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Sport in our life.

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1 Sport in our life

2 Name these sports and games

3 Answer the questions: Do you go in for sport? What will you do if you want to keep fit? Is sport an essential part in your life? What role does sport play in your life? What sport do you prefer? What activities don’t you like? What summer sports do you know? What winter sports do you know? What sport is played all year round?

4 What is your favourite kind of sport?
Interview your classmates, complete the table and report the results. Model: Dima likes football Ann’s favourite sport is skiing.

5 Read these words with their translation
Diving стрибки у воду Wrestling спортивна боротьба Athletics атлетика Hiking гірський туризм Cycling велоспорт Biathlon біатлон Archery стрільба з лука Cricket крикет Sailing парусний спорт Horse riding верхова їзда

6 Extreme kinds of sport. Bungee jumping

7 Skydiving

8 Snowboarding

9 Ice-diving

10 Scuba-diving

11 Surfing

12 Group these activities into indoor and outdoor sports.
Diving Bungee jumping Athletics Hiking horse- riding Tennis Wrestling Volleyball Surfing Archery Cycling Outdoor sports Indoor sports

13 Play? Go? Do? What sport we can … Tennis Football Judo Skating
Ice hockey Handball Gymnastics Swimming Athletics Basketball Chess Play? Go? Do?

14 CHECK YOURSELF PLAY - tennis, football, handball, basketball, ice-hockey, chess. GO – skating, swimming. DO – athletics, gymnastics, aerobics

15 Tell about your favourite kinds of sport using these words and expressions:
I like … I started to learn … when I was … I think that … I visit (go, do, play) … every …(two times a week)… … helps me (makes me) … I wish … (to take part, to win cups, medals … .)

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