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Japan Kama Click To Begin Spread the Spirit of Rightness.

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2 Japan Kama Click To Begin Spread the Spirit of Rightness

3 Japans Location Located in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean and close to South Korea. 2

4 Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market, The biggest fish market in the world with live tuna auctions every day early in the morning. 2,000 tons of seafood goes in and out of the market each day. 3 Tokyo Tower, or the Eifel Tower of Japan, made of 4,000 metric tons of prefabricated steel. The Tokyo Tower largest self- supporting steel tower in the world, standing at 1,092 feet and there are 590 steps till you reach the summit of this tower. Sumo Wrestling is one of the most popular sports in Japan. This sport has been a Japanese tradition for centuries. When two huge men battle to see who could get pushed out of the ring first.

5 Kyoto 4 Kinkaku-Ji Temple, Built in 1397 one of the more ancient temples in all of Japan.. This whole temple is built out of wood, but covered in a bright golden leaf. Zazen Tea Ceremony is a practice known by most Japanese people, this ancient Japanese practice is meant to give you inner peace, and is a way of showing respect to guests. For example, in Hawaii, when a guest comes we feed them, but in Japan you do this ceremony. Monkey Park Iwatayama, this is not a regular zoo where the animals are in the cage. This park has over 170 roaming, wild Japanese Macaque Monkeys. These monkeys are very safe, and your able to feed them.

6 Osaka National Bunraku Theatre, this national theatre was opened in 1984 the fourth national theatre of Japan. The theater has two halls seating 700 in each. And there are shows constantly showing you the arts of Japan. 5 Dotonbori, the heart of nightlife in Osaka, some compare it to Times Square in New York City. They make this comparison because of how lively and modern it is at night. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, this massive aquarium is one of the largest in the world, and has a whale shark. Also, when you walk around all the fish are swimming right around you.

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