrival Days Per Diem Meals On the first and last day of travel, employees will be reimbursed 75% of the per diem meals. – Departure and Arrival times will determine the eligible meals for those days. Travelers must be on travel status for a minimum of 12 hours and further than 50 miles from their residence or work station.

14 Prepaid Team Lodging Prepaid Lodging – Give the following to Gamellia: Payment Request (list Department Name as: Athletics: Team Name Ex: Athletics: Basketball) Travel Authorizations for all coaches and assistant coaches, and a rooster of students. Confirmation information with the breakdown of the hotel taxes, fees, listing price per room, lodging dates, how many rooms are reserved, address of the hotel W-9 and Vendor Request Form.

15 Prepaid Team Lodging cont. Requests must be turned in to Athletics Travel two weeks before the travel takes place. Checks will be campus mailed to Gamellia, and coaches will be allowed to sign out the checks no more than 3 days prior to travel. Lodging per diems still apply. – (Check the GSA website.) m=print-radio&utm_term=portal/category/21287&utm_campaign=shortcuts Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Form (for in-state travel)

16 Parking & Misc. Parking should be listed separately on the expense statement. – Valet services are non-reimbursable unless no self parking is available. Internet charges must have work-related justification. Must have receipts for baggage fees. – Travel less than 7 days will be reimbursed for one bag to and from the venue. Supplies & Postage must have a receipt and work- related justification.

17 Some Non-Reimbursable Expenses (includes but not limited to) Airline, car, and card membership dues & club fees Insurance (for airline or rental vehicle) Personal Insurance Alcoholic beverages Loss or theft of cash advance or airline tickets Loss of theft of personal funds or property Personal entertainment.

18 Team Travel Cash Advance Cash Advances can be no less than $100 and can not exceed $500 per team per trip and can only be used for Student Travel. Travel Advances are limited and available only to an employee whose current annual salary is $50,000 or less. ~ Georgia Travel Regulations 3 Weeks before Travel – Provide Gamellia with: A spreadsheet estimating travel costs. A Travel Authorization for each GRU employee. A Team Rooster of students going on the travel. – Gamellia will approve it and send it to Athletic Travel with the payment request. Athletics Travel must receive all requests 2 weeks before the first travel date. – The check will either be held for pick-up or campus mailed to Gamellia.

19 Team Travel Cash Advance (on travel) Keep all itemized receipts. Separate Coach receipts from student receipts. Per Diem Meals (no snacks) – 75% does not apply to students – Check the Per Diem Meals before you leave.

20 Team Travel Cash Advance (after the trip) Any excess funds must be returned. Turn in your team (with corrected rooster) & personal Expense Statement to Athletics. The Expense Statement must be approved through the Athletics Office and submitted to Athletics Travel within 10 days of the last day of travel. Reimbursements will be provided via ACH.

21 Travel Checklist PLAN EARLY Where and when are you going and when will you return? How are you getting there and are rentals needed? Where are you staying and will you share a room? – (GSA Rates) Travel Web Site Is Registration involved? (Can be paid with P-Card or Check Request) Submit Approved Travel Authorization to the Travel Office. (if outside the 50-mile radius or overnight travel) Per Diem is based on where you spend the night for multiple stops or the point of destination of one-stop travel For ALL over-night travel (foreign and domestic) travelers are only eligible for 75 percent (75%) of the total per diem rate on the first and last days of travel. This does NOT apply to one-day travel Submit all receipts EXCEPT meal receipts, which are reimbursed at per diem rates. (Credit card statements and/or receipts are not allowed) Set up Non-Sponsored Project ID and travel budget if paying for travel through one of the foundations. (May not be applicable for all departments)

22 International Travel Passport expenses are non reimbursable. 75% of per diem meal expenses for the first and last day of travel.

23 Non-Employee Travel Reimbursements Quid Pro Quo relationship (includes employee candidates) Must attach a Service Agreement Request (SAR) Accounts Payable Web Site Must attach a W-9 / possibly an Independent Contractor Checklist - Accounts Payable Web Site Must use appropriate per diem rates – 75% does not apply for visiting potential students.

24 Vendor Vendor Request Form Service Agreement Request (SAR) W-9

25 Accounts Payable Disbursement Facts

26 Three Types of Purchase/Payments Purchase Orders / Vouchers (Requisitions) P-Card Check Requests

27 Rules for Purchase Orders Purchases > $5,000 Services > $2,499 Commitments with multiple payments Equipment and Other Assets > $2,999 All Computers Trade Vendors (Supplies, Small Value Equipment, Chemicals)

28 P-Cards Rules for p-card purchases are covered in the p- card training and supply chain training: Point of Contact – Amber Armour

29 Rules for Check Requests General rule of thumb: SERVICES < $2,499 AND REIMBURSEMENTS ONLY! Expense Reimbursements – Non-employee travel reimbursements, flexible spending Reimbursements and Single Payments for Consultants, Honoraria and Services PO required if vendor will be paid more than $5,000 total within a fiscal year. Goods or equipment should be purchased with P- Card or Purchase Orders as appropriate.

30 Check Request Process Check Request Template – (Controllers Division>Accounts Payable or Forms Repository) Attach necessary documentation, i.e. invoice and/or provide justification Sign it Approval by Authorized Signatory or Budgetary Authority (No self approval. This person would be one that is listed on the Department Authorized Signature form.) Check Requests must have full CFC and account code provided

31 Setting Up New Vendors and TAX Information Needs Complete Vendor Request Form – Forms Repository The importance of the Vendor W9 (TIN Matching) Making vendor changes or address updates

32 Additional Details W-9: For payment to every NEW payee (individual or company) For payment to an individual for Services: – Service Agreement Request (SAR) – Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Checklist (determines the non-employee relationship with the University) – University System Employees Consultant Agreement Between Institutions (if an employee of another institution in the University System)

33 Q & A Travel Office is available to assist you with all travel needs, Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Accounts Payable is available to assist you with all payment needs, Our office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Contact us, we are here to help!

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