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Agenda Introductions Calgary Board of Education

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0 Traditional Learning Centre
Although the Traditional Learning Centre is academically rigorous, it is not reserved for elite students. The program is designed for all students who are motivated to work with their teachers and parents to thoroughly develop their ability to achieve excellence in a structured, virtues-oriented environment. Chris Akkerman School Traditional Learning Centre

1 Agenda Introductions Calgary Board of Education
About Chris Akkerman School Traditional Learning Centre Program-Key Components Transportation Registration Process/Timelines Entry Assessment Process Questions Tour

2 Calgary Board of Education
Mission statement Alternative Programs within the Calgary Board of Education Common Calgary Board of Education Practices Funding Staffing Alberta Education Program of Studies Student Assessment/Reporting to Parents Fees

3 Chris Akkerman School General Information
Current School Organization Traditional Learning Centre: K-5 Currently 638 students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 ( ) Serves students from most Area 3 communities see posted list on bulletin board in hallway

4 Traditional Learning Centre Program Philosophy
A Liberal Arts Focus Brings a balance between the humanities, sciences and the fine arts Uses literature that is classical, modern and culturally diverse Math and Science begin with basic knowledge while application through problem solving is emphasized Technology is explicitly taught and integrated into curriculum as tool for learning Music and art develop practical skills as well as an appreciation of culture(s)

5 Traditional Learning Centre Program Philosophy
Learning Environment Teaching approach values knowledge Whole group teacher directed instruction for basic skills Critical thinking and inquiry methods assist students to expand their understanding Common Resources Between TLC programs at CBE schools Within the TLC program with continuity from grade to grade

6 Core Components: Language Arts
Alberta Education mandated Language Arts program RESOURCES: Two Resources are common to all K-5 TLC schools: Literacy M.A.P. Program - Explicit instruction in Phonics (K-3 only) Open Court Reading Series Graded, sequenced, structured, anthology of literature based program (basal reading series) Specific instruction in traditional printing, spelling and grammar Character themes are emphasized

7 Core Components: Mathematics
Mandated curriculum - Alberta Education Program of Studies Math Curriculum – K – Grade 6 emphasizes problem solving approach to develop mathematical thinking RESOURCES: “Math Makes Sense” (Pearson) Supplemented with other resources approved by Alberta Education Singapore Math may be used in some grades as part of a homework program

8 Core Components: Other
French as a Second Language Instruction – begins in grade 1 CBE curriculum for grades 1 to 3 Provincial curriculum for grades 4 and up Music : emphasis on musical theory & instrumental skills in Grades 5 & 6 Rich curriculum with integrated digital resources Celebration of Cultural Diversity Daily Homework Expectations: posted online for parents Parent Commitment to support school expectations/requirements

9 Core Components: Character Education
Pillars of Respect for Self, Others and the Environment Virtues Project Focus on character development includes: Daily Character Circle (in classrooms) Announcements Class projects School projects Citizenship opportunities School assemblies Student of the Month

10 Transportation Celia Long will speak about Transportation
Fee for all CBE students accessing Transportation (Established annually by Board of Trustees in late Spring.) fees are $215 for kindergarten students and $295 for Grades Form must be completed and fee submitted prior to end of June or as soon as registration is completed if after June 30. Note: Fees may change for One form per family Bus routes developed throughout the summer Routes and stops may be similar to this year or may change if there is a significant shift in demographics There are congregated bus spots for children in alternative programs. These may be in one location and may be a distance from (not close to) your home. Celia Long will speak about Transportation

11 More About Transportation
Bus maps are usually available over the summer and will be posted on CBE’s website. They will also be available from the school in late August. Kindergarten children have two bus routes. Early morning or late afternoon and a mid-day trip. Kindergarten class placement (morning or afternoon) is determined by address and established by Transportation Department in late June. My First Ride Program is offered by the Bus Company in May. The dates are: May 24th (south) & May 25th (north). Registration opens on April 7th 2014.

12 TLC Student Profile KINDERGARTEN – GRADE 5
At least average abilities and grade level achievement. Age appropriate self-management and organizational skills. The ability to focus on tasks for an extended period of time. The ability to listen to and follow oral directions without delay. Self-motivation and a willingness to be challenged academically. A willingness to do nightly homework. Ability and willingness to respect self, others and the learning environment. A desire to work and play with others and display good character. An ability and willingness to take ever-increasing responsibility and ownership for their own learning (independent work within a structured setting). A willingness to wear a school uniform.

13 Learning Supports Classroom Teachers and School Based Learning Team initially address learning concerns. Further supports in assessment and identification of learning issues may be available through the Calgary Board of Education. Kindergarten students may qualify for speech/language/fine motor skills therapies through CBE specialists Older students may access various supports through Collaborative Community Partnerships or Calgary Health Services Special needs students with an Individual Program Plan must fit the overall profile for TLC students and benefit from whole group direct instruction. Short term additional support or small group instruction is available but not on an on-going basis. A significantly modified instructional program does not fit the program’s mandate. English as a Second Language support is available to facilitate development of English language skills. Support provided is dependent upon student need and resources available.

14 Uniforms Required: purchased by parents
Formal uniform required on Mondays and special assembly or occasion days Informal uniform may be worn on all other days Casual clothes may be worn for designated off-site activities (requires permission from principal) Casual clothes may also be worn on Spirit Days All uniform pieces must be purchased through Halpern’s. Further information about purchasing is available when acceptance into TLC is confirmed and child is registered.

15 Uniforms: Girls K to 5-Formal K to 5- Informal
White collared dress shirt Tartan tunic Green/navy knee socks or tights Green cardigan Black dress shoes K to 5- Informal White dress, white or navy golf shirt or turtle neck combined with the following pieces: Tartan tunic, green cardigan, navy dress pants, navy vest, navy shorts, navy skort Green/navy socks or tights Black dress shoes Non-uniform pieces may not be worn Non-marking running shoes are needed for Gym. All clothing must be labeled with child’s name.

16 Uniforms: Boys K to 5 Informal K to 5-Formal
White dress or white/navy sport shirt (golf, polo or turtle neck neck) combined with: Navy dress pants Navy shorts Navy vest Green cardigan Navy socks Black dress shoes K to 5-Formal White collared dress shirt Navy dress pants Green cardigan Tartan tie Navy socks Black dress shoes Non-marking running shoes are needed for Gym. All clothing must be labeled with child’s name.

17 Application Process/Timelines
Registrations accepted January 13 – February during business hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Friday 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM Applications completed and received by February 28th at 11:00 AM will be included in the lottery draw, should we need one. Applications received after February will not be included in the lottery. A letter of confirmation will be sent in April. Complete and appropriate applications received after February 28th will be considered should spaces become available.

18 Priorities for Acceptance:
Priorities for existing openings are: Eligible students who live in Marlborough (walk limit) and have a sibling in the school 2. Eligible students living in Marlborough (without a sibling in the school) and/or eligible siblings of students currently attending TLC at Chris Akkerman 3. Students who applied and were waitlisted last year and have completed the current application process 4. Students who live in Area 3 (except the communities of Coral Springs, Whitehorn or Taradale). 5. Students living outside of the City of Calgary

19 Registration: Not Canadian Citizens
Students who are not Canadian citizens register through Calgary Board of Education’s Admissions Office (Kingsland School) for their designated community school Parents must phone to make an appointment Phone # Maps with the address for Kingsland School are available by the Office

20 Confirmation of Registration Process
Once placement in TLC is confirmed by mail (by the beginning of April) parents will need to call the school within one week to confirm attendance. Registration package will include: Uniform information Transportation form (if available) If some forms are not available, parents will be contacted to pick them up at a later date. Forms are available on the CBE website :

21 Entry Level Assessments
The TLC program Integrity Document states that schools will contact parents if testing is required (Grade 3 and above). At Chris Akkerman, testing is to inform instruction and will be conducted in September by classroom teachers. The tests used are not standardized achievement tests but tests that provide teachers with an assessment of the skills of their students. Parents will be contacted should concerns arise from the assessment.

22 School Tours Tonight after presentation or
Thursday, January 16 – 9:30 AM Tuesday, January 21 – 1:30 PM Monday, January :30 AM Please call office to sign up for tours:

23 CBE Website Information is also available on the CBE website All forms required for registration can be downloaded from the website also. This PowerPoint will be posted on our school website:

24 Questions? We would appreciate it if you would ask your question so that everyone can hear you and thereby avoid having to answer the same question more than once. Please take a few minutes to go on a tour. Registration packages available in the foyer just in front of the main office. Thank you for your interest in our school and for coming tonight!

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