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Looking for our roots Neustadt-Sekundarschule Weißenfels 2011-12.

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1 Looking for our roots Neustadt-Sekundarschule Weißenfels 2011-12

2 Ein kleiner Ring Begrenzt unser Leben, Und viele Geschlechter Reihen sich dauernd An ihres Daseins Unendliche Kette. Goethe, 1780, Grenzen der Menschheit Small is the ring Enclosing our life, And whole generations Link themselves firmly On to existence's Chain never-ending. Goethe, 1780, The Boundaries of Humanity, translator: Edgar Alfred Bowring

3 My roots are in Vietnam. My parents were born in Vietnam. And my grandparents, uncles and cousins still live there. I am home in two cultures. My hometown is Weißenfels in Germany. It is so different from Vietnam. I like my family and I've learned a lot about the history of Vietnam. Anhi


5 We are so international

6 I am part of History How did people live, think, dance, were dressed? Who were the leaders of the society? Did people live in peace or in conflicts? We tried to find out what happened when our relatives were young…

7 Memory boxes year 5 We made little boxes full with our memories. We told the other students how important the little things are and which memories and feelings we had when we got all these souveniers of our life.

8 Lets talk about… I broke the wood by myself. That was so cool. I was so proud… I like sport and I was very successful. Pitti Platsch is my partner since my first schoolday…

9 My Family tree This is my family tree. You can see my parents, my grandparents, my sister, my uncels, my aunts, my cousins. We are a big and happy family.

10 More family trees - year 5

11 My family map - year 6 The family maps are made to show how we live together with our family members. Sometimes we live in the same city, we can meet each other very often, but sometimes friends and relatives are far away. Sometimes we built big roads to our relatives, otherwise we have little paths or there is no road to some of our family members. We all live in very different families. Patchwork families, single parents and, and, and. It was really interesting to find out something about these relations.


13 We worked on this project: More than 100 students helped to realise the project. Wow…

14 We packed the boxes and we drew the maps… H o p e y o u l l l i k e o u r i d e a s.

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