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Who We Are By Owein L.. Material Goods Food There are many types of food that have a place in my list of favorite foods. These are just some of the hundreds.

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1 Who We Are By Owein L.

2 Material Goods

3 Food There are many types of food that have a place in my list of favorite foods. These are just some of the hundreds of foods I like. Pizza, Hot Dogs, Spaghetti with red sauce, and the most wonderful food in the world (drum roll please), Carmel Gelato Ice cream. In the morning I have a bagel with cream cheese, at lunch I have a ham and cheese rap or just a sandwich, and for diner there are many things that I eat, pizza, soup, pasta, and much much more.

4 Clothing Out here in Vermont the temperature varies a lot. In the summer it is about 80 degrees, which is pretty hot for us so I wear shorts and a t-shirt. In the Winter when there is a thick layer of snow on the ground I wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt and or a t-shirt with a sweat shirt. When I go outside I would wear snow pants, a hat., a jacket, and boots. In between these to seasons are spring and fall where I usually wear both long and short pants and long and short shirts.

5 Tools Some of the many tools that I use to help me get through my life are my computer, which I use to get my school work done, my Itouch which I use to communicate with friends and family, and my cell phone which I use to call and communicate with my family. I Also have to do my chores around the house so I use a tractor to move things and A lawn mower for when the grass gets to long.

6 Housing My parents are divorced so I have two houses. My mom lives in a small village named Bristol and my dad lives kind of out in the middle of know where. My dad has a wood stove but also dry heating while my mom just has dry heating. We have triangular roof so that the snow and water runs down the sides and doesnt collapse your house.

7 Transportation We use mostly cars such as Subarus and trucks because they get around much easier in the snow and the mud. Both my parents have a Honda fit and my dad has a minivan. I also live in a village so I also ride my bike and skate board a lot too.

8 Personal Possessions I own many things but the most important are the ones that I list below. I have an Itouch, a computer, a phone, a TV, and of course a bed.

9 The Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

10 Music I like many different types of music but my favorites are pop and rap. I like the use of techno and music combined. I have many favorite artists and it is hard to pick which on I like the most, but I think it would be Imagine Dragons.

11 Sports I am big into sports and play a variety of them. In the spring and fall I play soccer. In the Spring I also play lacrosse. In the winter I ski and play basketball, and in the summer I bike and swim. My favorite sport is soccer though.

12 Pottery We have bowls, plates, and cups that we use on a daily basis for eating and drinking. The designs in them are mostly of nature and scenic backgrounds.

13 Painting Most of the art that is created in Vermont is about our mountains and sunsets. They are mostly about nature and really capturing the moment. I have draw many landscapes in art over the years and have liked doing so.

14 Dance The dance up hear varies depending on the person and the music. Such as swaying, head banging, and or the robot. I am not much of a dancer but I like the robot kind of dancing kind of dancing.

15 Social Organization

16 Family Roles My mom and my dad are divorced so I live in two different house. They provide the food, clothes, and shelter for my sister and I. Some of the many jobs I have around each house are, going to school, do my homework, mowing the lawn, vacuum and clean the house, clean the car, and do my laundry.

17 Economics

18 Trade When I do Good in School or do my chores my parents sometimes instead of giving me money take me out to dinner or give me a sweet. I often trade stuff with my sister too such as candy, toy or other possessions.

19 Manufacturing And Producing Vermont is a farming state and some of the major products produced that we sell are Maple Syrup, Milk and cheese, and corn. We are also home to a great manufacturing company Ben and Jerry's, which sells hard Ice cream.

20 Jobs My dad lives and works at the Audubon. The Audubon is a non profit organization that protects nature. I live right on the property and there is a whole forest behind me. My dad bands birds and also goes out onto the lake to help a bird called the common tern. My mom works for the Vermont Community Foundation where she gives out grants to people who need it.

21 Education

22 Informal Education Some of the many things that I have learned form my family and friends are driving, hand writing, eating correctly, and playing soccer. There are so many more that I couldnt even begin to list them.


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