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Warsaw Invest in. Invest in Warsaw Agenda PPP – ongoing projects Underground parkings, affordable housing PPP – planned projects PPP – completed projects.

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1 Warsaw Invest in

2 Invest in Warsaw Agenda PPP – ongoing projects Underground parkings, affordable housing PPP – planned projects PPP – completed projects Budget figures 2011 Warsaw – the place to be Biggest Warsaw infrastructure projects Completed and planned

3 Invest in Warsaw



6 Advisors – scope of services

7 Invest in Warsaw PPP social residential units construction in Warsaw

8 Invest in Warsaw PPP projects 2012-2013 –City theatre extension (USD 12 m) –Replacement of street lamps (~ USD 15 m) –DBOFT of a hospital extension –DBOFT long term care –Education –Public transport (USD 20m)

9 Invest in Warsaw Completed PPP Project M/S Lubecki Private partner provides the cost of reconstruction /operation ( min. USD 5 m) Ownership to be transfered to the private partner. The City provides the hull. Contract duration : 15 years Number of tendering parties : 5 Signed : April 2012 18 months of proceedings.

10 Invest in Warsaw Warsaw Budget 2012* 2012 – PLN 12.4 bn (EUR 3 bn) 2011 – PLN 10.9 bn (EUR 2.7 bn) growth rate - 114,3% Expenditure in total – PLN 13.4 bn (EUR 3.3 bn), Budget deficit – PLN 1 bn (EUR 244 m) deficit decrease by 54,1% Debt – PLN 5.7 bn (EUR 1.4 bn) - 45,46% of the city revenue (acceptable- 60%) Decrease of debt by 8.4 % Debt service ratio- 5.47% (acceptable - 15%) Infrastructure investments 2012 – PLN 3 bn (EUR 732 m) In 2012-2016 the city investments will amount to PLN 10 bn (EUR 2.4 bn) * 1EUR =4,1PLN (March 2012)

11 Invest in Warsaw CityBudget (m EUR)Investment (m EUR) Warsaw3,000973 Wroclaw 878 171 Krakow 854 93 Poznan 659 183 Gdansk634 241 Warsaw and other cities budgets and investments

12 Invest in Warsaw PL + 1.7% - 2,6% - 4.9% - 5.1% - 1.5% - 7.8% - 4.9% - 6.5% - 7.1% - 14.8% - 18% - 14.1% - 3.6%-2,7% - 5,0% European City Investment Prospects Warsaw is the European Top Investment City Warsaw is where everybody wants to be right now.

13 Invest in Warsaw European Cities Monitor 2011 Cushman & Wakefield Invest in Warsaw Highest investment growth in Europe by 2016 European Cities Monitor 2011, Cushman & Wakefield 1st in terms of value for money of office space 2nd in terms of cost of staff 3rd in rank – in terms of number of companies expecting to locate their business within next 5 years

14 Invest in Warsaw Warsaws stable economy is its biggest pull factor

15 Invest in Warsaw Warsaw – Investment History Świętokrzyski & Siekierkowski Bridges 1st line of the Warsaw Metro (23 km distance) Expansion of Frederic Chopin Airport Wisłostrada underground tunnel Frederic Chopin Centre Warsaw University Library (BUW) Royal Route revitalization The Warsaw Rising Museum Copernicus Science Centre Influx of hotels and retail shopping centres National Stadium and Legia Football Stadium Subway lines

16 Invest in Warsaw Warsaw – Ongoing Projects 2nd line of the Warsaw Metro (1,21 bn EUR) Northern Bridge (295 million EUR) New tramline over the Vistula Train to Frederic Chopin Airport Vistula embankment (new boulevard, public beaches, bicycle routes, sport & recreation) Park and Ride programme Invest in Warsaw New boulevards at Vistula embankments Museum of Prague District

17 Invest in Warsaw Warsaw - Ongoing Projects Czajka Water Treatment Plant (modernization) Modernization of high streets New tramline (Powstańców Śląskich st.) The Mazovian Modlin Airport (local functions) Museum of Warsaw Prague District Museum of the History of Polish Jews Refurbishment of hospitals Czajka Water Treatment Plant New trams and new tramlines

18 Invest in Warsaw 2nd underground line (central part) construction of 7 stations in central section completion - late in 2013 or early in 2014 total cost - PLN 5.9 bn (EUR 1.43 bn), central section - PLN 4,1 bn (EUR 1 bn) (the UE funds – PLN 2.77 bn – EUR 676 m)

19 Invest in Warsaw Czajka waste water treatment plant extension modernization of 20 year old plant construction of sludge thermal treatment station and underwater collector completion – late in 2012 daily capacity- 420.000 cubic meters cost - PLN 3 bn (EUR 730 m) ( UE funds – EUR 241 m)

20 Invest in Warsaw Maria Skłodowska - Curie Bridge (Northern Bridge) opened in March 2012 4,3 km long bridge route and 795 m of the river section length three independent bridges- separate for northern and southern roadways and a tram way with path for bicycles and pedestrians total value of the investment - PLN 1.2 bn (EUR 293 m) (EU funds – EUR 91m)

21 Invest in Warsaw Museum of the History of the Polish Jews coofinanced by The Ministry of Culture, the City of Warsaw and the Association Jewish Historical Institute completion - late in 2013 total cost of investment – about PLN 270 m (EUR 66 m)

22 Invest in Warsaw Warsaw – Infrastructure developement plans Invest in Warsaw Modernization and extension of existing Solid Communal Waste Utilisation Plant in Targówek District Czerniakowski Port and Żerański Port (large riverfront real estates to be developed with recreation, sport, residential functions) Completion of ring roads 3 bridges Southern Hospital Polish History Museum

23 Invest in Warsaw City of Warsaw Investor Relations Department Bankowy Square 2, 00-095 Warsaw tel. + 48 22 44 32 966 fax.+ 48 22 44 32 967

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