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Chloe and James interview with Rosina Matthews 21.3.12.

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1 Chloe and James interview with Rosina Matthews 21.3.12

2 Rose was born in Wanstead, London,E11 in 1930 The George Public House, Wanstead, London, E11. c1906 The Bandstand, Wanstead Flats, Wanstead, London, E11. c.1907

3 Roses personal sporting memories are the long jump, roller skating and five aside football. Rose played five aside football outside the Wanstead flats, only with boys, because most of the girls were evacuated just before the Second World War. Every time she ran in sports lessons, she ended up in the cloak room with a cold flannel and a nose bleed!

4 Roses husband played football for Billericays second team, so Rose was a WAG! Her sons both played football and Rose supports Manchester United. Manchester United and Wayne Rooney is Roses favourite football player.Rose likes him even more now he has hair.

5 Rose still plays sport now. She enjoys short mat bowls and plays for Castleview Short Mat Bowls team. She has made many friends playing this sport, Beryl, Pat, Brian, John, David and Sheila to name just a few.

6 Rose has 5 grandchildren there is Jessica who is 28 she lives in Germany, Katrina is 21, Bradley is 18 this year and William is 20 this year and Kimberly is 26. Rose has two sons one called Steven, who is 55, and one called Paul, who is 47. When she was younger, Rose used to call herself Zena, because she thought it was a cool name.

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